Posted by: Brenda Kula | January 28, 2009

Frozen In Thought…



He/she is here in the gutter outside my French doors in the dining room. The photo above just makes me howl. What an expression on that face! As if to say: “Who the hell are you? And what are you staring at?”


Yes, as Nola says on her own blog today, we’re covered in ice. An odd predicament. The front gate was frozen shut. As was the plastic city-provided trash can. As are my flowers…


See the water droplets? Those are ice. My poor daisies are frozen in thought, it seems. Stiff as can be. An icy sculpture of Mother Nature’s art.


A mirror left sitting in the Adirondack rocking chair…


My poor precious lovelies…






The bird feeders have ice hanging from them. I have been going outside and breaking the ice in the bird baths. I emptied one bowl of food that was ruined by the moisture and replenished it. The birds seemed ever so grateful.




Waiting in line…





  1. He’s a cute little fella.
    I hear the squirrels running across my roof all the time. Makes my dogs go nuts.

  2. That little squirrel is probably thinking “Open the damn door, lady, my nuts are freezing out here!” Are you putting out fresh water for the birds? I always feel so sorry for them when their water is frozen.
    Love the photo of the ice on the sago palm.

  3. The squirrel is awesome!

    Sun’s out here today – thank you Lord! My hubby has been filling the bird feeders everyday. The little critters are eating alot trying to stay warm. We have a crowd of birds and squirrels.

    Did I tell you that Paul’s been putting out dried corn on the cob? He saw an opposum taking off with it the other day. πŸ™‚

  4. ROFL! Love the picture and Love Nola’s quote for him.

  5. Love your frozen pictures !!

  6. ice looks pretty in pictures doesn’t it? I’m not going out to take pictures, so I’ll just have to look at yours (ours IS melting). Great squirrel capture, I’m sure your critters keep you entertained with your bright new windows:)

  7. Yep–we got the ice they predicited! Day off for me though–yea! Your pictures are great–I think the pansies will be ok. Mine were pretty sad until the sun came out. They look better now. Stay warm!

  8. It’s the same here. Trees down ALL over the place and roads and yards and you name it. Urgh! I love that squirrel’s picture!

  9. What a marvelous photo of the squirrel! And all your photos. I took one pic of icycles. That’s enough for me. LOL!

  10. Well, Brenda… Even if the squirrel isn’t so happy to see you, the birdies sure are happy to see you go outside! I woke up thinking about you today and thought in my busy-ness I haven’t visited Brenda for a long time. Hope you stay warm and thank you for feeding the birds!

  11. It’s been a real shock to us. Love the squirrel shot! gail

  12. How lucky you are to have so many birds to watch! And Nola’s
    comment made me lol! πŸ™‚

  13. That is a dandy green birdfeeder with copper top.

  14. Nice squirrel portrait, Brenda … can we talk about the ice dam buildup in our gutters, pouring in! Last time is cost $20,000 to repair the damage . Left over last weekend to hug & celebrate my sister’s life at the lake and, thankfully, the kids checked each day while we were away. Who knows what tomorrow might bring πŸ™‚ So, dear one, my head remains ‘frozen in thought’!

  15. Hi Brenda,
    Love the squirrel photo! I just bought a thistle sock. The ice didn’t make it this far south. Heh, heh, the child in me wishes it would so we could get out of school!

  16. That is a funny expression. We seem to be having similar weather although there are several inches of snow here in addition to the freezing rain. It is not quite as insulting here as it would be there. Here it is expected during winter. Your pansies look like they are weeping.

  17. I didn’t get it as bad as you, linda, and nola. I was able to drive to work at 11:30. The streets were dry. There was just a layer of ice on my windshield.

  18. Love that squirrel shot! The daisy & the table (w/ice) are interesting! I think the pansies will survive, don’t you? Nice shots!

  19. Your garden is frozen in time and thought. Soon it will thaw out and everything will bounce back again. πŸ™‚

  20. Girl, you are ONE amazing photographer. I really mean that. πŸ™‚ I love the daisy one the best!

    PS yes, I am sick…again. =/

  21. Hi Brenda, that face is hilarious! And your commentary apt, HA I am so sorry you are covered with ice, somehow it missed us and we only got torrential rains thank goodness. I do hope everything recovers at your place. The birds are eating like crazy, hard to keep the feeders full. I need to empty the soggy seed, but they seem to be eating it anyway. I wonder if it is easier to open the sunflowers seeds after a good soaking? Do stay warm and safe!

  22. Sleet and snow here, but no freezing rain. We got lucky this time.

    I absolutely love those squirrel photos. Perfection!

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