Posted by: Brenda Kula | November 12, 2008

Living Room Painted Green


Today I am trying to get the living room back in order. Robert finished painting this space the green shade we finally settled on yesterday. And is taking the day to find doors and brick-cutting tools for the dining room. He’s thinking about three French doors, with the one in the middle being the one that gets opened, facing the south. My yard in view at last! Oh, I can’t wait! And two I believe for the wall facing east.


I’m going ahead with this green idea and decking out the mantle for Christmas. I am so happy to have floors everywhere again! This process has taken so many months. Trying to squeeze out funds for projects while keeping the bills paid. Not an easy task!




The green shade of paint Robert mixed came out just right. A very tranquil color. He said he is surprised that he likes it so much, since it wasn’t his choice to go with green. He said he usually goes in to a house, calculates what is in it and how you live, and tries to come up with a color that will highlight this. So he was hesitant about the green my husband wanted. But now he says he will have to shift his thinking around because this came out so well.

This is the dining room off the living room. Nearly bare bones now. Just a few things left on the walls before Robert takes it all down. This south wall is going to mostly be glass. Obviously he stores his work stuff in here. This beadboard will be coming down.


And below is the east-facing window, which likely will have double French doors. I sort of let Robert, who has more carpentry design skills than I could ever hope to, design this himself. I trust his taste and his need for artistic perfection.

Not much to look at now. Rest assured I shall take photos as my walls start getting knocked down, brick by scary brick! There will be light! And Robert says the green shade of paint extended here from the living room will be the frame that leads the eye out to the gardens. Sort of poetic, isn’t it?

Yesterday he told me that he has this notion of building a rustic working wooden water wheel for a waterfall leading into the small pond… Oh boy, no telling where this is going to lead us. I don’t know where Robert comes up with all this stuff. I’m just enjoying the journey. And providing lots of coffee and trying to figure out how we’re going to pay for all this. But he’s very good about reusing materials and the concept of recycling. I’m going to have to figure out how to clone Mr. Robert. Who has attempted to keep costs quite low and modest so we can accomplish all this.




  1. Brenda its just lovely!!!
    What a serene homey living room, I really like that green color too!!!
    You must be so happy to have that room back to normal.

  2. The green looks wonderful! I agree, green wouldn’t have been my first choice with the things you have but it’s perfect! It sort of acts like a neutral color and just blends in and freshes everything up! It’s really pretty and the perfect shade of green!

    I can’t wait to see the french doors. I love french doors!

  3. I love the color; I would call it a sage green. It’s very soothing! I love the furniture, too. I see you managed to leave Paul’s tv out of the photo! haha, that took some trying, didn’t it?

  4. Green is one of my favorite colors – right along with white! I think your wall color is perfect.

    I also love French doors – that’ll be a wonderful addition!

  5. That’s the green we have upstairs…the same green I want to repaint the master bedroom with!

  6. Everything looks really nice. Now where exactly did you find that wonderful handy man?

  7. Very pretty! I love green walls. I think they are a great neutral color.

  8. Brenda .. I want to thank you for your message to me. You are such a thoughtful kind person. I appreciated hearing of your situation in dealing with the loss of your friend. I’m trying to get myself together again .. keeping busy now helps. You can only cry so much, then you feel like it will never end .. so it is time to get out of bed and deal with life.
    Thank you again .. you are a sweet woman : )

  9. I love the soft green color on the walls. It always has been a favorite of mine. I think perhaps it seems to be the perferred color of God also: )
    Your home is/will be so lovely when it is done. I love that you will have so much light and the windows looking out into your beautiful gardens. You do need to clone Robert! Let’s sell the clone on ebay, then you would be able to afford anything he comes with!

    You made me laugh at your comment about my FIL. Every time we see him he tells us how many of the women there in the senior living loves his hair and many that day told him how good looking he is!!!
    Then a few minutes later he tells us again:) His son of course takes after him in looks although his hair is thinning on top since he arrived in his fifties.
    My FIL took care of my MIL with Alzsheimers for 19 years until about 3 weeks before her death. Theirs was a real love story.
    I agree with Joy! You are a very sweet woman: )

  10. Brenda Mae .. that is too sweet ! .. I always got the Xmas carol or the dish soap nagging thing .. yup .. we are very similar indeed .. although you have taken renovations a lot farther than I would ever be able to girl ? LOL .. the new decor is gorgeous .. and I have a lovely soft green in my bedroom .. it is supposed to be soothing .. so lets see if it really is ? : ) Joy .. to the world … LOL

  11. Green is my color. πŸ˜€ Looks great!

  12. The room looks very masculine and comfortable, Brenda. Green’s a perfect choice!

    Can’t wait to see all of your other renovations!


  13. I like the soft green color. It makes the room look airy but also calm and peaceful.

    Always Growing

  14. I think this is wonderful. A room to breathe in.

    πŸ™‚ Debi

  15. Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I SO love your living room! And I SO SO LOVE that fireplace. It’s stunning and sets the entire room off. You have such a beautiful home. *hugs*

  16. A house with a view to the yard? How great is that for a gardener? And of course you had to paint it all green. Looks great! Is your blogging space in the corner with a view too? I think I’d stay there all day. Kudos to Robert for all his hard work!

  17. Your house is just so very pretty!!!

  18. Oh yeah…. that is a very pretty green…. looks great… and you will love french doors… the way you love your garden it will be great seeing it from inside… cant wait to see the doors..

  19. I’ve got to get me one of those too!
    Does the Robert Clone come with his own bucket of Green colored paint?
    While you’re at it, Clone me up a bucket of Greenbacks so I can cut up my brick wall and put in glass windows looking out onto my back yard.
    I’m Green with envy.

  20. i love the soft green, the clock and the old photo…errm actually I love it all

    and I wonder if you hire out Mr Robert? he’s sounding pretty darn good to me!

    just wanted to say thanks for your comments, I am grate ful…


  21. The color is perfect Brenda with your brick fireplace & furniture. It’s hard to live through a remodel, I know.

  22. Brenda, your living room is so pretty. That shade of green is perfect!

    I came by to let you know I put the picture of the fish/ocean tree in my post for today. It is very bright!

  23. Looks like Robert is doing a fine job! My living room is green – I like it!

  24. Brenda,

    Your living room is so very pretty and the green is great with the vaulted ceiling. Your mantle is looking good too. I love the older pictures (you know that) and all your decor is just perfect for the room.

    I know you must be sick of the remodeling, but your house is just looking super. I can’t wait to see the dining room with the French doors.

    Maybe you need to send Robert to my house when he’s done, so I can have a water feature too.


  25. Wow! I love your living room! Green is my favorite colour. I have it pretty much everywhere in the house. Your shade is just perfect. How exciting it is that you will have beautiful french doors to look out on the garden!

  26. Oh, honey, thank you for sharing your journey! God bless your Robert. May I borrow him in Alabama? LOL! I identify so much with your style. How exciting to be planning doors! What an inspiration you are for me.

    Just spent some time catching up with your blog. Your photographs are amazing. I’m sure you could sell them.


  27. Oh yes, you hit on the perfect shade for your living room … love it!

  28. Hi! I am in the process of painting my living room green. You said the greens were mixed, is there any way to tell me what colors were mixed together, and what ratio? I am having such a hard time finding the perfect green shade. By the way I love your living room, look great πŸ™‚

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