Posted by: Brenda Kula | November 8, 2008

Clyde’s Way Of Thinking


Here is where I usually pot up plants. Standing at this table. Of course sometimes I eat a meal here.

Look at the reflection in the glass of the tree overhead.


The air is nippy. But still I sit out by the pond this morning and wait for photographs to happen. Clyde sits on the little table next to my chair and gets his head stroked. Handsome boy, isn’t he? Looks thoughtful and dignified. Wonder what he’s thinking?


Maybe he is spellbound by the shadow of the tree displayed across the fence. Or is it the birdhouse nearby?


The little bird perched up in the tree?


Is he thinking that we’re having a spectacular fall season with multicolored leaves that carpet the ground around us?


That the snapdragons are vividly bright in the early morning sunlight?


That the skies are a speckled-egg blue?


That we’re really liking the perky crayon-brilliant pansies?


For those of you in the region who asked me about Gardening Angel out in Noonday, here is the huge sun I bought there about a year ago. I think I paid under $40 for it.


And this one I bought back in the summer for around $30.


The pets and I sit in the quiet and enjoy the sun shining so brightly through the nearly leafless trees. Listening to the birds chirping and watching them flitting about.


Noticing that buds are emerging a little too early.


The ever present pine cones are finding their way loose and tumbling to the grass underneath.


Another fall day in East Texas. What shall we do today, Clyde?


Well, I suppose we’d better plant this sweet thing we picked up the other day. And then we’ll sit back down and look around some more. Lazy days in the sun and cooler weather.

So what are you doing today?




  1. What a peaceful Fall morning… lovely!

    I also really like your new guest room in the post below.

  2. Sounds like my kind of ‘perfect’ morning, Brenda. Your photos are lovely (I felt like Clyde beside you). Today, after a week absence from home, the garden calls … leaves raked, beds cleaned and mulched. Though a chill in the air (40s) after a balmy Indian Summer, the color in some areas is still striking … a lovely November day.

  3. Relaxing after going to a Veteran’s Day parade. I think Clyde is thinking of all the things you stated. I simply love that pink pansy.

  4. Such a peaceful morning. I wish I could have joined you.

  5. How perfect. Clyde is so handsome! Are those the narcissus bulbs already???

  6. Clyde is so regal! What a beautiful morning. It was beautiful here too. My thermometer read 37 degrees. I didn’t get to sit and relax with coffee as I like to do on Saturday mornings. I needed to run an errand that had to be done before 10 a.m.. I did stop at a lucrative Estate Sale! I also had a nice visit with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law this afternoon. I put a load of clothes in the washer this morning with intent to hang them when I returned from my errands. I just put them in the dryer around 5 p.m. !! Heh, Heh!

  7. Clyde is a handsome boy for sure , regal looking!
    Looks just like my daughter’s car Freda, same sweet face,
    Love your garden Brenda I would be in heaven there.
    Ps What i did today was 4 loads of laundry and a bit of running around for errands..

  8. Awesome photos, aren’t you supposed to be ‘not’ in the garden?

  9. Brenda: Clyde is a handsome brute and I love his vison from the back yard!

  10. Sounds like a great day. Hey didn’t the doctor tell you to stay inside or something? Hopefully, you are just completely well. Clyde is quite the looker.

  11. Clyde is a good companion for you in the garden. I wonder what he is thinking? Probably wondering if he can catch that bird…

  12. Looks like you had a good day in the garden. Your pictures are very nice, esp. the tree ones.

    Always Growing

  13. Good morning, Brenda. Clyde looks so snuggly and soft. Too bad I canNOT snuggle him…I’m allergic to cats. 😦 You can snuggle him for me. 😉 I love the picture of the bird in the tree…I envy the beautiful sunshine you are having there. We haven’t had sun in 3 days now.

    Have a wonderful day!


    Love u!

  14. Brenda,

    Isn’t it fun just to sit and see all that you accomplished and how much hard work we’ve done.

    I get a kick out out people who have there garden all landscaped by someone else and then want to show it off. It takes a lot more effort when you do it yourself. I just visited one where the lady had three secret gardens, an arbor, a huge fountain and she hadn’t done any of it. She just had a landscape designer come in. Okay, in some ways I’m jealous but I take a lot of pride in what I can do.


  15. The photos of the branches silhouetted against the sky and the pansies are particularly beautiful! Looks and sounds like a lovely morning.

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