Posted by: Brenda Kula | December 2, 2008

Frost In The Texas Garden


We in East Texas woke up to this in our gardens this morning. An odd sight.

The bird baths iced over…


Leaves unfortunate enough to get captured and frozen in layers of frigid time…




Even the pansies were drooping. It was one of those cold nights when plants perish, and you feel sadness for the loss.


But this afternoon, many have risen above the conditions. This yellow one greeted me with grace and sort of a southern gentility.


Someone asked me if I always have these blue marbles outside in my yard. Or if I had them there just for the photos. The answer is that, yes, I do. I buy them at Hobby Lobby or Michaels when they’re on sale in those mesh sacks. I stand on the pathways and just throw them with abandon. I love the way they shine in the sunlight. They’re sprinkled throughout my yard. I also cover the surface of container plants with them. It gives them a whimsical look, and protects the soil, keeping in moisture.


I was out getting my flu and pneumonia shots, and drove home down this country road. Luckily for me, I drive a 4-wheel drive Pathfinder. For the sight of this barn caused me to lose my senses for a moment. I swung into the pasture and couldn’t resist taking a photo of this old barn.


A relic of better days. Charming in it’s rustic simplicity. Nestled in the grove of pines.



  1. Yikes, it was waaaaay cold there this morning. Hope you’ve thawed out by now. See you soon!

  2. Winter seems to bring it’s own beauty. I loved the tipping of frost on the leaves. It is so delicate and you have the knowledge it will melt soon:)
    I also love the old barn!!!
    Thanks for sharing and have an awesome week, Brenda.
    When is your baby due?


  3. i love and miss frost, how it clings and twinkles to the plants

    lovely pics as usual Brenda


  4. I have meant to stop and add comments Brenda .. so many times, and became diverted with something or other .. I loved the shots in your home with how cozy it felt .. the quits .. the beautiful blue dishes .. everything looked so lovely !
    Now I have a few moments to say that barn would have stopped me too ! I love seeing old barns like that .. the marbles are such a great idea too .. that flicker of colour against the natural stone colours is so pretty.
    I did birdbath (frozen water and leaves) pictures way back in October so it is like a time lapse thing seeing yours now !
    Great pictures : )

  5. I just love red barns! I’ve told my hub that if we ever get to move back to Texas we have to have one.

    I really like your blue marbles. My mom has a real thing for blue – she has a pretty big piece of blue cobalt glass that she got at a nursery. It’s in the flower bed. I’ll have to take her some marbles.

    I get to cross the state line on Friday!! Woo hoo!

  6. Oh, I’m LOVING’ the barn picture. Wow! Can I paint that?! πŸ™‚ Keep snug and warm there! Thinking of you!

  7. Wow, frost! We haven’t seen that yet, but we’re getting close.

  8. Hi Brenda
    What a week I had,so glad its behind me, I am exhausted from the stress.MIL was in hospital a week she had another seizure and my fav aunt passed away.Its been hellish.
    Hopefully now I can start decorating for Christmas and get some normal in my life.We have about 4 feet of snow in the yard now, its just one huge blizzard after another.
    I love the pics you posted I wish we just had a light frost like yours, I cannot imagine what your life must be like down there,December second and no snow.Sureal to me!

  9. Are you sure you are not a professional photographer? You take the most beautiful pictures…. such an eye for detail…

  10. Beautiful photos, Brenda. The frost didn’t make it this far south! I love old barns! I love windmills too!

  11. It got a lot colder in Tyler than here in Garland. We had a light frost..that’s all. I love the pictures of the old barns. One of my favorite things to do is drive out in the country and look at old structures.

  12. Frost-yikes! Here too. I was cleaning the ice from my concrete birdbath-not a fun job on a cold day.

  13. Oh so pretty! We have had a tad frost here twice lately. Mostly on the upper things like roofs etc. Soon I am sure we will have a hard frost. I still have trees loaded with leaves!!! Makes it hard to rake leaves up when they are falling everyday…lol(-:

  14. I LOVE the blue marbles. thanks for the hint!

  15. oh wow – you did get frost! I’m sure the birds did not enjoy their freezing bath at all. πŸ™‚

    gorgeous though, especially that yellow pansy.

  16. I’m sorry you’ve had frost now too but your garden still looks good.

    I had to get some of those little blue pebbles after I saw yours. I’d need about 50 ton to make a really difference but they make me think about spring.


  17. Old red paint, it so brings me to another place and time. Out of the burbs and into the country.
    β™₯, Susan

  18. Hi Brenda,
    Sorry to hear it’s so cold and your plants and flowers suffer. What beautiful photos of the leaves, even though freezing, they are a thing of beauty.

    Love the blue stones, we’ve got translucent ones in the front… I never thought of just throwing them with careless abandon, sounds like such fun – I think I shall try that next time and think of you and your garden.

    Lovely barn, would like to hear it’s stories of days gone by and people who have loved that old barn.

  19. I’m definitely not ready for ice. The wind is steadily blowing here in Dallas. It sounds horrible, but when I stepped outside this morning it was 61 degrees & felt pretty nice. Definitely not as cold as I had imagined.

    Your photos are nice… a great little journal of what’s happening day to day. xoxo, Joanna

  20. I Love your photos! I connected with them right away like I was looking through the camera lens myself!


  21. So beautiful-sad-and beautiful. I don’t think I’ve had a freeze yet, but have had some frost. Time for that ‘winter nap’ the plants so deserve after bloomin their heads of this summer. LOVE the barn! (keep em coming, just don’t get stuck:)

  22. It is getting kinda cool in the mornings here also. I love the barn pictures.
    I bet you have a Christmas cactus, don’t you? My Grandmother always had a Christmas cactus and when I saw your pretty flowers today I thought of her and her cactus. It always was in bloom about this time of year.

  23. Beautiful pictures! And this beautiful phrase: >>But this afternoon, many have risen above the conditions. << I shall take that as my mantra this morning and rise about my conditions. πŸ™‚

    Okay, can you tell me again the name of your camera. I have camera envy, although maybe I should be realistic and think of it as your photographic skills, which I cannot buy.


  24. We haven’t yet had a frost. I love waking up to the first frosty morning when roofs are white and the air is sharp with cold.

    That barn is wonderful. It reminds me of my dad, who was an artist. He loved old barns. I remember when on driving trips we’d sudddenly be swinging off the road so he could stop and take photos of some old weathered barn. I couldn’t see the reason then, but now I can! He was actually an aviation artist specialising in vintage planes, and he’d somehow work those old barns into most of his paintings.

  25. I had a good time visiting you today! Now I am going inside for some hot chocolate! gail

  26. That leaf frozen in the birdbath is a picture that is just pure joy to behold. Love it!


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