Posted by: Brenda Kula | November 29, 2008

My Kind Of Saturday Night


As you can see the geranium is still putting out blooms.


Yesterday at Blue Moon Nursery I picked up these tiny pansy flowers. It was cold and rainy, and I was, for the first time in memory, the only person outside on the grounds. Right as I started to pick up a few small pots of these little lovelies, the rain came pouring down with a vengeance. I was soaked. But I couldn’t leave empty-handed after I drove all the way out there.

Drove into Edom first and had lunch at The Shed. Then walked over to Arbor Castle Birdhouses. This guy makes beautiful birdhouses. A little pricey. I didn’t buy a birdhouse, but I picked up a Squirrel Buster tube feeder for the smaller perching and clinging birds. So now I have two good feeders to put up once Robert gets the doors finished and his equipment out of the yard. I don’t think I’d get many birds with all the saws and machinery going.


The Lamb’s Ear still look healthy.


I potted up some lavender the other day. I seem to have trouble with lavender. Maybe I water it too much…




Now that it’s late in the afternoon, and it’s getting even colder, I’m looking forward to having a bite of supper. I’ll take my evening shower and lie down to read. Cozy up with the dogs under a nice, warm quilt. Maybe I’ll dive into that Better Homes & Gardens magazine that came in the mail. I know it sounds awfully boring to many folks. But it’s just my kind of Saturday night.



  1. Hi girl! I have the same exciting Saturday night planned as you do. Do you have your earplugs ready, because you know THEY play tonight! (haha)
    I am making dumplings and trying out new lampshades. I’ll send you a photo to see what you think of the newest shade…

  2. Brenda,
    It sounds good to me! I can’t wait until I retire and have a bit more time for what I WANT to do! This morning I did laundry and tried pickling some beets. This afternoon, I tried to get most of the bermuda grass out of my front flowerbed. It didn’t seem right to start putting up Christmas lights with all those weeds! Gotta go and pick up the grass now!

  3. Hi Brenda,
    That sounds like a great Saturday night to me! I love quiet evenings when I am lucky enough to get them. 🙂

    Beautiful pictures today. I especially like the lavender one as the foliage looks so pretty.

  4. Sounds good to me! We’ve been tail gating today and I’m frozen.

    Thanks for the advice about dogs and turkey. I had no idea! My dogs think they are really getting away with something but they only get little bitty bites. I will be more careful though especially with my dachshund.

  5. Dear Brenda ~ with a hectic but wonderful holiday behind me, this sounds like a perfect day after spending the day gathering 20 bags of leaves and planting the remains of my bulbs, both forced in containers and in areas, unfrozen in the garden. Enjoy!

  6. Can’t think of anything better to do on a cold Saturday afternoon than to curl up a warm quilt with a good magazine! Your pansies are fabulous, they really love this cool weather right now.

  7. Brenda,

    Just started to follow your posts. It is such a pleasure to see the plants and flowers you have growing in Texas. Everything we have is dormant or dead, but that is what I am accustomed to and why reading others blogs make this all worthwhile. I was looking at the quilt on your bed and I have almost the same exact one, however it is put away because of it’s sad shape and the fact I don’t have the skills to repair it. I’ve thought about making small pillows out of it, but I can’t decide. Just wanted you to know there is another person out there re
    reading blogs and getting ready to snuggle under!!

  8. hello brenda you visited my blog on Dia de Bloglandia and i was shortly thereafter called out of town so i didn’t have a chance to come by to meet you. i love my camera as much as you do! these are great photos and so foreign since we are flowerless for the most part now here in the northwest..although i did photograph some beautiful berries and a lovely pink camellia last sunday. i see you have a yorkie!?! that makes two very important things we share in common! thanks again for your visit to my blog!

  9. Brenda, how could you go to Edom, eat at the Shed, and shop at Blue Moon without me. I am too jealous. All I got to do was put up my mom’s Christmas decorations. Not relaxing at all. Don’t tell. She thinks I love it.

  10. My kind of Saturday night too. Absolutely perfect, except for the rain.

  11. I envy you…still shopping for flowers while I am here shoveling snow!! =-O hee hee. Your pictures are beautiful (as always – you have a wonderful talent)..I especially like the very first one. And the red quilt on the bed…I love that. I wish I could find one like that. It looks so warm and cozy.

    Hope you are doing well. *hugs*

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