Posted by: Brenda Kula | December 6, 2008

Saturday This And That


It sure has been colder here than it usually is. I’ve about given up trying to keep the pine needles off the surfaces. A big wind just comes and blows them back down all over everything again.

The lone daisy is trying its best to open up. You can now see the yellow center. And I see a bud next to this one, so I may have two daisies when it warms up some.


The ornamental kale is very vibrant-looking. I love the deep purple veins in it.


Here’s my one rose. Still  hanging on in the cold.






The lemon balm is still perking along…


Getting into the holiday spirit inside too…


I made the pot of Christmas red below by putting a piece of styrofoam in the bottom of this flower pot. I then stuck flower picks in it. I keep thinking I may decoupage the pot. But so far this is how it remains.




  1. Brenda,
    It has been cold here too! I am just getting out of bed! I awoke with a severe sore throat! YUCK!

  2. What do you do to get such beautiful pansies? Blood meal? They are the prettiest I’ve seen. I think mine will be eventually, it’s slow going though. I miss my zinnias! 🙂

  3. Can we please trade places?? I’ll pay ya 😉

    Your pictures amaze me and always makes me smile.

  4. What pretty pansies – they always look so cheerful. They are such a happy little flower!

  5. Imagine flowers at this time of year….. sigh…… I have about 5 feet of snow in the yard and a full blown blizzard going on as we speak……LOL!!! I can’t imagine having a pansy in my yard right now, would be a miracle or a plastic flower.. haha..

  6. Hi Brenda!
    I envy your warmer weather and the great flowers you continue to enjoy because of it! We’ve been shivering in temps of 20s and 30s and have had snow a couple of times! Tis the season for us Missourians.
    Your Christmasy touches look down right festive! I am soooo far behind in the decorating department. . . . it makes me nervous!!! I have one more sale (next weekend), then I can concentrate on making it look like Christmas here in my house.
    Take care! Dana

  7. I like the purple veins of that kale.

  8. too:)

  9. Brenda, your place looks great as always. I missed the little gardening opportunity when it warmed up a little for us this afternoon. We had a family reunion. Now it is cold cold cold again.

  10. Your pansies are looking great! The lemon balm looks happy, too. I may have to do more container gardening next year (on top of my gravel).

  11. You still have some lovely blooms going on in your garden Brenda. The glass ornaments on the tiered platter is pretty festive for the season. I like the planter filled with greenery & trinkets.

  12. Brenda! I am so glad I found you again. You have been leaving sweet comments on my blog, but when I click on your name it would take me to your old blogger profile and no link to this new blog of yours. And your email on your blogger profile must be wrong because I tried emailing you and they wouldn’t go through either! I found a link to your blog on Nola’s – Alamo North. Whew! Well, now I have your new blog on my google reader so I will be able to visit you again.

  13. Lovely as always!

    I like your Christmas flower pot decor… very creative.

  14. Hi Brenda, your place seems like it is combining spring and Christmas! Lucky you and we have been watching the slow slow motion opening of the daisy flower too. I am envious that your flowers look so fresh and happy, even as your temps are colder than usual.

  15. Brenda,

    Your pansies are huge and beautiful.

    I love your red and green ornaments and your clay pot design. You are getting that Christmas spirit, aren’t you?


  16. My goodness, I think you would have beautiful flowers with 10 feet of snow! Awesome pics.

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