Posted by: Brenda Kula | December 28, 2008

Finished Dining Room


There was a time when I felt closed in when it rained outside. Now I can see my gardens, thanks to Robert the carpentry wizard and his creation of two entire walls of French doors. He knocked down many bricks to make this all possible.

He took this…


And created this…




This was the inside…



Unfortunately it’s a cloudy day today. But I will take more photos when the sunlight is streaming in.


I can watch my beloved birds even when it’s raining outside!


The room has been cleaned, the furniture has arrived. And here are the photos of my new light-filled glorious dining room.


The view from the corner of the French doors, looking toward the living room.


Here I’m taking a photo from the living room looking toward the gardens.


The buffet we just purchased.



A close-up of the green paint that Robert also used in the living room and entry way. I love the shade of green he came up with by way of mixing!


Now I can have plants indoors that actually get some light that isn’t from a lamp. Living in a garden home built in the early 1980s, I didn’t have enough light in this home before. Robert changed all that. Thank you, Robert! This is the greatest Christmas present ever!

Here is an old table made from a sewing machine base I’m using for a plant stand. I have these tables scattered throughout the house. I so love the old sewing machines, that it gives me great joy to also use them as furniture pieces.


Here is a candle I put in a cup and saucer picked up at the local antique mall sometime this past year. I didn’t go out and get anything new for this room except the furniture. The table and four chairs and buffet, plus tax and the cost to assemble and deliver, was less than $700.


I’ve had this painting for many years. It was just sitting in the garage. It needed a big expanse of wall. So now it’s finally being put to use again.


Please don’t be distracted from the junk outside the windows. We haven’t gotten to the outdoors yet! Robert will be creating patios of his own design outside these doors. I leave it totally to his discretion. He has shown me that he knows a thing or two about design and decorating. So I can be rest assured it will be beautiful and inspired by nature.


So what do you think?



  1. I think Robert did a mighty fine job! Looks wonderful!!!

  2. What a stunning view indeed!!! I am sure you will enjoy it for many Christmas’ to come!!!(-: It is the Christmas gift that will keep on giving(-: I can’t wait to see the patio next!!!

  3. I love being able to look outside all the time – even on the cloudy days. I know you’ll really enjoy your new room! I love light streaming in during the day. I have a house full of windows (darn the cleaning of them though) and I absolutely love them! Enjoy!! PAM

  4. I think Robert did an outstanding job with making you a sunroom and choosing the right color. Top notch indeed! A perfect gift!

  5. It’s beautiful Brenda. You are going to enjoy this room so much! I love the new furniture, too.

  6. Brenda .. can Robert come up here and help out when we win the lottery ? I trust his judgement from what he has created for you girl !
    It is lovely .. I want the same thing too please ! : )
    PS .. I love the red barn picture .. it has been waiting patiently for a home until now !

  7. Good afternoon, Brenda. It looks lovely! And Charlie looks like he is enjoying it just as much as you! 🙂


  8. Brenda,
    It looks wonderful. I also have to be able to see outside! I know you will enjoy your new room.

  9. I think without a doubt it looks fabulous! You have got to be very, very pleased. I would love all that light. I know you are going to really enjoy your new space.

  10. It looks wonderful! What a difference adding the French doors made. I love your buffet too!

  11. I think it looks stunning, Brenda. I love the way the sunlight streams in, giving you natural light to read the paper by in the morning when you’re having breakfast. And even on a rainy day it’s open and bright. Congratulations on a wonderful Xmas present to yourself.

  12. It is very very beautiful! I especially like the way the walkways integrate the garden into the dining room. I see from your photos that you have a love affair with rocks too!

    Happy new year to you and Robert, give him a big old hug from us in the blogosphere. He deserves a big reward.

    What did you do with all the bricks that came off the building?

  13. Reading this post was like watching one of those TV makeover programmes! Brenda, your new room looks gorgeous. I love your buffet (or sideboard, as we call it in the UK). I hope you spend many happy hours watching your garden grow in 2009.

  14. I think Santa had his eye on you this year, dear Brenda. You must have been VERY GOOD! Enjoy your well-thought out rooms and garden … lovely!

