Posted by: Brenda Kula | November 9, 2008

Interesting Things


There’s all sorts of mildly interesting things going on around here this morning. And it isn’t even noon yet! I got this plant potted yesterday. I believe it is the pincushion flower. The bees are enthralled with it.


All different sorts of bees…


See my metal creature in front of the plant pots? He guards them without fail. Never vacates his post. Can’t find dependable help like that anymore.


I bought these two pretty blue glass bowls at the antique mall yesterday. I’m going to decorate them for Christmas with silver ornaments. Right now I have garlands and marbles in them.



Obviously I like the color blue. In all shades.


The fish are acting a bit strange in the saltwater tank this morning. Porgie, the one who got caught in the overflow a few weeks ago, is the one acting odd. She keeps hovering underneath this coral.


Georgie is just doing his thing, the master of the tank. He’s so achingly beautiful.


Pouting Toby stays down low in the tank. When I feed them (twice per day, frozen fish food), I have to watch and make sure Toby comes up and gets some food before they all eat it first. Sometimes I push some down toward him. Poor pouting creature. It kind of reminds me of when I was a kid. And if you frowned or looked upset very long, an adult would say, “Better hope your face doesn’t freeze like that.”


Such an interesting little microcosm right here in the garden room. A whole world in a tank.


The dogs seem to be getting sleepy in the sunlight.


Abi’s about to fall asleep sitting there. I’d best take them inside for a nap.


Sunlight casting shadows all across the back of the yard.


What I see when I get a few feet outside my front door and look toward the gate. A peaceful Sunday morning, full of possibility. Inside and outside. What a difference a day makes. And yet, happily, seems to remain the same.




  1. I love the pin cushion plant mine stayed green all last winter…. maybe the fish feel a chill in the air… I mean water…..

  2. I would give anything for an area like yours! I just love the serenity of it.
    Seems funny to me that you have fall like we do and the leaves are turning and falling same as us BUT you don’t get snow and we do and its darn cold here too and there you are still in shorts and I am wearing a fleece jacket and gloves..My brain does not compute wearing shorts to fall what so ever.

    The mister is better altho a little frustrated and tired, he has sleep apnea and they will do a sleeping test on Thursday till then he is not allowed to drive, wow not a happy camper!

    But lately he falls asleep talking to us and even while eating he falls asleep I saw him nodding while driving once last week, so now he has to have this test and he is not I repeat NOT happy about it. But he is so not safe to be in the car with anymore.If he knew I was the one who talked to the doctor wow all hell would break loose.

    On the other hand I am estatic he is going to get help, then maybe just maybe both of us can sleep again.
    Love your wonderful pictures

  3. I love that green flower pot! And I bet it’s fun watching the bees (as long as you don’t get stung!). I’m reading “The Secret Life of Bees” right now (it’s great!), so I’ve been obsessed with bees lately! Thanks for entering my giveaway! Have a good week! Patti

  4. Just now reading your post; more drama, this time with the kitties; all’s ok!
    Fantastic bee shots!

  5. Brenda, I love the bowl. You displayed it all so well.

  6. Are your dogs Yorkies or Silkies? We have a Silky who desperately needs a haircut.

  7. I love the pretty green pot you planted those lavender pincushion flowers in. It looks like you had a nice day today in the garden & with your pets.

  8. I love the sleepy little dog. I am visiting with my daughter right now and she has one that looks way similar to yours. It had to make me laugh a second there.

  9. Everything looks beautiful(-: Even the pets(-: ITs been a NIGHTMARE here this weekend!!! My daughter who got married on Jan. 1st is separating from her husband and moving home. A lot of tears and emotions going on here. But we are happy. We never thought they should have married in the first place. He just was never “the one” Anyhow thats my update. Hope all is well there for you(-:

  10. Your slice of life is much appreciated. Vicarious living can be incredibly soothing to me at times.

    BTW, I hope the itchiness of your poison ivy has subsided.

  11. Pretty do have such good taste. Maybe Porgie is trying to find Nemo (lol)…sorry, I had to say that. Susan

  12. Love the bowls, the plants , the fish and the photos! Hope the fish are fine!

  13. Hi Brenda 🙂

    It’s funny how people, dogs and fish all have their own little lives, even in the same world.

    Your guest room turned out beautiful and the closet is amazing 🙂


  14. Hi Brenda 🙂

    It’s funny how people, dogs and fish all have their own little lives, even in the same world.

    Your guest room turned out beautiful and the closet is amazing 🙂


  15. Hi Brenda, I laughed out loud at your pouter! You did a good build up to the photo of him. They are all so beautiful, I would sit and watch them for hours. The scabiosa photo was wonderful too, and of course the dogs. And Clyde was quite debonair in the previous post.

  16. Beautiful photos! How do you ever take time from watching all that to take pictures? 🙂 I saw the beads on your lamp shades, too. Unfortunately, I did not find the deep maroon color of beads that I needed at Hobby Lobby. I shall keep looking.

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