Posted by: Brenda Kula | November 30, 2008

I Am Seeing Blue


Everywhere I look this Sunday morning, I am seeing blue.


Whether it be inside the warm house or outside in the blustery, chilling winds. I see blues dangling in the air, a vision of serenity.


Teasing me with Christmas magic.


Peeking from the bits of gravel scattered throughout the yard…


Soft pillows at either end of the couch. (Of course there must be a dog sneaking into lots of my photos.)


Hanging across the brick wall of the garden room.


Right outside my door, I find these pretty leaves. Blown up by the winds whipping through the yard.


As soon as I turn my back to write this, the dogs have dragged them off to chew on. Pretty leaves no more…

I am waiting for the sun to shine and light up the blues that seem to encircle my world.




  1. Hi Brenda, what lovely blues. Your house is decorated in an inviting manner for the holidays and all the time. Love the little couch sitter too. Your Saturday night sounded right up my alley too.


  2. I love blue, it was my mom’s favorite color. It always brings memories of her, to mind.

    I really enjoyed seeing all these beautiful shades of blue and all the gorgeous items you photographed. I’ve said it before, you are one lucky woman!

    Hugs, G

  3. Hi, Brenda– just spent some lovely time catching up on your posts. Thank you! I am much refreshed. I’m going to pick up my camera. You take the most wonderful photographs– a good eye and heart.


  4. Beautiful! Your rooms looks so cozy!

    I’m looking out my window at bluejays right now. 🙂

  5. Hi Brenda– of COURSE I remember you! I love your photographs and all your yummy gardening posts– thanks so much for keeping in touch and bringing me to your new address! Bisous ~

  6. What pretty blue. There isn’t much blue around here today, just white white fluffly snow.

  7. I love all your blues! Your home looks so warm & cozy! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Patti

  8. Your garden room looks soooo warm and inviting, a real haven! It must be lovely to sit and read in (with a cute little dog curled up next to you)…

  9. Beautiful blues, Brenda!

  10. Reminds me of Bobby Vinton’s song, Blue on Blue…

  11. Remember that song “Blue on Blue”? Maybe it was Bobby Vinton, not sure, but it’s running through my mind as I read and see your photos. Love the bits of blue in with your rocks.

  12. Looks like we share the same idea about christmas being blue.

  13. My favorite color! Same with me, indoors and out.

  14. I love blue, too, Brenda. We’ve got a fair amount of it in our house and some in the gardens, too. Your family room looks so cozy!

  15. Oce again, thanks for sharing your beautiful photographs. You should publish a “coffee table” book of your pictures.
    I love blue. Your puppy is a cutie!

  16. Love all your blue! I have some blue. Let’s do a blue post! Oh, you already did that! If I do blue, I will link to you!

  17. Brenda, you have such a touch with your camera. I love all of the blue shots. Do you put the little pieces of blue glass in your garden and leave them there or just for the photos? What a nice surprise among the stones!!


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