Posted by: Brenda Kula | November 7, 2008

Guest Room Reveal


This morning I started out with a mattress, box springs, and a torn crocheted dust ruffle. Oh, and I can’t forget the room has a floor!


Robert was not quite through in there. But since he wasn’t here today, I moved his paint cans and tools and started decorating anyway. It’s been a long time coming.


I did not go purchase one thing. Just went through the garage and all the other rooms and started putting things into some sort of order. As I worked, it became clear to me that I was decorating for little Marley Ross, soon to be born next month. I could not help myself. She is still curled safely in her mommy’s tummy. My first granddaughter.

Riley will not be still long enough for me to teach him how to embroider or quilt or sew a blind stitch. I’m itching not just from the dregs of poison ivy, but to get my hands on a little girl with my genes in her to hopefully instill the love of making handmade things.

Many years ago I had it in my head to make dolls. I can’t say why. My daughters were no longer young. So I just started drawing and cutting out fabric, and stitched up these that I found out in the garage in a garbage sack the other day. Can’t believe they’ve survived all this time.


There really is no rhyme or reason to them. They’re not fancy or anything. But perhaps Marley Ross will come visit me when she’s older and sleep with one tucked up against her chest.


And wrap herself up in one of my quilts, like the one at the end of the bed, while I read her a story. And make up silly tales that make her laugh. I already know her smile, I think, from big brother Riley James. It glows with innocence.

She will never get to meet her great-grandmother, my daughter’s paternal grandmother. She died a few years ago, and her maiden name is where we’re getting the name “Ross.” But Charlyce knew I loved patchwork even before I picked up my first quilting needle long ago. And she bought me this bear because it was made of worn quilts.


Here is the closet/sewing nook I had Robert working on. He took down the bifold doors, made a desk for me, and painted everything. I now have a place to leave out my old feather-weight  Singer sewing machine.


And storage enough for all my fabric collected over the years. I have that in drawers off to the left side that are hidden from view.


I’m exhausted now. But it was worth it. I now have a place for everything that was stuffed all over the house. I may change things some. But at least I have a guest room now.


Everything in its place…


And finally, a place for everything.


I made most everything in here except for the red quilt, dust ruffle, and pillowcases. From the decoupaged pickle jars…


To the wallpapered child’s desk…


To the white decoupaged tray…

To these little boxes…


Grammy is waiting, Marley Ross. Be safe, little baby, as you come out of your mother’s womb and into our arms.




  1. I love it! Marley Ross will love her room!

  2. What a sweet post Brenda, and what a wonderful room for a grandchild, much anticipated and already well loved.

  3. Oh, Brenda, I find myself near tears. You are such an Artist! You inspire me to let go and let the Spirit move me, and to simply create because I want to. That has been such a long time coming for me. The spaces you have created are beautiful for both the body and the soul. Your dear grandchildren are soooo blessed to have such a grandmother. And Marley is a grand name! I’m so glad you get to go be with your daughter and grandbaby.

    When I move to my new place, I’m going to be hounding you for decorating help!

  4. Brenda,

    I don’t know where to start. Your guest room is so cozy and comfortable. The bedding is just to die for and you just gathered it up around the house? Your sewing closet is a perfect space. I know your little granddaughter will love those handmade dolls.

    Rest up, you deserve it.


  5. What a beautiful room!! I love your dolls. The red haired one is my favorite as she reminds me of Raggdy Ann of the Raggdy Ann and Andy books which I loved when I was a small child.
    How great it is that you had so many lovely things in your home just waiting for the room to be done!

  6. It’s beautiful Brenda. It’s just the sweetest guest room. Marley Ross is going to love visiting her grandma’s house.

  7. oh Brenda, a new baby, how wonderful, sigh I hope Marley Ross brings you a student to pass on your skills to

    I love how you put it together, it seems just so right for a little gal

    the dolls are gorgeous, they remind me of Raggedy Ann too

    happy weekend


  8. Hi Brenda, with tears in my eyes I feel the love pouring out of you in your words and as you have worked to make the perfect spot for little Marley Ross. May she be so very grateful to have such a loving grandmother ready to show her the way.

    I have that exact sewing machine too, it is the only one I have ever had and I love it. It has made many a quilt also.


  9. What a beautiful room! You are so talented, it’s awesome. Your grandchildren are very blessed to have a grammy like you.

  10. GREAT room! I love quilts and something about this room just screams “come snuggle” to me. Love it!

  11. This room is darling. I love all the quilts and the little collections of do-dads you pout together. You have a real knack for decorating. :o) So glad I happened by.
    ~ Linda

  12. Brenda what a sweet room!! its sooo gorgeous and inviting! Love the colors you picked!!
    I can’t get over how handy you are with a needle , wow I am so impressed your wonderfully talented !Bet you didn’t even know that did you..
    You will never guess what … when I saw the name Marley I could not believe my eyes,my daughter wants to name her first born Marley.Course you know I have some waiting to do before that happens she does not even date right now.. Lol!!
    Gramma Brenda…. its got a nice sound eh!!
    I am so tired Brenda I don’t know which end is up, hubby is in the hospital, when its over I will email you the details and Nola too, right now I can’t even think I must go lay down I have been there 2 days and I am so stressed out.
    Love the room !! Wish I had all those wonderful quilts!!
    Love the dolls… I love it all!!

  13. Brenda,
    The room is beautiful! I love the name Marley Ross! I have 2 sons. I so hope for a granddaughter some day to share my loves with–sewing, gardening, baking!

  14. Great guest room! I bet your granddaughter will love coming to stay with you when she is older(-: You two will have loads of fun!!!

  15. What a pretty and welcoming guest room. I love all the hand made items and Marley Ross will too. She will definitely know that she is loved.

    Your sewing space is the closet is a genius idea. Love it!

  16. You did a great job, Brenda. This room looks so comfortable, warm, inviting, and cozy. Everything a guest room should be.

    Always Growing

  17. That room is sweet and colorful. She will love it one day. Cute snowglobes.

  18. Very nice room all set up for lots of grandchildren and company. So nice and homey. I just love all the crafts. When I was growing up and going to my grandparents, all her crafts would be in the room too. I simply adored it as will yours.

  19. Brenda…you did a WONDERFUL job on the guest room. Wow! I’m serious! I love all the quilts, the hand made dolls (especially the red-head one)…the snowglobes…each of these things make the room feel so warm and definitely full of love. So…when will be coming through Illinois???…(wink wink) 🙂


  20. Hey Brenda, I’ll be right over. Love that bowl of thread sitting there.

  21. The room is very cozy and inviting. I love your sewing area and the little goodies you have displayed in it.

  22. It looks lovely! And you’re so organised. Will you come to Paris and organise our small apartment, please? We have way too much stuff in too small a space. The quilts and the dolls are very special. No doubt your grandchildren will one day cherish them.

  23. What a wonderful room! I love your quilts! And I love the dolls you made! Patti

  24. I forgot to mention what a great idea you had, taking off the closet doors and having Robert build you a desk and making it into a sewing nook and where you can display all your treasures! I love it!

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