Posted by: Brenda Kula | February 8, 2009

Serene Sunday Blooms


Beauty is blooming in the garden.

Sweet Alyssum perfumes the air when you walk past the pond.



The lovelies keep on being lovely.


Yarrow is about to blossom out.


The chickadees are chirping their way from feeder to feeder.


The daisies glow like sunshine.


A little plot of Lamb’s Ear is getting thick with new growth.


I know this resembles a creature from a lagoon, but it is actually new fern leaves.  I cut them back in this section. And this is how they spurt forth. See the leaf in the middle forming?


In a bit it will look like this…


The Asparagus Fern and Sago Palm…


There is nothing as beautiful as spring in its new season. Go out into your garden and see what’s coming up today. It soothes the spirit.



  1. We’ve had a taste of Spring, the past few days. We took advantage of the break!

    Beautiful post, as usual, Brenda.

  2. Hi Brenda,
    Lovely blooms and foliage! I bought some daffodils a few weeks ago. The first bloom opened today. I will be taking photos soon!

  3. Your showing me all your lovelies and I only have more snow pictures to offer !!!

  4. Hi Brenda,
    Do you know how good that looks to us up North? COLOR, is so beautiful. Spring ~ soon. Your photography is outstanding, too.

    When you speak of East TX, where exactly is the line, so to speak? My daughter lived in Houston, McKinney, and now they are located in Austin? Would that be Central or do I need to get my map out ? It’s a big state, but I liked what I saw. it is so different from our part of the country. Everytime I was on a plane leaving, the only place they would mention was Little Rock, so we must not have been over any large cities. Just curious, that’s all.
    Have a good day among your blossoms.

  5. Your flowers and plants are way ahead of mine here in my garden. Pictures of what is to come-can’t wait.

  6. Looks very calm and restful in your garden. That sago is a year round winner, isn’t it?

  7. I wish we could see new green growth and flowers coming up. I will enjoy yours for the time being and hope ours come soon:) I enjoy the time spent in your garden!

  8. I’m afraid I must continue to enjoy your lovely garden, Brenda. Mine is still covered in a blanket of snow!

  9. Brenda, these are such great photos! Love the little peek of spring.
    xo Lidy

  10. Oh, Brenda, all that GREEN! *sigh* The Ground Hog says 6 more weeks of winter here……


  11. You have some beautiful blooms! The ice got my asparagus fern, but my neighbor tells me I can cut it back later..and it will come back! What do you think?

  12. You have so many pretty things popping up!!! I love the fern trying to break free!
    I have daffodils blooming and a few other things. Almost time for the star magnolia!
    Have you heard from Alex? I wondered what happened to her????

  13. Brenda, I too, have enjoyed the last two days of warm weather. It is amazing how fast things pop up in the garden with just a little warmth. They must be as eager as we are for spring to arrive.


  14. Don’t have any lovelies bursting forth yet in my garden. Thanks for sharing your blooms today.

  15. Chickadees and daffodils… what could be more delightful?

  16. WOW! Gorgeous!

    M ^..^

  17. Oh, Brenda, thank you for sharing so generously. I had a Sago Palm in a pot in the house. I managed to kill it. That is amazing– the ferns.

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