Posted by: Brenda Kula | December 4, 2008

Chiming In


This is what will greet you when you walk up my sidewalk to my front gate.


Yesterday during another grueling shopping trip to Walmart, I discovered Shatterproof Ornaments. I think, if klutz is actually a word in the dictionary, then surely my name is in there somewhere.

I got to thinking how cute these would look tied with ribbon to my holly berry bushes/trees out front. Of course a ferocious storm came in just after I put them up. But not one came off in the mighty winds uncommon for this area.

The holly berries themselves are quite decorative. Just wanted to accentuate their beauty. So if you wondered where I was yesterday, I spent much of it trying not to get my hands torn up by tangling with holly branches!


Along with the winds comes wonderful music. My chimes. I so love to walk out in my yard and hear the sweet tinkling of chimes and bells.







Along with the winds and the tinkling of chimes comes the pine needles covering every surface. Sigh…

Here are my azaleas out front. Look at this one which has managed to climb up into another shrub.



And while I was out front, I noticed the vibrant red tree leaves down the street.



Here is my one lone daisy bloom. Still trying after a week or more, to become the flower it was meant to be. I think the cold is holding it back.


My asparagus fern has one lone red berry itself…


The temperature, at almost noon, is now this…


Try and stay warm!



  1. I love your holly tree and all your chimes. There are no leaves left here. Just bare trees until sping now. I will have to keep visiting so I can enjoy your beautiful garden. Your azaleas are beautiful too.

  2. Oh, Brenda, I am jumping up and down and clapping my hands inside myself. 🙂 I love your decorating idea. The bulbs go on my shopping list for tomorrow!


  3. I had no idea asgaragus ferns made berries. I learn something new here every day.

    Love the red decorations on the holly. Very festive.

    I have a wind chime from each mother and one from my daughter on my front porch. Love to hear their sounds.

    Have a great day!

  4. Brenda, what a great idea. This is the only time of year when I regret not having holly bushes. Brrrr it is cold.

  5. I love the blooms that have climbed into the hedges. I love it when 2 plants “merge”; it makes for some lovely combinations. We are whittling down our “to do” list today, and the concrete work is coming along. I’ll post photos later.

  6. The sights and sounds must be lovely. I too am a klutz and it should be in the dictionary if it isn’t, because there are some of us who do exist:-)
    I am glad you found shatterproof bulbs. They would look nice outide on my Laurels.
    The pictures are gorgeous as usual!
    Try and stay warm.

  7. Do you all ever go brown? It’s December and you’re still green…big sigh.

    I’ve secretly been dancing for snow as I don’t want brown anymore.

  8. Brenda .. those red ornaments like great on the holly shrubs ? .. we tried to grow holly but it just didn’t work here .. we wanted the berries .. we did the thing with the male and female plants but nothing would happen .. so they left the garden. The chimes you have woman !! they are great .. I love the very deep bass sounding ones .. like meditation chimes .. very soothing.
    That red tree down your street is awesome .. what a pretty one and so colourful yet !
    Nice red post girl !

  9. 34 degrees here – brrr!!

    I really like your red ornaments. Great idea.

    My asparagus fern is still trying to hang on. I think I better move it into the garage.

  10. I love the idea of ornaments in the holly! This post is beautiful, Brenda. I’ve enjoyed catching up with you this evening.

  11. The azalea blossoms are lovely as ever…one of my favorites!

  12. I love windchimes! I asked for a new one from Santa.
    Weather and temps: all I can say is Brrrrrrr!!!

  13. That picture down the street of the red tree is so absolutely beautiful. What a super good picture. Hope your ornaments hold up, they look real Christmasy with the holly berries.

  14. Love the shatter proof ornaments, I usually put a whole row at the bottom of the Christmas tree for my daughter’s little cat .She doesn’t climb the tree but she thinks the balls on the bottom are fair game for her to play with. And that’s fair enough as long as she leaves the rest alone as they are all glass.
    Love your pictures!

  15. Oh yes the red balls on the holly bush is wonderful…. they really pop… Loved seeing all you chimes….. so lovely in the yard…. that wind has been crazy hasn’t it…..
    Thank you for your very sweet words…. you made me feel all warm inside….
    ; – )

  16. Brenda,
    I love all of your chimes. I have a couple of sets myself. The red balls are so pretty on the holly. Awwww that sweet littly daisy trying so hard to bloom!

  17. Shatterproof ornaments! Excellant idea, I have to check these out.


  18. I adore wind chimes, but my husband hates them. I think as we begin our yard work this summer I am going to over-rule his objection and buy them anyway. Thanks for the walk in the gardens. Hey – where’s your snow???

  19. Hi Brenda, those shatter proof ornaments caught my eye too. I would love to hang some of the real big ones on the arbor with some lights, but am feeling poor, maybe after the holidays when they get marked down I can stock up on a few. I love your chimes. My husband too doesn’t like them and they hang in the garage. Maybe at least a couple need to be hung for the holidays?

  20. That was fun! Love the festive ornaments in the bushes. This is a fun time of year…
    your neighborhood looks lovely, what a treat it must be to see that tree change color.

  21. Brenda, I love all the chimes in your garden. It is still gorgeous at this time of the year!

  22. Brenda,

    What a great idea to put shatterproof ornaments outside! I’m probably bordering on tacky so I’ve got to quit for now outside.

    I have the inside almost done. I think we have different size tree in every room. If we didn’t have grandchildren, I wouldn’t go to all this work. Also it’s easier this year cause I have every day.

    I don’t have anything blooming now. We’ve had too many frosts.

    What date is your granddaughter due?


  23. do you leave your asparagus fern out? I have more than will fit inside, and thought if I left them in a protected area they would do ok. I LOVE shatter proof ornaments! With all my clumzy children (7+Hubby, and well to be honest+me too:) plastic is the way to go! LOVE the red, I bet it really spices up your hollies-very smart Brenda:)

  24. How lucky to be greeted by your many welcoming sights, Brenda. How lovely is your neighbor’s red tree, you lucky gal! And shatterproof ornaments … yes! Throughout the years, many treasures ornaments have gone to ‘ornament heaven’.

  25. I love those red ornaments — and they are shatterproof to boot!?

    I am having a giveaway contest for my new book over at my blog — come see!


  26. Good morning, Brenda. I’ve not ever heard of shatterproof ornaments. Wow. I do love them on the tree! Hope you’re doing well. *hugs*

  27. Your garden looks magical and you seem ready for the holidays~~How lovely to have an azalea flower now! gail

  28. OK, Brenda…..all those wind chimes would drive me crazy! I can’t handle the sound of those things because, for some completely unexplained reason, I feel stress when I hear them clanging away in the wind…..and we get a fair amount of wind here.

    Just so you know, wind and greenhouses don’t go well together. Wind means we need to run around making sure nothing is loose and getting blown off the buildings.

    Wind…..I hate it 🙂

  29. Brenda, I am an absolute nut for wind chimes. We have several around the outside of the house. They are very comforting to listen to. I am also loving the pictures of your pansies.
    ♥, Susan

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