Posted by: Brenda Kula | January 29, 2009

Garden Room Progress Continues


I find the red tips of the Hen & Chicks so fascinating. Like a pen that’s been dipped in ink.


The cul de sac is quiet. Too cold for walkers outside today. Just the tall pine trees as the constant backdrop. Winter sun shining through, but not warming East Texas up much. Spending so much time inside has me playing around with my blog theme. Kind of like moving around the furniture when you clean house.



Dozens of birds dot the backyard. They fly away en masse when I open the door for the dogs to go out.


The hollyhock continues to grow more lush with new leaves.


Sage in the back garden…


This squirrel is performing all sorts off acrobatics to get to the bird seed.



Finally he gives up and eats the scattered seed on the ground. Believe me, there’s enough for everyone.


Look what Robert uncovered. He took down the outdoor siding along the brick wall of the garden room. And found that the bricks don’t go all the way up to the ceiling. He’s thinking, maybe a row of glass bricks or something to let a little light into my “dungeon.”


Here’s the first coat of the selected shade of blue paint. Above the line between colors will be a shelf around the room. What do you think of the color? It’s one of his creative “mixtures.”


Today he covered the drain in the concrete floor. And is leveling out the surface with fresh concrete. Finally a real floor for this room. In the photo above, you once would have seen an outdoor window. Actually you’d have seen one on either side of that door on the far right. Which was, last time you saw it, French doors. Now the windows are gone. And the door is a pocket door. I gained more wall space on two walls this way. In the garden room, living room, and master bedroom. More photos as they become available.

Stay tuned for remodeling progress. This room will not even look like the same room. It already doesn’t. We’ll see what magic he comes up with in here. I think we’ll all be surprised.



  1. I have lots of pecans (the tiny ones I don’t want to crack and shell); I should have brought some for your squirrels. Is that the same one from yesterday?
    Your hollyhocks are looking great! I hope both our hollyhocks bloom this year!

  2. Love the blue color its a relaxing shade,and I think having some sort of light let in to your room is a fantastic idea.The wild critters look so cute!
    Wish we had more around the house in summer
    Can’t wait for the guided tour once its all done.
    Ps .. Nope not frozen yet, but cold Brrrrr( wearing wool socks ).Going on the skidoo this weekend its my son’s idea… I would raather sit and quilt quietly.Its comming along nicely, one flower at a time!

  3. Coming along nicely! I am looking forward to seeing the final makeover.

  4. Glass blocks at the top of that brick wall would be wonderful Brenda .. this has been coming along so nicely ! I’m envious girl (but I have a winning lottery ticket for Saturday night .. so I’m good ? LOL) .. I love the blue too : )

  5. What a pretty shade of blue. Very calming and peaceful. I love the idea about glass bricks. I think they are so pretty and you would love that light! I can’t wait to see the results. You’ll need to have a garden party! 🙂

  6. Is that a regular holly hock or french? If you don’t have the french let me know. They are cool.

  7. I love the shade of blue and think that glass blocks will be perfect. Now I am curious about Hollyhocks! I have never grown them!

  8. Everything is looking good. This room will be sooo nice when it is finished. I know you will enjoy it, and you should. You deserve it.

    Always Growing

  9. I love your photo of the hen and chicks, one of my favorite plants, too. What is that bird-seed hanger? Mesh? You and Robert should definitely hire out. 🙂 You are a wonderful decorator, Brenda.


  10. Your hollyhocks look very promising. My chicks and hens are hidden right now…hoping they pop back out of the ground.

    Love your blue color. Don’t you just feel like Robert is part of your family now? Or maybe he is…

  11. Brenda, this carpenter you have is amazing!

  12. Love that shade of blue that Robert came up with! The glass blocks are really going to add some character as well as more light in your garden room.

  13. That blue is so calming looking. I am so afraid of blue – really any paint color, I’m not too good at picking them. I’m putting a blue in my guest bath, wish me luck.

    I think I need a Robert.

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