Posted by: Brenda Kula | December 31, 2008

One Year Blogging Anniversary


As all good things seem to, the year has gone quickly. It was this last day of 2007 that I began my blog, albeit under a different name and a different format. As many of you have previously stated when writing about blog anniversaries, I had no earthly idea where all of this was taking me. I couldn’t have imagined the friendships I’ve forged during the past twelve months. Or the delight I would find in keeping up with you all each day.

It is afternoon here, and I’ve had a busy morning. I drove across town to my internist’s office to take care of some paperwork for prescriptions, as I never can seem to get things done properly on the telephone with them anymore. Do you have that problem? Now you can’t just call an office and get an actual receptionist. You more often than not get a voice message. To which you leave a message. To which you often don’t get a reply.

Ah, the many ways technology has changed the world. Sometimes I just want to throw my hands up and scream that there was a time when you were given a little more courtesy. A voice that bid you good day. But that’s the way things go. And of course without technology, we would not have one another on the internet all across the world!


Then on the way home I was leaving Starbucks, where I’d had coffee beans ground, and headed home. There was a lot of traffic, as there always seems to be. And I had to drive a little ways in the turn lane, or I might have still been sitting there. As I eased into traffic, I sped up to get up the hill, and immediately heard a siren behind me. I pulled over onto a residential street, with that little sinking feeling you get when you realize it’s you they’re really after. Yep, a speeding ticket. With the fireworks going off in the distance to herald the ending of the year, I realized as I signed away $250 that I didn’t particularly want it to end in that way…


I come to you mostly with garden tales. New blooms and miracles of nature. At least they are to me.

Like the tulip bulbs sprouting up greetings to me on this day.


During the year of 2008 we bought (or should I say, started paying for?) the garden home we’d been renting for close to three years. And began remodeling it a year ago next month.


It has been quite a journey. Altering and feathering this little nest.



When there were plumbing disasters and the like, I wondered if the house was cursed. Or that it was perhaps merely built with paper and a promise. Above you can see where a poor little bird resorted to adding a scrap of toilet paper, it looks like to me, to finish the job for his or her family in their tiny abode.

We plowed ahead despite the obstacles, with less and less money in our pockets. One room at a time, here in our little house in the pines. And we’re almost there, I’m happy (and relieved) to announce.


There have been many stories about the pets. As you can see the cats are hiding right now.



And a bug or other critter in the mix, along the way.


I found out how much I truly enjoy taking photographs. That walking about the gardens each day with a camera hanging around my neck was a perfect meditative ritual. And it brings a serenity I didn’t know before.


There have been many paths I’ve traveled along, trying to find contentment.


Lots of twists and turns in the road that took me by surprise. (Which reminds me of my favorite Beatles song, with Paul McCartney singing “The Long & Winding Road.” Oh, I can hear the words and melody in my head…) And it leads me to your door. Or rather, to your computer. Where I keep you updated on what’s going on in my little neck of the woods, here amidst the tall, stately pine trees.


I’m not one prone to making New Year’s resolutions. Each year I just throw up a token wish that there be peace in the world. That there is merriment and laughter for many. And less children cry themselves to sleep at night. That I get through the thirty minutes of evening news without hearing the word “war” brought up.Β  With new casualties that add to more markers listing the former existence of brave men and women soldiers that we know are mourned, but never forgotten.

It is my hope that we stop letting greed wipe out natural environments for the wildlife. Or whatever reason it is that they use. And that less folks lose their homes in this shaky economy. That we volunteer more and are in general just kinder to one another as human beings.

That less pets are abandoned, and treated more humanely all around. As all animals should be. That we don’t forget them with all the other worries going on in the world. Remember to hug your pet tonight, and feel the love radiating from them.


And lastly, my wish is that more people take time in their busy routines to stroll through a garden, to smell the roses and lavender and rosemary scenting the air with their sweet perfume.


And for all of us to finally realize that true perfection only happens in nature. Happy New Year, my dear blog friends!



  1. Happy New Year Brenda .. and the best for your family too !
    I was going to comment on your last post as well but here you are with a wonderful wrap up to the year : )
    Your home and garden are going to look spectacular girl … enjoy !!

