Posted by: Brenda Kula | January 25, 2009

Staying Inside On A Cold Winter Day


Don’t think I’ll be sitting out here warming my face today.


A might cold even for me, I reckon.


I’ll be staring out at the yard pretties from the warmth of the house.


My cobalt glass birdbath on this stand cracked and fell apart in a freeze a few weeks ago. But I resurrected it the other day for a slightly different purpose. The bigger birds love it. It’s harder for them to perch on the tube feeders.


Everybody’s got to eat. The squirrels too, as a matter of fact. So come one, come all…


The beautiful Eastern bluebirds have this house staked out.


I’m trying, in my small yard, to accommodate as many families as I can.


Be it ever so humble…


The one below is an apartment complex in itself. It is about six feet tall and the length of the fence.



So I’m certainly not the only one who enjoys the backyard.



On land or in water. Or up in the treetops.


Here in Mom’s Garden…


Viewing the pines…


And the beauty growing around me.


There’s no place like home.


  1. Tap your shoes three times and you shall be home. I am headed that way myself also on a very cold COLD day. Enough to freeze your nose and toes off. So sorry to hear about your birdbath. Glad you found an alternative use.

  2. I’ve been inside all weekend nursing a sinus head cold. I’m beginning to get cabin fever.

    Your photos are beautiful as always!

  3. Trade ya, Brenda! 😉 It’s 15 here! BRRrrrRRrrr!

    Great birdhouses!

  4. I really enjoy our collection of bird feeders. Think we need bird houses like you have!

  5. Hi Brenda, your place must be the number one place to live in the bird magazines with all those lovely homes! Drives the property values up, but there is room for all. How wonderful it must be when they are all nesting and feeding babies, all the peep peep peeps. That time will be here soon, even though it is quite cold here today too. I wanted to work outside, but ended up instead watching the birds eat the sunflower seeds. I never tire of it. I do agree with the others that those were daffs in the previous post. And about our mature minds, I tell the kids that there is so much stored in there now, I make the request, like the name of a song or who sang it, or even that elusive word I want to use in a post, and wait for the retrieval process. No use trying to think of it, the request was made, then just wait and it will come up out of the mouth when least expected. HA

  6. I loved your garden as always. Especially all your feathered friends. I am glad our wonderful friends find a great home when they fly south.

    Enjoy your day:-) Stay Warm!

    Your Koi is beautiful also

  7. It’s cold and damp here, too. So I am not going outside either. Are you looking at your garden from your new garden doors? I bet you are glad you put them in.

    Always Growing

  8. Lovely! There is no place like home and you’ve made a home for the birds and other critters in your garden…gail

  9. I love your garden. I have to smile when you say it’s cold. I think it got to 25 or so today for the high. No snow though.

  10. Yep that is a bit chilly to linger outside too long. I’m glad you were able to repurpose the stand for your birdbath into a feeder. That was a clever thing to do. 🙂

  11. Lovely pictures Brenda, love all your birdhouses. The weather here is cold and damp too, I guess we are yearning for some warmer weather.


  12. Love all the birhouses! It sure has been cloudy and cold lately–not my kind of weather at all! And from what I hear, this week will continue that dreary weather. Hurry spring!!!

  13. Yes and I think it is getting colder…… brrrr. I came in out of the workshop…. it is too cold out there. Isn’t it lovely that you can enjoy the yard and the wild life from the warmth of the house….. I know you must really be enjoying that…

  14. sigh it looks so beautiful even if it is cold tho no I wouldn’t want to be lingering out there too long!

    hope it gets a bit warmer soon, it certainly is here lol


  15. You must have way more patience than me to get all those bird pictures. They are perfect.


  16. I just spent a few lovely minutes catching up on your blog and beautiful photos. I get enthused, seeing the beauty you create. Thanks for sharing, Brenda.

    I was through your neck of the woods on our recent trip. We ate a late lunch at a picnic area north of Mineola. I do wish we didn’t always have to go flying through.

  17. How I do love the birds in your gorgeous garden!

  18. So many bird houses…I hope they can share if a whole bunch of them want to nest at once! I get a lot of bluebirds in my yard, mainly in the winter. They have never used the 2 bluebird houses I have out there for them. But the tufted titmice have:)

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