Posted by: Brenda Kula | December 9, 2008

Rain Petals


After the thunderstorms of last night, I found lots of petals and leaves with rain clinging to them today.











This was the temperature this morning. But it is very windy and is getting much colder outside. I just covered some of my plants.


Clyde trying to get my attention. He is scratching his head on the holly bush.



  1. Gorgeous photos Brenda!

  2. That Clyde sure is a cutie, he’s stealing the show!

    The photos with all the fresh rain drops are just lovely, the ornaments are all fresh and new too – what a great idea.

    I came over here for some of that fresh, warm pumpkin bread, Brenda. Did you save me a piece?
    Happy night!

  3. Brenda, You absolutely HAVE to print and frame that photo of Clyde! It is perfect; he is posing just for you. Tomorrow morning, those will be icicles on the plants!

  4. We are getting the same right now. Lots and lots of rain! A good thing, just like Clyde.

  5. That’s a wonderful shot of Clyde what a cutie he is!!!
    Love all your rain kissed shots soo pretty… You have a good eye for pictures Brenda.
    Yup I have had it bad lately, but I am one tough little french woman I can handle a lot,~~but it is closing in on me these days ….its so much to swallow all at once all the time.
    I am just doing it one day at a time, I can’t seem to think or cope further than that.Just trying to keep my head above the mud.

  6. Lovely photos and all crisp from the rain (it has been pouring all day)…Clyde is a clever cat and cute!

  7. Great picture again Brenda. Do you have any snow yet? Manly Man called and it was snowing in Dallas at 8:00, none here yet and it is 9:00.

  8. Brenda, every day I can’t wait to see what pretties you’ve noticed. I’m glad you see all the small details that the rest of us might miss.

    By the way, the other day I mentioned you to my mom. She jumped right in and said, “Oh I look at her blog all the time. I just love those pines.”

    She has never left a comment. You never know who is lurking!!

  9. Hi Brenda,
    The raindrops are so pretty! Speaking of rain, I sure hope we get some! The wind arrived around 5 this evening, and the temp is dropping. I am envying your black grass. I called around Houston looking for it when I was there a few weekends ago. No luck. I’ll have to keep looking! Clyde is such a flirt.

  10. oh so lovely pics here Brenda, as usual, you never fail to cheer up my day…I can almost smell that just-been-raining smell when I looked at your pics today

    happy days! Sarah

  11. beautiful photos. we had rain here (more like sleet) and now we’re covered in a fresh blanket of snow.

  12. Lovely post and photos, Brenda! You always make the most of a day …

  13. Ooooohhh…Clyde is so darling!

  14. Hi Brenda, Clyde always makes me smile, keep showing him, please! The rain is a joy for the camera toting among us. I am still jealous of your scabiosa too, sweet little thing.

  15. Clyde looks so sweet, posing like that! The pictures are beautiful Brenda.

  16. ooo la la! I can feel the Clyde love from here:)
    Just beautiful Brenda-the holly scars are worth these shots:)

  17. Clyde is so cute.

  18. All of your photos are gorgeous but the one of Clyde is my favorite. What a cutie!!!! 😉

  19. As usual, great photos.

    I’m not a cat fan, but I have to admit…cute cat.

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