  2. How beautifully stated. Happy anniversary and Happy, Happy New Year! May 2009 be better to you than you dare dream.

  3. Your feathered nest is lovely Brenda and getting lovelier I can’t wait to see your new patio.
    Its been a year for me as well,right around this time last year I started in earnest after stalking some blogs for some time to see what it was all about .I have found wonderful caring people whom I enjoy visiting every day.Even tho our distances is far our friendship isin’t.We all have ups and downs and everyday lives how ever different they may be, we still find each other here.I hope I find you here for a long long time.
    Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2009
    PS I am so glad to see 2008 behind me it wasen’t a kind year to me at all,new year …new fresh start!

  4. Brenda,
    I wish for you much love and laughter, health and joy, peace and happiness for 2009. You are a delightful person that deserves this and so much more.

  5. Happy New Year!!!!!! Also Happy Blogging Anniversery(-: We usually stay home on NYE too but we have gone out in the past…(-: I hope you have a wonderful and healthy New Year!!!!!!

  6. CONGRATS on your one year Blogiversary! And a Happy New Year to you too!

  7. Oh, a ticket is crummy luck, but shake it off. I’m so glad to have discovered your blog this year, and congrats on your one-year anniversary. Here’s to a happy 2009!

  8. A lovely, lovely post, ticket & all. Tulip babies making an appearance, the word “merriment” (which is not used often enough), pets & a bird & that fun, fun woman raising her hands to heaven, laughing, with stars on her belly. I am so glad to’ve “met” you this year, and look forward to keeping up with what 2009 brings you. Congratulations on your 1-year blogiversary & stay safe tonight. I am headed home to stay indoors – oh, perhaps I’ll take a peek at the stars, but other than that, a very quiet evening is planned.

    Take care!

  9. Hi Brenda, I am so sorry you got a ticket, it truly is a sinking feeling I have felt a few too many times, though not recently. The last one I vowed to never give another penny to them and have kept that vow. It meant watching the speed limit very carefully and staying well within it at all times, not just sometimes. Don’t you hate giving them your hard earned money? Anyway it has been wonderful to meet you and learn of your happy and sad times. That is the way with the blogs, we become friends and do really care about each other. May your 2009 be the best year ever!

  10. Happy 2009 Brenda,
    Beautiful photos as always! I love the bird. Is it a tufted titmouse?

  11. Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary!!!
    Such amazing photos as always – your blog always makes my heart smile.

  12. Brenda, this is a lovely post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Sorry about the ticket, which just bites. Wishing you the very best for 2009


  13. Happy New Year! What a lovely post! I sort of want to run outside now and look to see if any of my bulbs are coming up! Isn’t that just such a beautiful sight!

  14. Brenda, as always, I LOVE your photography. πŸ™‚ And Charlie is sooooo cute!

    I wish you the VERY, very best for this coming year. You deserve it. You have a very big and loving heart, and I am blessed to have met you.

    love you tons!!! **hugs**

  15. Brenda, I enjoy your blog so much. You never know who is lurking…my mom who lives in Poteet, TX reads you every day. She and I both love your nature shots and your ability to see the most beautiful little details.

    Your list for the new year is wonderful and one that we should all pay attention to. I’m off to hug my big dog now. πŸ™‚

    Happy New Year!

  16. Oh, honey, what a delight your photos of birds are for me. I have birds here, right in my front yard at the cat watering pan, but I can never get a pic of them. πŸ™‚

    How grateful I am for your sharing!

    Happy New Year, dear friend.

  17. Happy Blog Anniversary and Happy New Year!

  18. Happy New Year BRENDA!!! Peace to you and yours:) (keep the blogging coming:)

  19. Brenda,

    What a beautiful post and I too echo your wishes for this coming year.
    Happy Anniversary! May 2009 bring you nothing but happiness and joy!

    Hugs, Beth~β™₯

  20. Brenda,

    Congratulations on your one year blogging anniversary! I’m so glad that you started blogging and that I was lucky enough to find you and find a wonderful friend. Who knows what 2009 has in store for us but we’ll have our friendship to get us through.


  21. Happy Blogaversary Brenda! What a feat you have accomplished & to have started in December when the garden isn’t that exciting. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you & look forward to your posts in the next year. πŸ™‚

  22. Happy blog-a-versary, Brenda! Isn’t blogging a wonderful journey? What a wonderful journal you’ve created this past year on your site…it’s been a privilege being able to stop in and see things from your window to the world πŸ™‚ congratulations, and Happy new year!

  23. (((Brenda))))


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