Posted by: Brenda Kula | December 8, 2008

Windy Monday


The winds are blowing fiercely. So I will likely end up with many more pine needles to pick up. That is part of living in this region.

I am so fascinated by how plants begin their blooms. Like this one below. It puts out these shoots that resemble a cactus, then it becomes a lavender pin cushion flower.


Clyde gets very sleepy outside rolling around in the gravel and watching over the yard. And doing whatever it is Clyde feels compelled to do. His life consists of eating, sleeping, going in and out many times per day, and starting all over again.

The guest room is Clyde’s room. He presides over it in an authoritative manner. If I don’t lay a quilt at the end of the bed to make it softer, he lets me know about it. You can walk down the hall and in the darkness see Clyde’s eyes blinking at you like beacons in the night.


Yard adornments…


This fan palm is huge, yet delicate in appearance. It bends slightly in the wind, but is resilient and sturdy. It appears to be waving at you.



I have lots and lots of these scattered about the yard.









  1. Brenda, Those photos are fantastic; I can NOT believe what great close ups you take! I love the photo of Clyde, he looks so regal; I love cats because they have such a superior attitude!

  2. I was watching some Home and Garden shows this weekend and saw the fan palms. I looked very hard if they would give info on transplanting them, but no, they did not. I hope your transplant has gone well if you have already done it.

  3. How fun, I love closeups!!

  4. Yep – I can’t keep the leaves off the front porch either!

  5. Clyde has it going on you know by just looking at him.!Love your photos! Wish I had some green … got lots of white… no green…

  6. Your blog is such a restful place to come and visit. I too love to watch a bud turn into some awesome floral. Clyde seems to know he is loved at your home;) I really love your pine cones but imagine a good thing can be bothersome when over done.
    Have a good week!

  7. I just love a gazing ball among the plants… very nice touch..

  8. Great pictures! I love that kitty cat!

  9. Beautiful photos, Brenda!

    Our flowers and leaves are gone, now. Lots of twigs and berries and evergreens. Still pretty, but no flowers.

    You asked about our home being on a tour. Our home was on the annual garden club tour, at Christmas, 2 years ago. It was fun and it gave us something to keep us busy through a sad Autumn. The club sells 300 tickets. We had that many, plus family, friends and neighbors in our home that day. No we would not do it again. It’s exhausting. We worked from September through the day of the tour, in December. We’re going to see the tour this coming Sunday. We love going and truly appreciate the work.

  10. Clyde looks like he is having a great leisurely time outside! πŸ™‚ Hope your week started off well.

  11. Awesome, awesome shots! They made my day.

  12. Those photos are so beautiful! Thanks for letting me know that you have trouble getting on to my blog. I deleted some of the images on the sidebar and I also put less posts on the front page so hopefully that will help. Ginger said she has the same problem. I had no idea.

    Did you know that your reply email address on your blogger account is wrong? Every time I try to reply back to you I get a undeliverable message.

  13. Those thorns reached right out and grabbed me! πŸ™‚

  14. Clyde is quite a fine looking fellow!

  15. Lovely photos, Brenda! Your garden still has so much life and color. And Clyde — he looks like a kittie with an attitude. πŸ™‚

  16. Your photos are gorgeous! Love all the close ups

  17. Hi Brenda, hooray for Clyde, living life large! So nice that he has you for his servant too. HA Your photos are real eye candy, the fact that you have flowers now, and the quality and size of the pix, thanks for the cheering post!

  18. Brenda … These are such eye catching pretty pictures ! I am in complete envy of your plants still looking so beautiful girl : )
    Clyde is one handsome cat .. and yes ! that thing about putting out a quit for him to lay on .. I cut up a vintage Hudson Bay blanket for my girls .. one of my girlfriends still can’t get over that one !
    Such a pretty post to rest my snow eyes on : )

  19. Those are fabulous closeups of your plants. I have a cat like Clyde, whose life consists of the same things, but she also sometimes wets one daughter’s bed. She did it last night. Sheesh.~~Dee

  20. Brenda, I just really have to chuckle at Clyde’s expression! He’s such an expressive guy! And extremely handsome! But he knows that, doesn’t he!
    πŸ˜‰ Diane

  21. Eating, sleeping and asking to go in and out fifteen million times a day…….yep…that pretty much describes my cat’s life too. πŸ™‚

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