Posted by: Brenda Kula | December 12, 2008

Slowly Getting There


You can’t see a lot of progress today. Robert worked on trimming the outside of the doors. The insulation up by the eaves is now covered.

By the way,Β  I sure did enjoy the massage this afternoon. I even scheduled another for next month. I don’t think I mentioned that I was this young woman’s first customer when she was in massage school a few years ago. She did a great job then, and I was very impressed with her today.

They had a nice shop on the spa premises, so I shopped for my very pregnant daughter and coming-next-Thursday granddaughter. I got my daughter a little bag of goodies to eat in the hospital. (She’s scheduled for a c-section.) And I purchased a kit for her toiletries, etc., for the hospital. Along with a candle made by Tyler Candle Company.



Back to the house project…


As Robert gets further along, we start trying to decide what we want the patios to look like surrounding these two walls of French doors. (I do love the blinds inside the glass. No cleaning of the blinds!)


All landscaping suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

The Eastern bluebirds can now be sited near their favorite bird house. They always love this one in the corner. They are such beautiful blue and orange creatures. I keep trying to get a photo of one of them, but no luck so far.


I don’t have much blooming now. Looks fairly dreary out there. I am already missing the color.


Just look at my mess of a yard. You’d think Sanford & Son had moved in. If you’re old enough to even recall that television show. I’m trying very hard not to let it drive me mad seeing this every day. I go about raking up leaves and picking up twigs. As though anyone would even notice this tidying up with the appearance of this landscape distracting them.




  1. Your new addition looks great! I bet you all will really enjoy it.

    I wish I had blinds inside the glass. LOL

    Congratulations on becoming a granny!

  2. I’m really liking your dining room doors. Very beautiful. And girl…can I go with you on your next massage visit??? I need one! πŸ™‚

    Sorry I haven’t been around much this week. I hope you can forgive me.


  3. Its looking so good!!
    Aren’t you a good mom to get goodies for your daughter’s hospital stay,a new grandbaby wow I wish…. maybe some day….. oh your just so lucky do you feel you should pinch yourself sometimes?
    I had 2 C-sections myself, took me a while to get back on my feet but no two people are the same,plus I am sure they have come a million miles ahead from back then,I was young for my first I was 21,my second at 26,it was easy for me then I had energy to spare for everyone.Couldn’t do it anymore…..yikes…
    My baby is 88 years old.LOL!!

  4. Brenda,

    The room is looking great and I love those blinds in the glass.

    A massage! Just what you needed and deserved. I haven’t done that in a long time but I always feel like jelly and so relaxed afterwards.

    I love everything you got for your daughter and granddaughter. She’ll be so very glad to have you there.

    I see you did get some snow and ice at your house. I wondered if you had.


  5. The room is looking great.

    How exciting to have a pregnant daughter and grand-daughter on the way. You bought some adorable things!!!

  6. Brenda, it’s been a long process for you, hasn’t it!
    I know what you mean. Messes get wearisome very quickly.

    Looks like you’ll be busy thinking about “other things” next week though! πŸ˜‰

    Good wishes being sent your way!


  7. I think this project is looking so good. It will really add to your enjoyment of your home.
    Best wishes for next week’s blessed event.

    Always Growing

  8. Your doors are looking great! How I wish I had splurged and got the doors with the blinds in them when we did our French doors in the dining room! We had already spent so much because we had to special order them (to open to the outside instead of in) I just didn’t think I could spend the extra at the time. Hindsight is 20/20!

  9. Brenda,
    Oh, a new grandbaby. That is so exciting. I SO want a new door with the blinds in the window for our back door. The youngest dog has scratched the corner of the current door down to the core!

  10. This project is going to be so worth the trouble and effort. You are really going to enjoy it! I can see past the mess in the backyard…spring will be lovely!
    FYI–I had a yellow finch today!!! The birds are back!!

  11. Your new doors look great Brenda. I love the blinds inside the glass, who wants to dust them anyhow! Not me, lol. Don’t worry the chaos will end soon & your garden will be back in order. πŸ™‚ It will be worth it in the long run. Just keep telling yourself that.

  12. Hi Brenda, forget the mess, new grandbaby to think about, you must be so excited. The gifts you bought are lovely and will be greatly appreciated. I’ll bet you are getting pretty antsy to get up there! The doors are wonderful and it looks like it has always been that way. Good ol’ Robert. πŸ™‚ Personally, I like gravel right up to the foundation and then plant on the opposite side, something that will look good all year since it is your view from there. I have those blinds inside the glass in the addition, I love them!

  13. The new doors are gorgeous — and doesn’t a renovation like that give the room an entirely new atmosphere? Beautiful doors and so easy to clean with the blinds *inside*. I’m so excited for the wee one to appear — be sure to let us know how it all goes. πŸ™‚

  14. Brenda,

    The blinds in the doors are so wonderful i have been told….It is a someday thing:) They look beautiful and I had to laugh at Sanford and Sons. Not Quite!
    Have a wonderful time welcoming this new granddaughter into the world. Blessings to your daughter and new little one. ( Mine were all c-sections) What an awesome Christmas gift! babies are so sweet and so much fun.
    Let us know all the cute details about her.
    How many grandchildren do you have? I know you have mentioned a grandson before.

    Hugs, Beth

  15. Those doors look awesome! I’m sure you are going to love sitting in your new room and looking out over the garden.
    I pray all things will go well with your daughter.
    And by the way. . .
    Thanks for the big print in the comment box. My slowly failing eyes thank you! lol

  16. Hi Brenda, your project looks great, it will be a lovely room, a room with a view. Congratulations Granny Brenda πŸ™‚ isn’t that just great! / LOL Tyra

  17. I love your new sunroom. πŸ™‚ I’m gonna ask Santa if he’ll bring me one too. Can’t wait to see it decorated. xoxo, Joanna

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