Posted by: Brenda Kula | November 15, 2008

Around About


This is what surrounds me as I drink my morning cup of coffee at the computer. It is a rather cool day. Which means I actually have on long pants. (Which means other more normal people are donning coats and gloves.)

This is an interesting object I picked up at the consignment shop down the street some time ago. I don’t know what you’d call it exactly. It reminded me of the marbles I played with as a child.



This is my cozy little nest… Pause…. Charlie just threw up on the rug. So I must rush to get paper towels and my vinegar/water solution I spray on stains. Since I spend so much time in here, so do the pets. And these things happen. Except usually it is Abi who is sick. Today Charlie must have eaten something outside while we attempted to get garden photos. And the wind blew so strongly we didn’t come up with much.


I surround myself with calming shades of blues. One of my all-time favorites is the vivid cobalt blue. Can’t get enough of that.

I moved these jars farther apart so you could see what’s in the smallest one. A nest with an egg you can just barely see. Lidy from French Garden House sent it to me with an order I placed. I knew Bonnie the cat would never leave it alone. So I captured it in this jar for safekeeping.


There is always a pet in my lap if I am seated. Charlie is unnerved about his puking episode. I know their little patterns and personalities so well, they might as well have words popping up above their heads like a cartoon bubble. He is leaning on mama’s left arm, little golden head tucked in the inside of my elbow and needing comfort.


Once I really give thought to it, do I really want to have the floors in this garden room leveled and have flooring put down? Or is it just easier to clean up with cement graveled patio floor still as it originally was when built with the drain in the middle? Guess I could always hose it down if necessary…

These are my snack jars from the antique mall, tied with a festive yellow rickrack from the sewing closet. I wander in the kitchen around mid-afternoon for sweet sustenance.


Below are the kitchen ceramic jars I’ve been toting about for years. I love their bright colors.


A little tray of color in the guest room. That room is still evolving.


Oh, the pets, every one of them. have been a handful this morning. And it’s just 10:30 a.m. Clyde doesn’t like the cold wind outside, and keeps wanting in and out. Once inside, the dogs aggravate him, and I hear him growling menacingly as he attempts to find a place where they will leave him be. The dogs are playing musical chairs on my lap. Bonnie is at the window scratching at the blinds, bored.

Maybe a stroll through the antique mall is what I need later. Maybe an hour or so walking through other people’s displaced memories stacked casually about booths would be a relaxing respite. Wandering around gazing at little bits and pieces of history that sit stoically waiting for someone like me to take them home and put them to use again.



  1. Wish we had an antique mall nearby I would be there often.Love your pictures today, your little world is very cosy.

  2. Brenda,
    I love the black painted tray! What antique mall is nearby? It is windy and cool here also! The front blew in late yesterday evening, while I was playing Bunco.

  3. Brenda, you have the most serene, peaceful nest I have ever seen! I just love it!
    Wish I was there to walk through that antique mall with you. I think they have something I really need! : )

  4. I do hope Charlie is feeling better.

  5. Very cozy indeed. You and I have much in common when it comes to these pets. I say keep the floor as is….less stress.

  6. Great tour around your house. Love that little teapot and cups. They are really cute.

    Hope Charlie is better.


  7. Awww…poor Charlie…is he doing better now?
    I really like the red and white tea pot!! 🙂


  8. I love your garden room; makes me want to come have a cup of hot tea with you. Hope the babies calmed down. Talk to you later!

  9. Hi Brenda-
    I lost you, but thanks to Nola–you’ve been found! You are a wiley chick, for sure!
    I hope your PI is getting better–my goodness, that sounded horrible. When we were in college, a million years ago, my husband had a major case of P Oak—everywhere. He ended up with a shot, too. He probably took some other drugs, but that was a long time ago and my brain doesn’t recall EVERY detail!
    Anyway, glad to know you are OK and living in another blog form!
    Take care and don’t scratch! Dana

    PS, Love your room. I know all about barfing critters! Keep the cement floor! 🙂

  10. Poor Charlie Ross! I hope he’s feeling much better! I love your cozy room! I feel more relaxed just by looking at your photos! Have a good evening, Patti

  11. Love all of you treasures. The tea pot and cups remind me of “Alice in Wonderland”.
    Feel better, Charlie Rose.
    Have fun at the mall, Brenda.

  12. Good morning, Brenda. Hope you have a beautiful day!

  13. Brenda, I’m so glad I stopped by. I held my cobalt blue tea mug and marveled at the sanctuary you have carved out for yourself. It is beautiful.~~Dee

  14. Such beautiful things you have surrounded yourself with — I really love the cobalt blue jars!


  15. Ahhhhh …. I adore that lamp shade in the first picture…. the print is just precious…. and I really have my eye on those blue jars…. : ) you know how I love blue….
    We had dog drama at our home today …. That ole Gus lead my Mickey out of the gate down to a busy road….. but we got to them in time…. whew…..

  16. Everything is warm and inviting. I love your cozy rooms! I hope everyhting is well with Charlie.


  17. I love the things in jars – you’ve inspired me. Also, love the gardens (come help me in Kansas!) and the Chili Pepper Christmas tree.

  18. Your room is your haven, and your sharing in the photos provides a bit of haven for us all, too. A haven of inspiration! And if I ever visit, put away the tolle tray– I lust after it. LOL!

  19. You have so many beautiful things Brenda.

    My furry babies lay around all day in blankets by the fire. They think they’re human and sometimes I do too LOL

    The last line about antiques in this post was the best description I’ve ever read.

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