Posted by: Brenda Kula | January 27, 2009

Rainy Morning Thoughts


Yes, I think I like the mornings best. The smell of coffee. Fresh fruit. Walking outside to see what’s new.


Checking out who is visiting…


What buds have opened…


What the various colors look like in this mornings light…


How brisk today’s weather already is, and how much rain we’ve had thus far…


How “the lovelies” are faring…


Whether their hats are askew…


What raindrops look like from different angles…



Which flowers are standing brave and soldier-like against the cold.


I look around and there is Charlie. I see he’s gotten into Robert’s texture or paste or whatever it is. No, my child is not sniffing glue. I’m aghast that you’d even think such a thing!


I see that Clyde is cozying up to an alligator. That Clyde has…well, you know. Things that would ordinarily bounce. Oh no, I forgot. We got rid of those when he was just a kitten. Well…anyway…


Abi just wants us to go back in where it’s warm. And where she doesn’t have to get her precious feet wet. That’s why she’s up in the chair.


Yes, I do love the mornings best of all.




  1. It is sleeting here, and windy. We are huddled around the wood stove. Well, maybe not huddled. We’re using the laptops. šŸ™‚ You photos are beautiful. Maybe I will geer myself to bundle up and take a few. Sleet looks like snow on everything.

  2. Thanks for your beautiful pictures. Like Curtiss Ann, we are freezing!! My pictures were taken from my front door today.

  3. Hi Brenda,
    I love the mornings best too! We are having mild weather today….sun keeps peeking out between the clouds.

  4. Brenda, you have a much better attitude than I do this morning. It is so cold that I went back to snuggle under the covers once the monkeys were off to school.

  5. Love your pictures ,real flowers wow… not for us,we must wait many months yet to see color besides white….

  6. Thanks for your warm sense of humor and the dew looks so lovely on everything!

  7. I think I like them best too. Just not this morning. Trees are falling everywhere and even as the day goes on, it is not warming up.

  8. I like the mornings best too, Brenda!

    Beautiful post!

  9. Poor babies, out in the cold! Do they shiver? Chili is shivering like crazy by the time he gets back in from “takin’ care ‘o business”.

  10. Brenda,

    So much loveliness to greet you on a cool winter’s morn.

  11. Me too-I love mornings! Sorry I can’t stay home and have that second cup of coffee though! šŸ™‚
    Brenda–are those gerber daisies blooming!!!
    You have the prettiest flowers!!

  12. I definitely like YOUR mornings better than mine! (get dressed, eat cereal, feed the dogs, awaken teen, take care of the chickens and out the door by 6:45 a.m.)

  13. I am a morning person….. and I like it that way….. my….. that Clyde is a handsome fellow…. I can’t believe what lovely flowers you have in your yard this time of year…

  14. Your pictures are just great–again! So do you know if the male and female cardinals are the same birds — visiting on different days? (I know, it’s a dumb question, but I just wondered if you knew!! ) They are just gorgeous! Well, maybe not as gorgeous as those little furbundles of yours!! So you think it’s cold at 40!!!! We have been freeeeeezing in the teens and low 20s, with ice pellets and snow! There are NO pretty flowers here!! I’m jealous of your beautiful garden.


  15. Nice to see bare ground…we’re swathed in snow and cold with more on the way…and then ice pellets and rain, and then back to cold. No wonder some of us get a little exasperated with winter!

  16. what beautiful rainy day pics! I love rain (strange but true). Clyde is tooooooo cute. šŸ˜‰

    Hugs, G

  17. Spring is about to pop out down in Texas. I can just feel it in your photos.

  18. Oh this is such a nice series of photos and thoughts. I could just feel the ‘morning’ you were talking about…and I wanted a cup of coffee, too! I need to get up earlier to enjoy more of the mornings, even when it’s cold out. I tend to hibernate in the winter and not get out enought…especially in the morning;)

  19. Hi, here in Victor Harbor, South Australia, we are experiencing very hot weather. Yesterday, 46, today 45, and tomorrow is expected to be 41. That’s 114.8, 113 and 105. Want to swap?

  20. Just look at that squirrel! I love the picture of the daddy cardinal too! xo, suzy

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