  15. Hi Brenda, I came from Racquel at Perennial Garden lover. I enjoyed your blog much. Congrats on your newest grandbaby.

    Your home is so nice and comfy and I love that new buffet. Thanks for sharing

  16. Love it, love it, love it.
    The view, the floor, the green, the buffet, the blinds inside the glass doors, everything.
    The detail on the back of the chair reminds me of suspenders.
    I spotted the barn picture right away and was going to comment on it and then you wrote about it.
    Enjoy the space!

  17. Your new dining room looks wonderful Brenda! What a great, open, light-filled room! Love the furniture, and the barn painting. I’ve got a special place in my heart for old barns.

  18. He did a wonderful job on your new garden view dining room Brenda! I love the furniture you picked out. It blends in nicely with your existing decorative pieces. Can’t wait to see what he does with the patio! You will have such a pretty view without even leaving your house. 🙂

  19. Oh Brenda…. it is so wonderful…. being an “outside ”
    person myself…. I know you are just going to LOVE being…. out …. when you have to be …. in…
    The finished results are just magnificent…… I love it… and you new buffet and table are perfect….

  20. Oh my, it turned out beautifully, I know you are loving that. What a great place to sit and do anything…being able to see out. Robert did a great job. I can’t wait to see the outside.

  21. Brenda, it is just beautiful. I have a table made of an old tredle machine bass too. I actually put an old machine on top of it.

  22. I think your new addition is spectacular! Those doors are wonderful and you’ve done a great job at making the room cozy and inviting! Very, very nice. I wish we lived close enough that I could drop by for coffee. 🙂

  23. Brenda, this turned out wonderful! I like everything about it, the lighting, the decorating and the craftsmanship in Robert’s work. You are truly fortunate to have such a superior finished carpenter.

    I just got back home tonight but will try to catch up with your previous posts…especially the baby one!

  24. Brenda, your new room with a view is so fabulous! So perfect to view your gorgeous garden from. xo, suzy

  25. Its just beautiful Brenda just simply wonderful I am so happy for you!!
    Let there be light!!!

  26. This looks amazing! And I love the green……my favorite.

  27. I love what youve done with the room!! I am inpired by what you have on the new buffet…and the candle in the cup! great idea.

  28. Robert did a wonderful job! I would love to have such a room in my home. It’s beautiful.

  29. There is nothing like natural light, and nature is there? How inviting and cheery! I’m sure you will get many wonderful hours of use out of this!

  30. Brenda, it all turned out just beautiful…so worth the wait. You are going to enjoy it so much.
    Congratulations on the new precious grand-daughter too!

  31. It’s all just perfect. Love the paint color and the furniture! I bet you feel like you are in a new house!

  32. What do we think? We think it’s gorgeous and your husband is a brilliant man!

  33. Oh my goodness! That room turned out soooooo great!! I love every bit of it! Your family will just have to tear you away when they need something! 🙂 Your furniture is just perfect–I’m a fan of black and the darker wood together! I also love old sewing machine bases—they do make perfect tables.
    I e-mailed my friend about that egg casserole recipe–haven’t heard from her yet, but I’ll pass it on when I get it.
    Enjoy that wonderful room—it’s wonderful. Dana

  34. Brenda,

    Your new dining room is beautiful! I love the new furniture, especially the barn picture. The light that comes into the room is incredible. It looks like an entirely different place. Robert is a genius!


  35. I love your new room! Now I wish I had one. 🙂 Your new grandbaby is adorbale. Congrats. xoxo, Joanna

  36. Darling– I lust after your Robert. Do not divulge where he lives, of he might find himself waking up kidnapped. Isn’t this furniture we can buy nowadays wonderful? I saw stuff at Target and thought that high-priced is behind me. You and Robert together did as fine a piece of work as to be found anywhere. Thanks for sharing.

  37. Brenda, totally wonderful. I’ll bet you’ll spend more time doing lots of things in there, not just eating. And the view of the garden – it’s like being in a tropical garden!

  38. Holy smokes! It looks amazing!! I’ll bet you never want to leave that room. I know I wouldn’t 😉

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