Posted by: Brenda Kula | November 6, 2008

Fall Flower Fun


Coming to the end of week three of the poison ivy itch. It’s not as bad as it was. But as the steroid dose started going down, the itch grew worse. So back to the doctor I went today. Got another shot to jump-start things.

So I stopped by Home Depot and bought myself a little plant to soothe my spirit and take the sting out of my butt. Then took the Pathfinder by the dealership because I feared the battery was waning on me. The guy said, “Pop your hood.”

“Where is it?” I asked him. “You don’t know where you pop your hood?” he said, grinning like perhaps I might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer. Or maybe just a woman.



“I don’t do any hood-poppin’,” I told him tersely. “So no, I don’t know where it is.” I am a little testy after a shot and waiting in the doctor’s office.

Seems my battery was corroded. So I left the hood popping and the entire mess to them, and called my neighbor Liane to come fetch me. We drove out to Gardening Angel, where, strangely enough, Liane had never been. She’s lived here all her life. I will show that girl around, I tell you. So we wandered that strange place where yard decorations sit out in the grass and weeds and you choose from a myriad of treasures.

I bought this. It is glass. I don’t know exactly what you’d call it. But you stuck it in a bucket rigged up to a pulley and weighed it. Two dollars a pound.


And this green one…


I’m thinking now this one is kind of bland. Probably should have gone with two blue ones…


Yesterday I planted two flats of pansies. Aren’t they the sweetest little things? I like to spice the soil up with colored marbles and such. While I was doing all this, my husband was inside with the cable guy. Who was here to fix the cable that goes to the TV in his exercise room (that previously was the guest room.) I don’t think the man could bear to lift weights in silence. The racket that is the television must be on, turned up so loud you can scarcely hear yourself think.


I have a sign attached to my front gate that tells everyone there are dogs inside and the gate must be closed please. Little painted doggy feet decorate the words. Of course this young man chose to ignore this very obvious sign and left it open. And out goes Abigail. I go running after her. They come out to help me find her and manage to leave the gate open again. Which is when Charlie Ross chose to make his escape.


Next month I will be driving to Tulsa to be in attendance when my granddaughter Marley Ross comes into this world. And I just wonder how things will roll along without me here to close gates and think fast. (Yes, Ross is a family name.)

So finally we are able to catch those lunatic dogs that light out like they really have some place in mind, when the highway is one block away. Heaven only knows what everyone’s blood pressure  was after that little ordeal.


While the young man was running through yards, he managed to drop some sort of tiny expensive speaker he had on his person. So then he wanted a rake to try and find it. I’m standing at the table in back potting up plants. I’m not going to help him. Shouldn’t have left the fool gate open to start with. Finally he rakes the thing up. Oh, I’m sure he was glad to leave these premises with the crazed dogs and the delirium that came about. He has been here before, so I didn’t feel the least bit sorry for him. I bet he thinks twice when, upon his third visit to this house, he might take a moment to close the front gate and avoid this sort of situation.


My doctor asked me if it might be possible for me to stay out of brush and gardens and such for just one day while my skin absorbs the steroids. A little plucky of him, I thought. I like to be outdoors in my gardens.

Liane and I picked up my prescriptions and came home to find that Robert had built and installed a desk inside my guest room closet while I was gone. I was so impressed when I saw that he had cut out a place for my chair and painted it and everything. Boy, is he ever a gem. He can do most anything.

The other day he had to fix three things the previous bunch I had in here managed to do wrong. Can you believe he fixed the Venetian bronze toilet handle where the water would stop running without you having to pull it back up? And he did it with 12 pennies he tied to something inside of that tank thing. Works like a charm. Fixed the toilet roll holder that was already loose by taking one of my toothpicks and putting it in the wall and then putting the screw back in it. They’d stripped something or other attaching it to the wall. I keep him busy fixing things other people didn’t manage to get right the first time around.

Tomorrow when the paint dries I will take photos and show you. He’s gone for the weekend now, even though it’s Thursday. He is in the process of moving. And has purchased some land he’s going to build himself a little house on. Tomorrow he has to rent a bulldozer or some such piece of machinery and clear out a road to get to it. So all will be quiet tomorrow. And hopefully they get my battery back in proper working order.  I can handle Robert, but the rest of the men I’ve encountered today has kind of soured me on talking to them. The pets and I shall have a quiet evening reading Time or Newsweek. Contemplating what we’ll do in the yard tomorrow. I didn’t promise to stay inside then.



