Posted by: Brenda Kula | December 1, 2008

Cold In Texas


I have to admit, it is cold now in Texas. I put off saying that until I can’t put it off anymore. Because, invariably, that means my blooms are about to sign off. And I hate that. I love spending time outdoors with my arms sunk down into the pond water, doing stuff that begs to be done. But it’s not the kind of weather to sit out in the courtyard now.

It means these gorgeous things may be hunkering down and withdrawing for a spell.


There won’t be much need for these.


And this old bucket won’t be my trusty companion as I clip my way down the garden paths, cleaning up plants and tidying them up. I always pick it up as I round the corner, knowing I will need it for something or other.


The cold winds will knock more and more needles onto the roof and ground surfaces for me to clean up.


Hopefully the pansies will still hang on and open up their blooms when the sun is shining on their petals. And weather will be nice enough to continue the work on the house.




Oh, how I love springtime. The endless possibilities. The sight of new shoots breaking through the earth. The bulbs reminding me just where it was I in fact put them. Because, as usual, I won’t quite remember. When spring rings nature’s bell and tells the plants to wake up for another season.




  1. I do not like winter! I don’t like seeing brown everywhere and I don’t like being cold! I love spring..and I will be counting the days until we hit it again.
    Texans!! : )

  2. WHAT!!!!??? It get’s cold in Texas? I thought you guys could garden all year long!

    Sorry to hear that you have to put up with dipping temps.

  3. I love the picture of your bucket – I can just imagine you taking it around the garden with you.
    Delightful post Brenda.

  4. Brenda,
    I am not too much on prolonged cold. I like it for a change around Christmas, but then I am ready to get back outside! I use a wash tub and sometimes an old laundry basket for weeding! I guess I let it get more out-of-hand before I start weeding! heh heh

  5. Brenda,

    It’s cold here too and rainy and I’m glad I didn’t have to go out today.

    Hope your knee is getting better. Take care. You’ve got a birth to attend.


  6. Oh what beautiful pansies! Nothing colorful here right now. Winter has truly arrived and we got a little dusting of snow towards evening tonight. Maybe in the morning the ground will be covered. I love your images here.

  7. What a rude awakening! Don’t worry though, tomorrow it’ll be back up near 70! That camera takes awesome close ups, I’ve gotta get one like it.

  8. Oh, I meant to ask…is that a Kangaroo Fern in that top picture by the wicker chair? We have one that hangs in our family room that we’ve had for a couple of years and it always looks fabulous with very little care!

  9. Cold here too! Spring will be here before we know it and along with it those new shoots.

  10. The cold has set in here to. I find that is brings a beauty of its own. Though I do miss my flowers.

    Thank you for the comment on my hair. It is naturally curly and can be quite unruly. I was having a good hair day. ;~)


  11. I know what you mean…. I bought a new gardening magazine today so I can dream about spring time….. sigh…

  12. Brrr! Cold and windy here. On the upside, we have tons of bluejays and cardinals at our bird feeders.

  13. Don’t worry the pansies will hold on alot longer since they really do love the cooler weather at this time of the year. Soon another spring will be here again & it will be out to the garden to see all the new treasures we planted this fall. I have a trusty bucket too Brenda. They really do come in handy for weeding, deadheading & just general cleanup.

  14. Brenda, it was sooo cold today. I turn into an absolute cold weather wimp. The news tonight said we should warm up some in the next couple of days. That will make me happy happy happy. Stay warm tonight.

  15. Do you get snow? I’ll be tramping through the snow in February looking for WitchHazel tree blossoms…that’s how desperate I get for Spring.

  16. It was chilly here in Austin today too, Brenda. But no freeze predicted yet. I hope you get a warm spell soon so you can enjoy being out in the garden again.

  17. Hi Brenda, I’m with you, bring back spring! But the pansies are so cheering and there will be days for clipping and bucket carrying. And grandbabies!


  18. Soon…sooon, honey, warm weather will surely let you sit outside in the sun, wrapped in a blanket. Do you get the winds there that we get up here in OK. Already this morning the wind buffets the house. Sigh. I love seeing your photos– I have a few of the same items!

    CurtissAnn, waving

  19. It’s cold here in eastern Washington now. Almost all of the flowers have died off from the nightly frost. I think I have one or two snapdragons that are hanging in there. Thanks for visiting and for the nice comment.

  20. Say it ain’t so!! It gets cold in Texas? No way! (smiles) Lynn

  21. Cold for a spell, today is windy and warm, too windy to work in the garden, with a possible promise of rain this evening. Texas, always changing! Love it! I’m in no hurry for winter to really be here.

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