Posted by: Brenda Kula | January 15, 2009

Bird Cafe


The birds are steady visitors at my feeders now.


And picking up the seeds scattered underneath.


Finches and cardinals make up the bulk of the group.



Since there are few blooms, they brighten my day a bit.


This one looks rather puzzled…


Of course, there’s still the tried and true pansies…




The two pond fish…



And then there are the two rocks I found outside that look to me like hearts. Sort of…




  1. Were those the photos you were snapping while we were talking? I love the little rocks, they do look like hearts!

  2. I wish I could have bird feeders.
    With all the dogs I have, I would be luring the poor birds to an early demise. Lola can jump up and grab one if it flys too close to the ground.

    Those rocks look like hearts to me too.

  3. You must have ESP – I was just thinking about you, thinking about the cold night ahead of us (thank God it does warm up here after we get cold!), and you visit my blog & leave such a kind message. I saw a robin this morning, and just watched it for a while, wondering if it means spring really is coming, wondering where it would go tonight. I may blog about it. 🙂

    And those rocks DO look like hearts!

    Stay warm!
    🙂 Debi

  4. the only birds we have are called snow birds..LOL that means the seniors going south for the winter haha!! I love your bird pictures gives me hope,I cannot believe there are pansies growing anywhere on earth right now…. I am sitting in the middle of a freezer, there is even ice crystals in the air today and yesterday,we hit minus 50 this morning with the windchill, such an ungodly place sometimes.I have cabin fever, been stuck in the house 3 days because of the cold.If ya go shopping too long the cars wont start they are frozen… I am not kidding !!
    So……. I started a quilt, I so admire yours , they gave me inspiration, when I have more squares I will take a few pictures, its coming along nicely, and at least I spend my time doing something constructive.
    Love the rocks too… I see rocks in a different way now because of you.
    Keep warm

  5. I love that my bird friends are back! They have to fight with the squirrels for food, but there is enough for everyone! The finches, yellow and red , are so sweet! I have a cardinal couple that visit too. Chick-a-dees and jays are around with mourning doves. It’s quite a dinner table!

  6. My pansies look like yellow and purple lumps. It’s 18 degrees here and I’m grumpy. Just bought a 40 lb. bag of black oil sunflower seeds at Lowe’s 20 minutes ago. We are going through it like crazy – of course we are feeding lots of squirrels and at least one oppossum.

  7. Hi Brenda,
    Don’t you just love to watch the birds! I can get so distracted by them. My favorite pansy is the purple and yellow. It is one of my favorite color combinations. Cool rocks! Seeing your pond with fish makes me miss the one we had at our old house!

  8. I love bird watching…. thanks for letting me watch from your lovely yard…

  9. Brenda, I have not seen very many birds yet this year. Why, oh why? Maybe they will show up soon. I have the food all set out for them.

  10. I love your bird pics…we have a feeder outside of my kitchen window and I love to watch them. Your rocks DO look like hearts!

  11. Brenda,
    I love your bird pictures along with every other picture you take. They seem so happy and content ! I would love to see birds around this time of year. You sure do good workk and I love it.

  12. Hi Brenda! There you are! I had lost you! I emailed you, but never did hear from you. Oh, what gorgeous pictures you’ve taken. Hope all is well with you.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  13. Brenda,

    I love your bird photos. I need to get some feeders closer to the house so I can try for pictures.

    It’s 17 degrees outside this morning so even my pansies look bad.

    Those stones do look like hearts.


  14. Brenda, have you ever thought of printing your photos and putting them on greeting cards to sell?
    They’re always so beautiful! I absolutely LOVE the artsy feel of the goldfish image!

  15. Those birds are so fun! And you got some really good pics. Before long spring will be here-yeah!

  16. A friend gave me a stone much like the one on the right in your photo, shaped like a heart, for my cairn! Love it!

    We too are enjoying the birds at the feeders. Great photos, Brenda!

  17. Lovely photos. And I do like heart-shaped stones (I have a couple and am always on the lookout for more and for pyramid-shaped ones).

  18. We have a collection of heart shaped rocks, found on walks through the woods or beach. We keep them in a heart shaped box.
    ♥, Susan

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