Posted by: Brenda Kula | November 20, 2008

Thursday House Progress


This purple pot I picked up at the antique mall last Saturday for a dollar. I potted it up this week with sweet alyssum.

Here is Robert this morning beginning to take down two walls.


I come out again in a little while and it looks like this.


Then this…


Not a very good view, but I’m standing to the left and the bricks are gone around the window that will soon be French doors.


Kind of looks like a storm hit, doesn’t it?


Then we had to turn our attention to the other side of the house by the street. Robert got up on the roof with his chain saw and took down many, many oak tree branches that were dangling on the roof. I got a call this morning that the home insurance company was sending someone out to inspect the roof. Didn’t get all the details. But I had planned on having Robert eventually find the time to take down these branches.

I don’t know why someone at some point planted oak trees this close to the house. But so it was, and I didn’t want some insurance guy telling me I needed to get those trees trimmed. So after Robert got them down, I chopped them up small enough so I could get the city to pick them up for me. They charge you, but Robert just hauled off an entire tree yesterday. I didn’t want to ask him to drag all this off today after he’s worked with a sledge hammer knocking down brick walls all day.

So I’m exhausted from dragging limbs and using my foot on one side and the ground on the other as leverage for the added strength to get thick limbs cut down to size.


Now the roof is clear of all limbs, thank goodness. He took off limbs about six feet up from the roof. Another job taken care of.


Tall poles with birdhouses close to the window had to be moved. So the birds may be a bit confused that their home has been moved out from underneath them. We’ll get them back as fast as we can. Don’t want them to think they’re being evicted.


Walli gave me these yesterday. Don’t know yet what I’m going to do with them.


But it’s a beautiful fall day today, and I’ve enjoyed working outside. Even chopping up tree limbs gives one a sense of satisfaction. Should sleep like a baby tonight.


The neighbors have been flitting about going in and out of the yard to see what’s up. What’s up is a mess right now. All the pets are upset with the destruction going on around them. But it should be truly wonderful once Robert has completed the vision he has in mind. And I shall have more indoor light and be able to see my garden from indoors for the first time.

Two mourning doves were sitting in Liane’s tree down the street this morning.


Aren’t the trees in her front yard something to behold?


I just love them!



  1. It is going to be SO nice to see that pretty garden from indoors. Can’t wait to see the completed project. Cutting tree limbs is very rewarding-and hard work too. Sleep well tonight!

  2. Go Robert! Go Robert! I can’t wait to see the view; woo hoo!

  3. You and Robert make quite a team. Can’t wait to see the french doors. 🙂

  4. I am fascinated to see how your wall comes down for a door. I have long thought of doing that here at our OK house. I guess I’m fascinated at how you direct all the renovations of your house. I think that’s how it’s gonna be for me down in AL. 🙂 So, honey, I’m learning from you.

    Gosh, your photographs are stunning!

    In answer to your questions earlier today, yes, Mama will come with us, but not right away. A bath has to be renovated, and we have to get all our stuff moved first. Hopefully we will haul the first stuff down right before Christmas.


  5. Gorgeous pictures can’t wit for the end result I bet it will be outstanding!
    Love the leaves and their colors in your neck of the woods, we have a yard full of white snow now , no more growing anything till spring… and spring for us is June …LOL!!

  6. Do you think you could send Robert my way? I managed to get my Farmboy to cut the limbs in the front yard, but the back ones…. well, I’m still waiting.

  7. Brenda .. my goodness girl ! those French Doors are going to be absolutely beautiful .. I wish we were on a ground floor at times for something like that .. we are hoping to get a new deck and shed next Spring (that lottery would be great any time now ? LOL)
    Yes .. the little ones hate having their space or routine disrupted .. I can understand how you all feel with the mess. but it is going to look so beautiful when it is all done.
    I love the purple pot and those metal pumpkin ? thingies ?
    If you don’t want them , or have too much to deal with .. just shoot them up to Canada and I will catch them for you ? LOL
    The acer tree of your neighbor’s is a beauty .. you are still enjoying Autumn there .. that is so nice !

  8. He Brenda, you have many many irons in the fire don’t you? What a grand view you will have soon. How sad about the oak trees to close to the house. Of all the trees in the world to do such a thing to. So sad if they have to come down even, what a waste. You are quite the amazon to be cutting up those limbs too, sleep like a baby? I would need major pain killers!

  9. Brenda..I SO love the purple pot!! Sweet! And I like the first view of the sky up through the trees…so peaceful…I want to fly up into it and be free from all the crap in my life! 😉


  10. This is exciting Brenda. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  11. Thanks for sharing all of your progress…everything will look so nice when you are done! You have found beauty in the dust! What a Fall you have!!

  12. The change is so exciting, isn’t it! ????

  13. What a project this is! But just think of the end result when the French Doors are in and all the sunlight. Can’t wait to see it when it’s completed.

  14. Does Robert have a brother that lives near MO? I know I could put him to work!!!
    Renovations can be wild for the homeowner—you seem to be handling it with style, grace and a camera! Thanks for sharing your saga with us! Dana

  15. Boy, never a dull moment with Robert around! I too can’t wait to see the finished project. Yes, there be light and beautiful gardens! I hope you love it when it is all finished!
    Best of Luck and I hope each your pets and bird friends handle the all the commotion:)

  16. Robert is a handy man to have around Brenda! OMG I love the birdhouses! They have so much character.

  17. I too love the purple potted posies!

    I didn’t catch your headline yesterday until I came back this morning. Me thinks your wall got massacred since then.

    Hang in there sister….

  18. What a lovely view you will have from those new french doors. Your handy man has been busy! Love the purple pot, great find!

  19. It is so much fun to watch your is amazing how much mess is made in the process! Have a good weekend.

  20. Although I know it will be lovely when done, the picture of the bricks being ripped from your wall made me sick to my stomach! I love renovating but right after demo I always sit there in sheer panic thinking “What did we just do!” Can’t wait to see the end result! Your pictures are gorgeous. I love the one of the birds in the tree!
    I am having a giveaway! Stop by!
    Have a great weekend- and dont work too hard!!

  21. Ah, the joy of remodelling. We had our kitchen done a couple of years ago. I still have not forgotten “camping out” in our own house. Pets, especially cats, are arch-conservatives, hating all change just on principle. Just moving the furniture in the living room to make room for the Christmas tree causes all sorts of angst in the feline hearts that occupy the place. Actually REMOVING WALLS and making holes where there were none before? Intolerable!

    You will love your new french doors, though, and the animals will adapt.

    Try not to overdo!

  22. Brenda,

    You are going to have so much more light when you have those doors put in.

    You must be exhausted after cutting up all those branches. I can’t believe how many there were on the curb.

    I can’t wait to see what you and Robert come up with next.


  23. Oh those doves. For some reason that photo just speaks volumes to me. The leaves look like tiny little fires helping them to stay warm Just beautiful.

    Thank you!

  24. Oh, my! So that is what it looks like when taking down an exterior wall! But it will all be worth it soon! I can’t wait to see your new French doors! I love your new purple pot and the birdhouses! Patti

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