Posted by: Brenda Kula | January 4, 2009

Hot Yesterday, Cold Today


If you don’t like the weather around here, stick around till tomorrow. It’s likely to be vastly different. Such is life in Texas.


The poor pansies don’t know what’s up.


Someone please tell me what this lovely bush is. It’s on the west side of my house, blooming its little heart out.


I’m afraid there probably is no sun at all for us today.


Except many the permanently smiling sort.


A few azaleas out front have dared to bloom again. Got their seasons mixed up, I think. Kind of like my new granddaughter seems to have her days and nights mixed up, my daughter reports.



Yesterday at Home Depot I picked up a juniper. Didn’t know where I wanted to put it, so stuck it in a pot with lemon basil. I know, an odd combination. But for now, it will do.


I love the blue-gray color. Kind of like the color I’m thinking about painting the garden room. I have yellow in some rooms, brownish shades in others, and green in the front living portions. So I’ve pretty well covered the shades of sun and earth. Think maybe now I should go for sky. The color of sky just before a thunderstorm.


Isn’t she lovely???


And from yet another angle. Up close and very personal.


And the overall view.


These sweet girls just keep surprising me with their performances.


And it’s a good thing too. For I worked in the yard all afternoon yesterday. But today, I’ll probably be viewing them from my wonderful new French doors.



Seeing these tulips coming up really makes me appreciate the look of purple paired with bright green. Isn’t nature the best designer of all?


Home Depot also had some ceramic pots on clearance. So I picked up a few of those. And of course couldn’t pass up the tulip bulbs that were on clearance too. Though it’s probably a tad late planting those. Oh well, we’ll see how things evolve.




  1. Same here – 74 yesterday, 28 this morning when I got up. Oh well, yesterday was so nice!

  2. It is hard to believe the bulbs are coming up already. I spotted some daffys yesterday and was astonished. I think your cold is headed this way. We are enjoying the warm for now though.

  3. Were in the middle of a blizzard right now, great big fat fluffy white snow flakes, many many many of them LOL!!!
    I was out there for a few minutes and I was covered when I came in.
    Went for a ride yesterday in the country took some pics that I will post,blue cold clear skies and snow covered trees.Its pretty in a very cold cold way!

  4. Your blooming bush is Chinese fringe flower, or Loropetalum, Brenda. It sure does look cheerful on a gray day like this.

  5. We started our day at 13 and when I went to the store around 2:00 it had reached a tropical 26! Our MO weather changes from cold to hot in the blink of an eye, too. Well, maybe not hot—but warm!
    You have such a green thumb!! Your photos are great, too.
    If you have time, come visit my blog—#100 post and I’m having a giveaway.
    Take care of your Alamo friend—-Dana

  6. Yesterday was great–today I am freeing–tomorrow I will be wet and freezing–Wednesday I will be warm again! Only in Texas!
    Brenda, do you dead head your pansies? My Mother always tells me that is one flower where dead heading is a must, but I just don’t have time to dead head all of them. Your pansies are the prettiest I have ever seen–just wondered what you did.

  7. You are such a tease, Brenda! In the midst of icy rain, it’s hard to believe there is life under my garden tundra. Up close and personal is what I miss with my pansies … you have some beauties!

  8. Hi Brenda,
    Your pansies are so pretty. I also have a Chinese Fringe Flower. When the sun shines through it, it practically glows! Mine is not blooming now. The temps. dropped here this afternoon too!

  9. Wow, what a feast of color Brenda! We are blanketed in white here and brrrrrrrrrr it’s cold.

    Hugs, G πŸ™‚

  10. We have been having the same type of weather – hot then cold, now hot again. At least I have flowers blooming with all this warm weather. Love your pansies – they are so cheerful and the colors are so pretty.

    Always Growing

  11. You are a wonderful tease with all these beautiful pictures with all the white stuff our my windows. My fingers are practically too cold inside to type:)
    I hope little Marley Ross will soon know when the proper time to sleep is so her mommy can get her well deserved sleep also!

    Great… the news just said we are in for more tomorrow and 2 inches more on Tuesday.

    Have a great day tomorrow and I hope you get to see the sun.

  12. Brenda…I just love that bush with the pink flowers. I wish I could tell you what it is, but I don’t even know! πŸ™‚ All of your flowers are lovely and I can’t believe you have tulips coming up already! Holy freakin’ cow!! πŸ™‚

    Hope you have a good week.


  13. love that smiling sun face!

  14. Hi Brenda, our weather changes like that too. I see Pam gave you the ID on the loropetalum, a very nice shrub. I love the blue star juniper too. They actually do well in containers, but you might want to use it in the new plantings after the patio is done, and even add a few more, they stay fairly small. And nice to hear about the sweet new grandbaby, whose days and nights are mixed up, just like she is supposed to do at this age, right? πŸ™‚

  15. Every flower is beautiful to see! We don’t have a thing blooming after all the snow and ice!
    Keep sharing the fortune of’s appreciated greatly!!

  16. We have some of the pink flowering bushes. I can’t remember what they are called though. Pizzazz something or other maybe?

  17. It was a beautiful day here today Brenda. We have the same saying here in VA, our weather is a bit screwy. lol Glad Pam & Frances were able to id your Loropetalum. The flowers are very pretty, nice to have something that vibrant in January.

  18. Oh my word! Look at you Brenda showing us pansies in bloom green foliage water not frozen blues pinks and buds…while here I am freezing surrounded by ice & snow!! Wahhhh! so envious!NG

  19. Sigh…. if only my winters were as mild as yours. Your flowers and plants are lovely as ever. Chin up! We’ve passed the solstice and the days are getting longer! πŸ™‚

  20. Hi Brenda,
    It was really cold here yesterday too. Your garden looks beautiful whether it’s cold or hot. I especially loved the close ups of the flowers, very cheerful even if it is very cold!

  21. Brenda,

    Your garden is such a work of art. I love your pictures of it too. Nature is always hard to really catch, but you do it well!

  22. Wish I had a few of those smiling suns hanging out around here! I thought today was supposed to be better than yesterday but it is just as gloomy today as it was yesterday. bummer.
    I need to check out those clearance pots at HD!

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