Posted by: Brenda Kula | January 21, 2009

Critter Guests


I have critters aplenty! The words out now!









  1. I love all your critter pictures. It’s too cold for me to even go outside to take pictures.


  2. look at these cuties!


  3. I love having “critters” in my garden, esp. at this time of year. With everything sort of dull and bland, they add a lot of color and movement.

    Always Growing

  4. I love your critters! Aren’t they fun to watch this cold winter days!

  5. No critters here…. not a one. They are all hibernating LOL!!
    Love your pictures, they are gorgeous!!

  6. I just posted a critter blog too! Your’s are just beautiful….

  7. Your place looks so warm and welcoming. even the animals love it there!

  8. Those red squirrels are so cute. We don’t see them in my particular area, but just an hour or two from here they are pretty abundant. You got the best photo of one.

  9. My backyard is like that now too. The other day 5 squirrels were ripping through the backyard. It’s adorable. I love to watch the birds and squirrels. Oh, Paul has been putting out dried corn on the cob – the squirrels and bluejays think it’s Christmas!

  10. Your pictures make me long for spring time.
    ♥, Susan

  11. Fantastic photos!
    How in the world did you get pics of the Purple Finches? I have a little family living in my Coral Honeysuckle and when they do come out, they are just too fast for me and my camera.

  12. I thought maybe you were referring to me in the title! haha!

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