  1. Those are chunks of glass, I have them in my front yard, you can see them in the photos when I posted about the butterfly garden way back when. I bought mine in Henrietta, I think, well, eastern Oklahoma somewhere.
    Yea! peace and quiet tomorrow; we can gab on the phone!

  2. Your pansies are looking just so perky…..too bad I didn’t plant any this year!

  3. I know I keep saying this but your photos are amazing!

    I hope your doctor doesn’t see your blog pics – he will know you were in the garden!! 🙂

  4. Oh my, I am still laughing! From the “I don’t do any hood-poppin’,” to soothe my spirit and take the sting out of my butt.!
    I loved the amazing pictures but your personality is the real gem and I am so glad I found your blog…again!

    I also have to have the TV on high to keep me on the darn treadmill.

    Sorry the poison ivy is still bothering you. I can’t wait until my next cortizone shot for my back. THEY DO STING!
    I am off to Physical Therapy,
    Take care my friend!

  5. Your blogs keep me in stitches! I am just so sorry to hear you are still itching! I was in hopes we would get the all clear post.
    The pansies are beautiful. I’ve got to get some–I just don’t want to pull up the profusion zinnias!

  6. What a day! I bet you are glad its over and have some sweet pansies to soothe you. I love the glass chunks. Very sparkly.

  7. I had a neighbor in Arlington whose two dogs would dig out under her fence and then go sit on the front porch. It used to frustrate the heck out of her.

    Sorry to hear you are still uncomfortable. I can’t imagine.

  8. HI Brenda, boy it’s always something around at your place, isn’t it? And that doctor saying not to go outside? Who is going to chase the dogs and plant the plants and keep everyone in line? Many congrats on the new baby Marley, sweet name. I probably have mentioned that I was born and raised in Tulsa, myself, many years ago. A good place to be brought into this world. ;->

  9. Okay, how do I find that garden shop where you bought that glass. I wantz me some.

    Why don’t you have Robert put a spring on the garden gate so it will shut automatically?

  10. Hi Brenda,
    Your pansies are so perky and pretty. I am not very mechanical, but I can check the air in my tires, change tail light bulbs–simple stuff only! I am glad you are getting relief from your poison ivy!

  11. Brenda,

    You are so sweet! You sure know how to make a mom feel like she is doing some things right :)! Thank you so much for your ever kind words at my blog! You are right about how I have come to this place I am with my Jane…

    Still itching, oh dear! I never knew poison ivy was such a nightmare! At least you have kept your garden beautiful in this season. Your blog is making me long for the sun. It is early winter like now where I am. The only drawback to the sun, far as I can see, is the poison ivy!

    Love the glass, the new flowers, and the news you are in for a new little one in your family!

  12. Your pansies look so good! I’m hoping to get some time for the flowerbeds in the next few weeks – they are really suffering from lack of attention. I want to get some pansies out – they just look so friendly!
    Hope you get your wheels back soon.

  13. ps – where is this Gardening Angel place and how have I missed it?

  14. lovely garden photos. It’s horrible that the poison ivy is still affecting you. I would never have thought it was that severe. Yikes.

  15. Glad to hear that you are feeling a little better. It is amazing that you had a “feeling” about the battery. Love, love, love the pansies, and if I saw those chunks of glass, I would have bought them too. Have a wonderful weekend. Susan

  16. The last pansy is a gem. Best wishes and all happiness with the birth of the little one.

  17. Hi Brenda, I’m so happy your itch is going away. It seems like you’ve been itching forever!! I love your garden pictures. I loved the hood popping story too!! Too funny!

  18. You take care of yourself very well, girlfriend– you can pay men to know how to pop the hood. On the way down to Alabama, I had to call a service to give my battery a jump. The young man was trying to draw things out, when I got my head beneath the hood, used the cell to call my hubby and figure out why the young man couldn’t jump the battery straight away. I’m no babe in the woods.

    I’m itching to get in the run-down gardens of the house we are buying in south Mobile!

  19. Hi, Brenda: I’m so sorry to hear you’re still itching! I had an allergic reaction one time to some medication & having my skin itch was just the worst thing in the world! I LOVE your pansies and your beautiful photos of them! Pansies are my very favorite Autumn/Winter flower! Even before Mums! And I love your idea of putting colored marbles in your pots—I’m going to do that when I plant my pansies! There’s a booth outdoors at the First Monday TradeDays in Canton, TX that usually has the large chunks of colored glass, but I couldn’t tell you where it is—I usually never get past the Arbors! Mom bought some of it one time when she went with us. They told us it’s left over from the factories where they made glassware and soda pop bottles! We thought that was so interesting! Patti

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