Posted by: Brenda Kula | November 13, 2008

Stretch Of Rainy Days


It rained here for days. Thought it was going to wash us out. The flowers nodded their heads as if to say, “Enough already.”


I have one miniature rose still blooming. I was afraid the petals might have been ripped off and blown away. But this is a sturdy little flower, with a strong constitution.

It’s that time of year when plants and holly bushes show off their berries.




I suppose there isn’t a bird family living in this house. The top hole is covered with webs. Hope they found a warm place somewhere in my yard. There are other birdhouses mounted up high for them.


I got this plant potted in a huge pot. I love the contrast of the leaves.


Every time I walk outside without a camera, I rush back inside because I’ve spotted something. A yellow butterfly eluded me, as it had completely vanished in the maybe a minute’s time it took me to rush back inside to get it. There is something slightly magical about looking at nature from every angle, and capturing it in time.


Texture just calls out to me. Here, over here. Look what I’ve got to show you, it beckons me.


Something new every day. I’ll start to walk back down the path, look back, and realize I didn’t check out one spot and there will be something that wasn’t there before.


I feel so lucky to have the time to contemplate all this as I wind my way through the gardens, experimenting with framing ordinary scenery.


Yes, I’m lucky. And contented. To be where I am. At this place in time. Enjoying beauty all around me.


It is the moments like this that make up a life. And make it worth living.


Knowing no one could paint it as vividly as I’m seeing it in person, up close. A never-ending display as the seasons pause to give me new gifts each day. As long as I’m there watching.




  1. I love that last little flower you took a picture of , its so pretty!
    All your pictures are so calm they make me smile! Are you as calm and serene and the pictures Brenda??

  2. Beautiful post Brenda. Gardens create the calm and serenity we are always looking for. You are very blessed to have the perfect spot!

  3. Brenda I’m just living and enjoying through your pictures. It has already been too cold in Oklahoma City…most of my flowers are gone or dormant.

  4. Just completely and totally a beautiful post. You caught the moisture from the rain so perfectly on each plant. Sorry about the butterfly. That is the usual for me, I always miss the perfectly moments:)

  5. You caught the beauty of each bloom..soaked with rain!
    What a great post…and the flowers have held up pretty well.
    The house I posted is new…it is built exactly like an old one…but has all the new amenities. Not many houses are built like that even if they are built to look old. I’m glad you like it.

  6. Beautiful blooms Brenda. The berries are gorgeous too, and I’m sure the birds will enjoy them!

  7. Brenda, I love how you are able to catch the beauty of raindrops on your plants. It’s breathtaking. The holly bush is especially stunning. I hope you have a good evening…thank you for thinking of me. **hugs**

  8. Your pictures today were so beautiful with the rain glistening on the blooms & puddling up on the leaves. We’ve been getting a rainy spell this week too. I’m kind of sick of the rain now. I need to get out there & do something soon. šŸ™‚

  9. You have definitely made the most of this rainy stretch — the photographs are simply beautiful — I love the one of the yellow rose dripping with raindrops.


  10. Love the pictures with the rain on them. It makes them all so fresh and shiny and new. The holly fern especially loves all the rain. We got a bit too-yea!

  11. We only had less than half an inch of rain on Wednesday – we could have used more, so, I am envious of your rainy days. Even though it has been raining, you did get some good photos. I esp. like the yellow minature rose photo.

    Always Growing

  12. Love the snapdragons, they have such vivid color. I’m afraid all the rain is gone for a while now. Did you ever hear from the carpenter today?

  13. Just beautiful Brenda! Your photos, your words, your vision!

  14. Brenda,

    Those photos are just beautiful.

    I finally got some pansies planted today around the light post and the pineapple posts. You are so far ahead of me and your pansies have such a good start. What do you fertilize them with?

    I have garden envy.


  15. Lovely, Brenda … oh how I love your last pansy shot, a favorite!

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