Posted by: Brenda Kula | December 30, 2008

Digging In The Dirt Therapy


My gardens aren’t, as they commonly say, anything to write home about right now. Only the pansies have braved the weather of the last few weeks.

Yesterday I spent the day doing this.


Yes, digging a big hole. I’m doing this so Robert can take his chain saw and level this tree trunk to the ground. I carried many, many buckets of dirt to the back of the yard to dump.


Using my trusty old bucket and my little hand trowel.


The bucket that I bought for $2 at a garage sale a few years ago. No telling how old this thing is. Ageless and endlessly useful.

Pulling up both big and small roots. As I’ve said before, this yard was a veritable jungle before I got started whacking it out a few years ago. Add to that the fact that neighbors said this area of Tyler use to be a berry farm. We’re talking roots everywhere you dig.


But that’s to prepare this space so Mr. Robert can soon get started building patios. I will probably be as surprised as you will, with what he manages to come up with.


But that’s enough of the “uglies.” Let’s see what few pretties we can come up with…

This one is being shy. But it will open up in the next day or two. I have found with pansies, that once you snip off the spent blooms, it’s just a day or so before you’re greeted with sweet new buds.



It’s now shortly after noon. So the sun is kind of peeking through.



This lavender looks as though someone took scalloping scissors and cut the delicate, perfect leaves.



And when all else fails to interest me outside during the winter months, I get out and dig around for pretty and interesting rocks. It’s certainly no secret how much I love rocks!



Please keep Nola of Alamo North in your thoughts. Her father has been in the hospital since Christmas. And she’s worn out from sitting up at the hospital.



  1. Hi Brenda,
    You inspired me to finally get some pansies planted. I found one wilting and being pulled into the ground by a mole presumably!

  2. I always enjoy visiting your garden because we sure don’t have any flowers blooming here. I love your new dining room too. Enjoy it!!

  3. I need to go check my pansies…the last time I looked they were very sad indeed! You are working hard, with all of that digging and hauling!

  4. I love the lavender picture that’s so pretty!
    My world is all shades of gray and white right now, not interesting at all,we wont see colors until late march or April…..Ces’t la vie met pas en rose!!
    That’s life just not in pink!!

  5. Hi Brenda, exciting stuff going on there. Robert has done wonders for your new dining room, love the new furniture and the view and all that light! The patio will be great too. I would trust that guy to do it right. 🙂

  6. Can you keep pansies going all winter? I sure miss flowers this time of year.
    Hey, I like that old bucket!

  7. Ha I dont know how I do it either , it dosen’t get easier with age let me tell you my old knee bones scream when its a high minus and I must go outside.I have thought of moving to warmer weather many times, but this is where I was born and likely will die.Were a hardy bunch!
    Altho I did tell my kids one year before I kick the bucket I want a green Christmas on board a lovely cruise ship being pampered going to some hot country!! Would be my dream come true!!

  8. Thank you for the heads up on Nola, gotta love this warm spell we are having!

  9. Living among many pine trees, I know what it is to try and dig and have to contend with roots. It is never as easy as they show on TV whenever a host starts to dig. Even though only your pansies are blooming, they are so pretty that they are enough.
    Have a Happy New Year.

    Always Growing

  10. I have a trusy old bucket like that. I couldn’t garden without it!
    I can’t wait to see your outside area when Robert finishes. Looks like he does great work!
    Thanks for the info on Nola–I did not know her dad was sick, I’ll keep him and Nola in my prayers.

  11. Thanks for all of the prayers for Nola and her Dad. They are both such wonderful people.
    Nola always has such good things to tell me about you, and I can see why she is so fond of you.
    Hope the new baby is doing well and by the way, I just love pansies.
    Please continue the prayers for Nola and her family.
    Your friend,

  12. Hi Brenda

    I lurve pansies, a couple of pots are always by my front door in the winter

    wishing you much love and best wishes for the new year, here’s to blog friendships in 2009


  13. That’s some digging you’re doing, Brenda. The uglies are necessary to get to something beautiful. I know you’ll be there soon.

  14. Awesome yucca! …and I am an avid gatherer of rocks too. They adorn my home inside and out with their unique beauty and grace, not to mention the fact that some of them become mounts for my little Japanese Wind Orchids.

    Happy New Year Brenda!

  15. Digging in the dirt is the best therapy in the world. It is too cold up here to do today, however, I plan to walk in the woods, next best thing. Oh, pray God I am in Alabama soon!

  16. Brenda, there is just something so satisfying about digging in the dirt!

  17. It’s wonderful seeing flowers in your blog posts. I won’t have any of my own for another 5-6 months. While we were gone over Christmas we lost a big Bradford Pear….thankfully it missed the house. Come spring we’ll have to figure out what to plant in it’s place.

    Happy New Year Brenda…wising you and yours good things to follow in 2009.

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