Posted by: Brenda Kula | January 2, 2009

Birds In The Tree Tops


It started out like this about 9 a.m. But this afternoon I’d say the temperatures are in the mid-seventies. Shorts and T-shirt wearing weather.

Remember this a few days ago?


Here it is today.


This was just too funny to pass up. I grabbed my camera before Mr. Robert walked out the gate with the stump to parts unknown.


Little Ms. Abi doesn’t like to get her feet wet or dirty. Unless of course there’s a hole or mound of dirt that seduces her into a frenzy of digging. Thus dirty feet and a dreaded bath.




Couldn’t ask for a nicer day than today.

The birds are gathered in the uppermost branches of the trees, having a gab fest.


I have buds on my miniature roses.



The critters aren’t fussing.


It’s all good.



  1. Weather in the 70’s wow…. I wish…
    Love the photo’s…. tell Mr Robert I wish he would move to Canada wayyyyyyy up north where the snow flies (not house flies) I would give him so many jobs he would be part of the family!!

  2. It is really good you cut the tree down as those roots are quite close to the house aren’t they? Good job on digging the stump out. Any plants to make something for the garden out of it?

  3. Aren’t we getting spoiled with this beautiful weather Brenda? Do we just HAVE to go through winter–I want to move on to spring! 🙂

  4. It is all good isn’t it! Projects getting completed, good weather, pets we love…it’s all good…gail

  5. What a beautiful day it was in our parts. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice too.

  6. What great photos to brighten my morning! Oh, honey, soon up here we will have little rosebuds, too! Well, depending on your definition of soon. LOL!

  7. Wishes for a happy and healthy New Year, Brenda. Oh, I am dreaming of weather like you are having right now. Enjoy it!
    ♥, Susan

  8. Hi Brenda, all good indeed, and even some beefcake from Robert. Shorts and t shirts, it sounds delightful.

  9. Hi Brenda,

    I just love your pictures. I am working on perfecting my photography but need to wait a few months as I am freezing as i I write.

    Do you ever sell any of your photos ? If you ever do, let me know. I just love the pastel one under miniature roses text — #6. That is a beauty !! You have the eye for beauty.
    Love your site.

  10. We were in the 80’s yesterday… today it’s down right cold. Gotta love Texas!

  11. great eye! your shots are well taken!

  12. I love the birds in the tree!

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