Posted by: Brenda Kula | November 18, 2008

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Look what goodies I got in the mail yesterday. Gretchen from Bird Nest Cottage was generous enough to send me these wonderful books! She emailed me last week and said a neighbor had given them to her. But she already had these three books. So she asked if I might like to have them. Oh yes! I offered to pay for at least the shipping, but she wouldn’t hear of it. Just think what fun I’m going to have reading these. I had been wanting Nell Hill’s book for some time. And I love books with cottage anything as the theme. Oh thank you, Gretchen, you sweet girl! Aren’t bloggers just the nicest friends?

I seem to have birds on the brain. This blue birdhouse is one of the little treasures I got at the antique mall Saturday. It cost all of $7.50, and it’s durable enough to go outside.


And if that’s not enough about birds…


I picked this publication up at Walmart a little while ago while buying groceries. I’ll let you know if I get some really good tips to pass along. I so love watching birds in the yard.

Here’s a  little crock pitcher I picked up at the antique mall for $2. I thought surely it was mismarked. It has a little chip on the other side. But I told myself it just adds character to it.




  1. what a nice little friend you have there. I love looking at books for inspiration. But I have to admit… unlike you, I’m not a reader. I just like to look at the pictures. tee-hee. 🙂 xoxo, Joanna

  2. Hi Brenda,
    How nice – all those new books just waiting for you. Blog friends are wonderful people.

    Love the bird house, that roof is just right with the wear on it… very rustic and ready to go!

    Lovely pitcher at an incredible price too – I can just see some cheerful daisies in that one 😉
    Happy day (and thank you for your always kind words)

  3. Hi Brenda, lots of lucky finds and freebies for you to enjoy. You cannot have too many pitchers either. We have to put netting on our pond in the fall to catch the leaves. It is way too cold for me to get in there now, even with the waders on, although they sure help!


  4. Hi!

    What a sweet friend you have there to send you such sweet books.Love the little bird house and the pitcher is sweet, there was a time I use to collect little pitchers I have soooo many some day I will dig them out and show them.
    Holding my own but I am so dog tired yesterday I went to bed shaking like a leaf I was so stressed.Its just too much..

  5. What a lovely friend! How nice a blogging friend rewarded you!!! Perhaps it is for the happiness you share with your beautiful photosand your words of wisdom and wit. Brenda, you do have a pleasant blog to visit.
    Enjoy your books and let us know if you enjoy them.
    We have bird lovers at our home. Our son getting married just calls himself a ‘nerd’ because he knows more facts about more species of birds than anyone we know. He took classes in college and field trips to observe birds and the kids all thought he knew more the professors! He bought me a bird book for my kitchen so I an identify what I am looking at. they are delightful to watch.


  6. Well you lucky duck you! Three great books to treasure for years to come. How wonderful. And I adore birdhouses too.

  7. Looks like you have some great books to snuggle up with in this cooler weather. Nice quilt, big mug of hot chocolate and a few good picture books – what could be better?

  8. I’m so glad you like the books.

    What a cute bird house and it will weather well with the tin roof.

    Love the little pitcher. The little chip just shows it was loved.

    You can give me tips now on what to feed my birds.


  9. Brenda, I wonder if that pitcher is one of those English ones that are becoming so popular? It’s sweet.

    THREE free books from a friend! And great books at that!
    Gotta love it! So nice. So thoughtful.

    We’ve got snow. It’s cold. It’s blowing. I’ve been busy all day and it’s already after 8 pm. Time for snugging up with a book and some hot cocoa under my favorite quilt.


  10. Pass along any terrific tips from your books or magazines. I love the rusted roof on your birdhouse; it does have lots of character!

  11. Brenda, I used to get Birds & Blooms. I really enjoyed it. It will be nice to have the new books to snuggle up with and read now that our weather is turning cooler.

  12. Wowsers! That’s what I call some major blessings, Brenda! I love ALL your goodies! 🙂

  13. What a sweet gift. I bet they are really good books with great pictures! (I love good pictures!)
    I love birds too. I feed them all year. I just put up the feeder with thistle hoping to attract gold finches later in the year. They are so cute.

  14. Aren’t you lucky! What a nice day you’ve had. Enjoy your treasures.

  15. Yes….. you are so right …. blog friends are the best…. Love the birdhouse…. that metal roof is cute cute…

  16. Oh my gosh – you got some GREAT books! I’m with you – anything that says ‘cottage,’ I want to drool over (I mean read through!)… I seriously love your blue birdhouse… That is absolutely gorgeous – and a super deal! I also love those kinds of bird magazines… My sister has subscribed me to Birds & Blooms for many years now and I absolutely love every issue! And you and I have the exact same thought process… a little nick, ding or chip just adds character! :)… Donna

  17. Wow, those books are going to be so fun to curl up with. : )

  18. Lucky girl! You’ve gotten lots of treasures in the last day or two. 🙂

  19. Good luck comes in many forms, Brenda, and this week you were blessed with many gifts … especially your dear friend!

  20. You sure got a great buy with that little blue birdhouse. It is hard to get them for less than 10-15 bucks here at flea markets and antique stores. Yours is sweet too.

  21. ok this is spooky now, i saw Easy Cottage Style in the bookstore the other day and didn’t want to pay the ++ dollars for it (books are soooo expensive in Aus) so I thought I would order it from the Book Depository…I come here and see you have it now from a lovely friend, how wonderful!

    what a gorgeous find, even with a chip I’d surely have bought it too!


  22. Hi Brenda, Now there is one of your collections…books! Sometimes, we meet the nicest people, and the woman who sent the books seems to fit that description. Love the bird house…very rustic and the blue paint is just right. Have a wonderful day. Susan

  23. Are we allowed to have that much fun! Of course we are! I love the birdhouse!

  24. I love Birds and Bloooms!

    I have a thing about birdhouses, love them inside and out. Yours is lovely.

  25. Gardeners are so generous by nature. What a lovely addition they will make. I love the rustic patina of that birdhouse, very nice.

  26. amazonmoney GooD!

  27. I can just picture that pitcher with a big bouquet of roses and peonies.

  28. I have a similar crock pitcher, a little taller maybe, that I keep my flatware in. Saves the back not having to open a heavy drawer full of knives and forks.

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