Posted by: Brenda Kula | November 25, 2008

Assistant Nola Adds To Tuesday House Progress


I have a few blooms left on my lantana. I’m still working on cleaning up the flower beds for the winter.

And Robert has worked all day on the dining room project.


He decided today he’s going to have windows covering both walls. In other words, three windows on the north side; three on the east side. Now there will be one door in the middle of each wall that will open outside to a patio area. Whereas until now he’d planned on putting three on the north side; two on the left. That was planned because there is a brick in-ground flower bed curving around the east window. We weren’t going to use the east side to go in and out. But that’s the thing about plans. They can be changed. We’ll break up the flower bed and plan a pathway down the middle.


We’re even more sure now that the fan palm is going to have to be dug up and moved toward the back of the yard. It is not only obstructing the view of what will soon be glass. But it is in the way when you walk down the pathways on either side of it. Whoever planted this palm did not take into account how wide it would spread.


I’ve been uploading the photos as I take them and emailing them to Nola at Alamo North. Then we talk on the phone and discuss the progress. She took one look at this holly tree this afternoon that is at the corner, and said, “I think it would look so much better if that tree wasn’t there.”

But what to do? The sprinkling system is wound around these trees, so we didn’t want to mess with that…


So Robert got his trusty chainsaw and whacked it down to where it is now. If you look closely, you can see one of the sprinkler heads right in front of the stump. So we’re thinking…maybe level it off and nail a tray bird feeder atop it for the birds…

If you have any ideas, let me know. But I’m afraid, at this point, to try and whack it down any further. I don’t want to redo the sprinkler system and encounter more money pitfalls when we’ve gotten this far on the house remodel. We’re almost done!

A remodeled kitchen last January. Then the master bedroom was painted. The carpet was taken up and new flooring put down. And over the summer, two bathrooms were remodeled after the house flooded. Then we did the other two bedrooms; then the hallway. Robert has almost finished everything in the new green-painted living room. He’s floored the dining room and entryway. He’ll paint those areas. I can’t believe it. We are almost there.


Steady progress. This means a little reconfiguring of Robert’s plan for the east side. But we send the photos to Nola, who is pretty good with Photoshop. She takes my photos and listens to Robert’s ideas, does some magic and emails it back. She’s been a pretty good long distance consultant for the project! And we still haven’t met yet. I told her, once this was all accomplished, to come see it in person.

We’ll sit out in the new room, and have some coffee and chocolate something or other. And enjoy the view outside. Thanks Nola, for always being there for me!



  1. Your remodel is very interesting. As I have said before, I plan to copy some of your ideas. I wanted to let you know that I made the stew recipe you posted a couple of days ago. Middle Monkey loves it and wants to say “thank you.”

  2. Brenda,

    I love the open window area! Aren’t you getting excited? It is happening quickly now.
    The lantana blossom so bright and pretty still!

    I was so sorry to hear your wouldn’t be able to attend your daughter’s baby shower. Hopefully you can go when the baby is born.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving♥ We are sure trying to defy the odds of the past few days and have a great one with our family.


  3. Wow that is great you have someone to help you with all that. Nola is a very good friend(-: I hope she will stop in for some coffee or tea etc when the work is all done(-: I think having all the windows will be so nice. I am sure you will think of something for the holly tree stump(-: A bird feeder does sound nice(-:

  4. It is really coming along Brenda. I agree with Nola about the tree. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

  5. My that really is a huge project…. it will be so wonderful…
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving…

  6. I can’t wait to see the end result!
    Nola is wonderful!
    A bird house sound nice on the stump or maybe even turn it into a little table of sorts.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving

  7. It’ll be great for you and Nola to meet up, not only for all her helpful advice, but because you all are blogging buddies that live close to one another. The best kind. P.S. I’d say you have a good view now:) I hope that fan palm survives the move, it sure is beautiful.

  8. A word of warning…When I come for tea, I’m kidnapping Robert and dragging him back home with me, because you know how badly I want french doors, too! It is looking wonderful, how fantastic will it be to sit there all winter and gaze out onto your garden.

  9. This is looking amazing! How nice that you have Nola’s help!
    And Nola, I’m sure we would all like to ‘borrow’ Robert when he’s done! LOL

  10. Your project is moving along nicely!

  11. Brenda,
    It is looking great! We need a new back door, thanks to the youngest dog literally scratching a hole into the corner! When I replace it, I want the kind with the blinds between the glass. The existing door has a full length glass in it, but I keep a curtain over it. It is too hot in summer and too bright for the TV without the curtain!

  12. Nothing as nice as the open window area, in my opinion anyway. I just love that stuff! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your dear ones !

  13. Hi Brenda, HA, yes we all want Robert to come redo our houses! It is looking so good and almost done, hooray! If that is an American holly, we have cut several of there large trees down and they grew right back, so you may just have a shorter tree there, you could keep it trimmed like a shrub. You can never have too many ways in and out too, good idea for that. Have a happy holiday!

  14. Brenda, when Robert is finished, please send him here! 😉
    It’s looking great!


  15. Oh my gosh, Brenda – you’ve done so much (well, Robert has!), what changes. Windows all over, it’s going to be beautiful!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your pets – nice and peaceful, sure sounds good – enjoy!

  16. Brenda,

    Are you going to have French doors on two sides of your room? Wow! It looks fantastic already. I love the look of the doors.

    I can’t tell where the palm should go. I’ll have to think about it.


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