Posted by: Brenda Kula | January 24, 2009

No Fool Like An Old Fool


A random leaf in the garden pond.

A hungry male cardinal…


For those of you who gently reminded me that I posted a photo of hyacinths yesterday that I referred to as tulips, I thank you for setting me straight. I feel certain I planted tulips there in that same spot last year. But maybe they didn’t come back up. Or maybe I’m losing what’s left of my foolish mind. I’m famous for planting things and forgetting what I planted where. I don’t seem to have sense enough to write anything down in my haste to get things in the ground. So feel free to tell me when I have one of these lapses and am incorrect, as I’m sure it won’t be the last time!


As W.C. Fields once said: “If at first you don’t succeed, try again. Then quit. No use being a damn fool about it.” I wholeheartedly agree!


Didn’t someone else also say, “There’s no fool like an old fool.”


Some days I have to give myself credit for just putting one foot in front of the other and not walking into a wall. Ask Nola, I’m also a klutz. Really.

And while we’re on the topic of bulbs, someone please tell me what this is. I didn’t plant it. Someone before me did. Of course I’ll likely forget, but please humor me and tell me anyway…


Here I sit, attempting to write this. I have two dogs fighting across my lap trying to discern which one gets to sit next to me in this chair. Snapping, biting, snarling. No wonder I can’t think straight with all the drama over my lap. That by the way is probably big enough for the both of them. Silly dogs.

Here’s Ms. Abi yesterday. Get your butt out of that pot! And don’t break that gazing ball!


Good Charlie Ross…


Well, we can’t remember everything, can we? Please say no…


We are born into this world. We take off down the path of life. We learn so many things throughout our journey. And it’s all stuck up in our brains in some tiny bank of recollections. They emerge in gauzy glimpses that appear and then disappear just as quickly. Flashes of memory. Here today and gone tomorrow, one might say…


The brain is a miraculous thing. It absorbs and sends messages. And the occurrences that occur and dwell inside us make us who we are. After fifty years or so of living,  just think what all is up there, fighting for space!


Oh, I like the simple life. The natural occurrences that are garden seasons. We know what to expect, and yet we are often surprised nonetheless. I find my life drifts along at a steady and soothing pace out in the garden. I find serenity in sticking my hands in the soil. In plucking up errant weeds. And photographing what each day brings.




  1. Those look like daffodils/jonquils coming up to me. PAM

  2. Don’t feel bad, Brenda. I forget where and sometimes what I have planted, too. I used to remember everything I planted – what, where, and even when – and no labels were needed to spur the memory. Now, there is the occasional “What the heck is that coming up?” I have started putting labels out now. Maybe I just have too many plants now for my brain to remember without any aids.

    Always Growing

  3. Hi Brenda,
    I agree with Pam. It definitely looks like two different plants! I make little maps of my beds and put the plants names there! Of course, sometimes, I tuck in new plants and forget to fill them in on my “maps”! Also, stuff reseeds itself, and I have to guess, or wait for blooms!

  4. I forget what I’ve planted all the time. And most gardners are moving plants constantly so it’s even harder to remember what we put where. I need to start a Gardening Journal. I think I’ve talked to Nola about that but then I would probably forget where it was.


  5. Brenda – They look like paperwhites or maybe daffodils. More like paperwhites, though, to me. There’s bunches around me. Of course, I am the person who has considered more than once starting a blog called The Ignorant Gardener, so I could be wrong. 🙂

  6. You know what Brenda, sometimes little surprises in the garden are best. I like it when I thought I planted marigolds and it winds up being zinnia. Oh well. Such is life. I think you have daffodils/jonquils like your other commenters have said. Also, tulips are usually a bit later than hyacinths so all is not lost, those tulips may yet appear.:)

  7. Speaking of memory…the other day my next door neighbor and I were walking. We were talking about credit cards being stolen and credit card fraud. I started to tell her about something that had happened to me with my credit card…she said that happened to me!! Then I stood there speechless and couldn’t actually remember if it happened to me or I just remembered it happening to her.

    I felt stupid!!! Thanks for letting me vent.

  8. Getting old is not for sissy’s is it! I tell myself that everyday as I try to remember things! 🙂
    I think they look like jonquils. Be sure and post a picture when they bloom!
    My tulips are barely showing themselves. And only a few. I am so afraid the squirrels dug them up, or they are just not going to come up! Darn!

  9. Brenda .. I was just thinking today after looking at some garden magazines .. I know I moved a bunch of plants late summer/early Autumn and now I am wondering can I remember what the hell I did ?? .. the panic is beginning to seep in about it all. Why didn’t I write it down .. because I thought I could remember it … DUH ?? LOL

  10. Oh Brenda, I can relate… my big 50 is coming up this year! I think we are doing pretty darn good with what all we attempt to do, right? Right! Now if I could just be a gardener like you!!!

  11. Brenda, I planted giant garlic in a few new places last fall. When they came up, I couldn’t figure out why I had planted daffodils in the vegetable garden. I finally remembered when I went back to the friend’s garden where I had collected the bulbs. The light came on and I recalled the garlic. Sheesh. The mystery plant looks like two types of daffodils or jonquils to me to, but can’t be sure. Make sure to show us the blooms and the mystery will be solved.

  12. 50—that’s NOTHING! Just wait until you are Geezer material like ME!! Hey, enjoy your “youth”—and don’t blame a few memory glitches on age cuz you just are OLD ENOUGH!!! Tulip—schmooolip–I wouldn’t know the difference anyway!

    It’s so great that you and Nola met in person! How wonderful that must’ve been for you two! I am going to be meeting a blogging buddy in real life this May–I can hardly wait!

    I have to tell you, your photos are wonderful! You should be submitting them to some wonderful garden magazine!! At LEAST a calendar company!! They are really, really good!

    Hope you are having a great weekend! Dana

  13. I forget where I plant things sometimes too Brenda. This past season I decided I would start documenting where I planted anything new so I wouldn’t dig it up by mistake. 🙂 Those look like Daffs to me too.

  14. For me, a big part of gardening is just waiting to see what will pop up. What the birds “planted” for us. That’s the fun of it. Your surprise guests look very much like daffodils to me. Growing older? Hah, I am approaching double nickles this year…there is no making believe that I am a youngster any more. I am still trying to wrap my mind around it (what there is left of my mind, that is).
    ♥, Susan

  15. I’m just now starting to get caught up reading. I think those are the narcissus (paper whites) that I sent you. WHEN I get around to it, I’ll post a photo of mine, and the photo of the bloom, so you’ll know.

  16. How did I get so behind at you blog! Oh dear.

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