Posted by: Brenda Kula | December 14, 2008

Heaven In A Chair


I received my Christmas present somewhat early. This afternoon in fact. I found heaven in a chair at Bed, Bath & Beyond in the form of a Homedics Roller Massaging Cushion. I sat down in the display in the store to try it out. I was a goner. It felt so good! I hope I wasn’t drooling as shoppers walked past me.


I’m sitting here with it strapped into my desk chair typing with the mechanism gnawing into the sore muscles of my aching back. Oh….


I made myself get up and go outside to take these photos. How is it I didn’t manage to find this sweet thing earlier?


I have stood against the corner of a door frame, pushing my back into the wood, trying to gain relief. I have just this morning put an ice pack underneath my back while on the floor and my lower legs and feet up on the couch, trying to find something akin to comfort.

But these “fingers” reach down really d-e-e-p. I am in love. For once in my life, I understand men being enamored of remote controls. I can’t keep my hands off of this one!


Can you get too much of a good thing? All I know is, every gardener needs one of these. I work out in the yard until I’m huffing and puffing and seemingly about to blow the house down. I am not a youngester anymore. My bones and my muscles and my arthritis hurts. Yet I am not one of those people who happens to be good at “taking it easy.” If it’s not raining, and sometimes even if it is, I’m outside doing something. Bending, reaching, lifting, raking, digging. You get the picture. I do stretching exercises for my back and neck twice per day.

The other day I got a lovely massage. Then came straight home like a fool and went back outside and started working. I am the Energizer bunny that cannot stop. And my poor body pays the price for it.


So not only am I lucky enough to get my beloved French doors, that Bonnie longingly stares out of night and day. But now I have found a tireless set of magical fingers that dig into my deepest sore spots and make me almost giddy with relief.


Someone please tell me this is not a dream…



  1. Congratulations on your great find. I think you should do the infomercials for it. Have fun with the remote.

  2. Boy that massage chair sounds good. I just got home from the grocery with a zillion bags of food – no men home!! Grocery shopping is a workout!

  3. Your flowers AND doors are beautiful! And I’m terribly envious of the set of fingers you have to take away your aches and pains! πŸ™‚


  4. Brenda,
    That chair sounds like heaven to me too! I have a spot behind my right shoulderblade that bothers me constantly. Sometimes it causes arm and neck pain and even migraines! HMM I wonder if that chair massager would help. My son has been wanting one!
    Merry Christmas,

  5. I gave my daughter one of those–she is eternally grateful! I am like you–they call me the engergizer bunny at work. I move very fast..and I move very often. So, I understand what you mean. Wish I had the time to spend in the yard though..much better than sitting in a chair behind a desk! πŸ™‚
    As always…your pansies are unbelievable!!!

  6. Okay, you are having TOO much fun with that thing…put the remote down and step away! haha Promise me you will make a short ottoman that Bonnie can sit on that is even with the glass in your door, so she, too can be in heaven gazing outside all day!

  7. ooooh, I’ve gotta get out to Bed, Bath and Beyond as soon as possible πŸ™‚

  8. Flowers on December 14th will wonders never cease!!!
    Here is my story on the magic fingers via remote, my daughter and I were shopping in Home Sense, and we walked by all these massaging chairs etc.. well… how do you pass that up when your dog tired from shopping, so we both sat and tried them ALL, we laughed like silly gooses , but we did buy a massager which I gave to my daughter as I am retired and she is not… but ohhh the delight of those robotic fingers… you ohhhh and ahhhhhh and flatly refuse to get off, ours is heated too, does yours do that???? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can almost feel it now!!!

  9. Sounds like quite a handy dandy feel better thingy. Maybe I should ask for one for Christmas.

  10. Well I am so happy you went to Bath and Body…. I may have to check this out…. I am right there with you with the pain issues….

  11. Well, honey, now I’m gonna have to get out and get one! Thank you for the recommendation, and I’m so happy for you to have gotten something to be so helpful and wondrous!

  12. I love the blue pansy, in fact I love them all, sigh your pics are making me miss my English garden and pots outside my front door in the winter

    I’m so glad the Home Medics is good for you, you know I’ve seen the advert here on the tv and wondered if it was actually a complete load of hogwash, it seems from what you’ve said that it isn’t…I suffer from aches and pains already at 38, although actually I always have so this is nothing to do with age for me

    anyway hope you are feeling some great relief from the massage and I too a hint from you when you left a comment for me and have been too stretching morning and night…makes such a difference, quite amazing

    christmas blessings



  13. The chair sounds great, but I’m finding heaven in your cheerful pansy photos and that wall of windows looking out on your garden. It looks beautiful!

  14. For real! I’ve wanted a massage chair ever since my brother in law had me sit in his. Now I use it after I run marathons. My company was talking about getting one from because its where my brother in law gets all of his ergonomic accessories and he said its all free shipping. How nice would that be when you’re having a bad case of the Mondays? No latte for me! Just some good ol’ fashion massaging.

  15. I’m so glad you posted such beautiful pictures today. It was -18 last night and I think maybe we are at 0 now. BRR!!! Sure not much growing in mile high right now.

    I’m glad you found something to help your back maybe I should check it out too!

  16. Hooray! What a wonderful find, it’s going to make a big difference for you, I bet. It cracks me up picturing your face the first time you sat down in the test model and turned it on….

    love those pansies, esp the blue one….

  17. Oh my dear friend,

    If anyone can understand I can… I feel so sorry for you. I too would loved to see your face as the chair came on the first time;)
    I have had spondylythesis for years until my back broke (snapped) in two places last year resulting in a 12 hour long back surgery where they took bone marrow from my hips to fuse three verebrae and remove 2 disc. I have two rods and 6 screws from S-1 to L-4 holding me together and with all this metal I haven’t set off any alarms as yet. I too ahve been a energizer bunny and it is so HARD when you can’t. That is why I found blogging with out being able to lift and bend still.

    I am so sorry YOU are in pain. And I am am glad you have found some relief in the magic chair! Enjoy the remote! Just a few days until that beautiful granddaughter arrives:)
    Your pansies are pretty.
    Thanks for your kind remarks,

  18. HA Brenda, you have just made the best commercial for that massage thing ever! I saw it at that same store here and wondered about it, being exactly the same as you describe yourself. Your view out the new doors is just like being outside, it is like a dream, a very good one. πŸ™‚

  19. What a find! (and your view is perfect-just park your chair and ‘magic fingers’ in front of that view and drool away:)

  20. Your flowers and the colors are magnificent.
    Do you find that it’s mostly the camera or in the eyes of the photo taker ? – – – or both. You have a way with your closeups that are so gorgeous. I have enjoyed your blog so much.
    You should give photo lessons. !

    Merry Christmas…….

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