Posted by: Brenda Kula | November 24, 2008

Yard Chores And A New Bird Bath


The pansies continue to delight. I just can’t stop taking photos of these cute perky little flowers.


It rained last night, as you can see on the leaves above. Abi won’t go out if it is remotely wet outside. She doesn’t like to get her feet wet. Charlie, being male I suppose, does not care about such things. Isn’t it funny the unique little personalities our pets form?

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that the photo below is my normally very organized yard. The furniture is strewn about everywhere so Robert has the space across the path to work on the two walls of French doors. Thankfully the fence will keep folks from stopping and asking if I’m fixing to have a yard sale!



Robert said the other day he was walking out of the back yard to the west side yard, between here and the little one-block long adjacent street. There were two pickups of men eying those doors which he’d temporarily leaned up against the fence. They sped away when they saw him. So you know nearly $2000 worth of French doors (three sets) would likely have disappeared along with them if he had not chosen that time to walk out there. Makes me shudder to think about it.

I had to get out to do some grocery shopping at the mad house that is Walmart this time of year. I decided to drive on over to Home Depot to see what they might have on clearance, as they told me last week they’re clearing out the garden stuff for the year. I found this bird bath, one of two left. It is in two parts. It was normally $50, and marked down to $32.


I also picked up a pot of yarrow, lavender, and stone crop.


As you can see below, it was nice and warm this morning. Now it’s getting much colder and the wind is blowing. Nice time of year, isn’t it, to have tarps for walls!



I worked outside all morning finishing up what I started yesterday: raking leaves and cleaning up the yard from the last winds. I saw a little snake slither away up by the front brick wall. I was glad my hand managed to miss it while I was scooping up handfuls of leaves! I hosed it underneath the gate and hopefully on down the road. Thankfully the dogs were inside at the moment, or they’d have wanted to chase it. Clyde occasionally brings me the gift of dead snakes or lizards or whatever slimy creature he’s managed to catch. Puts it right at the front door so I can’t possibly miss it. You know how cats think they’re going to be praised for being such good hunters.



  1. Hi Brenda,
    The picture of the pansies is beautiful! Those little flowers always tug at my heart.

    Looks like you’ve had some nice weather for outdoor projects!

  2. Those pansies are the prettiest little things I have seen!!
    Love the birdbath too. Where will you put it?

  3. Brenda, I’m loving your pansy series – don’t stop! I’m sorry about the tarps instead of doors, but hopefully that will be rectified soon! And so glad your doors are safe!

  4. Isn’t the rain great? We had a bit too. Now it is cold. Glad I don’t have tarp for doors. Here’s hoping Robert finishes the doors soon. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  5. Hi Brenda,
    Tarps are never good for walls. I think I would prefer a tarp in cool weather over the horrible heat of the summer!

  6. It may be chilly for busting out a wall, but you are progressing so fast. Soon those doors will be in. How exciting to watch! So glad your doors are safe and sound.

  7. Okay, leave it to me to be inappropriate in your comments, but was that the backside of your wonderful handyman? hahahha

  8. Yipee, rain, boy do we need it! I know all that disorganization is driving you nuts! Soon it will all be over and you will have a fantastic view (from the pines, haha).

  9. Love the rain on your leaves. What are you going to do when you get all your remodel done???

  10. hi Brenda

    lurve the pansies, I think they have to be in my top 10 you know, especially as they give you that zap in winter, when we were in the UK I had pots of them by my door in winter and loved the contrast with all the barren, cold and wet surroundings…just not quite the same here, but I still had them this winter

    oh and the rain drops photo is wonderful, I’m not sure if you are on Flickr, if you are not, you should be – I am enjoying it over there, great place to waste time! lol!


  11. Pansies are just about my favorite flower, and your photos are so lovely. Keep them coming. Good deal on the birdbath. When will the doors go in? I shouldn’t be too much longer, will it? Cold weather and tarp walls, don’t go together.

    Always Growing

  12. Brenda, the close-ups of your flowers are always so beautiful! Do you frame any of them? I bet you could EASILY sell them on etsy or Ebay or your own shop!

  13. Brenda,

    I love your new bird bath. I’m still looking for a metal one so that I can pick it up and move it myself.

    I can see you and Robert are making progress on the French doors. I’m glad they didn’t get stolen. People are really getting desparate, I guess.

    We put down 2 truckloads of mulch yesterday and are both suffering for it today.


  14. Don’t freeze and stay dry! Precious blogging friend who shares so much joy in your photograpy with me, Please enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    Hugs, Beth~♥

  15. Hi Brenda, great score on the birdbath, it is elegant and the birds will love it. You scared me about the men looking at your doors. There is a huge market for home improvement stuff that has been stolen, windows, doors and the like. Yikes! And double yikes about the snake, I’m glad you didn’t grab it either. Clyde makes me laugh just thinking about him. 🙂

  16. My little Jack Russell is the “snaker” of the family. Grosses me out.

    Hey, it looks like you are trying to decide which color of green to use on the walls again. (in the butt shot photo)

    hee hee

  17. I always look forward to pansies in the autumn. I love them paired with pumpkins. Love your new birdbath too.

    Your remodel is coming along very well! Won’t it be nice to finally sit in that room and look out to the garden?

  18. Brenda – I read the bit about the guys checking out your French doors & it reminded me about yesterday. Michael & I were leaving Target & 2 guys pulled up in a white van – mind you, this is right outside the front doors, early afternoon – and asked if we wanted to buy a complete home theater they had with them! That was a first for us! We just started laughing & the guys asked us a couple of more times if we’d be interested before they finally sped off. Too weird!

    So be careful!

    🙂 Debi

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