Posted by: Brenda Kula | October 31, 2008

The Paint Debate

Happy Halloween everyone! It shall be a quiet day for me. Robert is working on the guest room. He has it painted. Now he will be laying the floors. Then we have the paint decision for the entry/living room/dining room where the French doors shall be. Who knew picking a green shade would turn out to be so hard?

First we picked out an eggshell sort of yellowish color and he put it on a couple of walls in the living room. Didn’t much like it. This is a rather dark room. So perhaps it isn’t an accurate depiction of the real product. So we’re trying to come up with one color that will look good in the dim entryway, the medium-dark living room, and what will be a very light dining room with two walls of French doors.

Then we decided green. So he slapped up three different shades, two of which he mixed. I thought it would be a good frame for the French doors that would look out on the garden.

One difference will be that the beadboard will no longer be there. But somehow nothing seems to look right. Hmm…

The greens of the garden are so vibrant and uplifting. But we can’t seem to get this effect indoors.

We could not possibly compete with Mother Nature, and aren’t trying to. Just accent the view.

The berries on the hollies are turning their autumn red.

My ever-hardy geranium is still showing spirited blooms.

The gardens seem happy and in harmony. Now if we can just pick the right paint color. And the poison ivy will go away.

Back to the drawing board…

Robert is busy working on creating yet another shade. This time in the living room.



  1. Brenda,

    I like the soft sage in the last picture. Colors are so fickle and hard to pick out. Good luck and it looks your home is turning out incredibly beautiful!
    Loved all the nature pictures. Impatients have always been a favorite.
    Have a happy Halloween!

  2. I love the green shades,so cool and relaxing, that will be my new color for the living room when ever I get it done,when hell freezes over maybe but someday I will get my dream I swear.
    I am sending you cooling green shades Brenda to help you feel better .I cannot believe how long its lasted , may you never get it again.
    Happy Spooky Halloween to YOU!!

  3. Hi Brenda,
    I love the colors – so on to mixing some more colors? You’ll find just the right one. Nothing will compare to your garden with it’s beauty – it’s a breath of fresh air just looking at the photos.

    Happy Halloween to you – love the Jack-O-Lantern in the first photo with the plant in front – very charming!

  4. Hi Brenda,
    I love the colors – so on to mixing some more colors? You’ll find just the right one. Nothing will compare to your garden with it’s beauty – it’s a breath of fresh air just looking at the photos.

    Happy Halloween to you – love the Jack-O-Lantern in the first photo with the plant in front – very charming!

  5. I Loooovve the green! My living room is a very light shade of green. Would have gone a little darker but everything else in the room is maroon & dark wook color. Another color I like is a light brown/tan… that goes with anything! xoxo, Joanna

  6. Green is great! I recently repainted a new color green in my house. This is the trick I learned. My house is rather darkish too, being a Cape Cod style facing east. I chose Behr paints in the neutral tone. I found all neutral tint base to be best. It positively seems to glow and comes true. I like all of your sage greenish colors though.

  7. I like the one on the far right best; the others are too beige and too yellow. But I would also like something not quite as muted, something more true green, but not real bright; yea, big help, huh? Good luck…and finally, a peek into your living room!

  8. You will know what it right when you see it. I like all the greens you came up with…but it does depend on the lighting and other things in the room. Have fun…while you figure it out!

  9. Thank you for the Birthday wishes!
    Are you feeling better? I sure hope so.
    Happy Halloween,

  10. I like the middle one of those greens, paint colour is so hard isn’t it, get it wrong and it’s awful, get it right and enhances day to day life.

    beautiful greens in your garden, I love how you get them with droplets, I *wish my garden was nice, sigh, can’t have everything at once though…


  11. Happy Halloween!
    Ah paint, I love it, I hate it. Greens seem to be especially difficult for me – but I do love greens, it’s finding the right shade that makes life difficult.

  12. Hi, Brenda! I love the green you show as it’s being painted in the living room! Very pretty shade! Love your plant photos—beautiful as always! My geraniums have a bloom this week, too! They haven’t bloomed for several weeks; then we took in all our potted plants earlier this week when the forecast was for a freezing night; I didn’t get them back outside till a couple of days later & when I took them back out, the geraniums started blooming again! What an unexpected surprise! Happy Painting! Patti

  13. I loathe choosing paint colors. I am never happy with what I choose once it’s on the wall. There’s no way in tarnation to tell what a WALL of color will look like by viewing a 3″ paint chip!

    I hope you’re feeling better. I still remember the misery of my last bout of poison ivy. Ick, it’s no fun! 😦

  14. Hi Brenda, I like the green in the last photos. 🙂 How are you feeling today?

  15. I really like the shade to the far right in the 3rd photo. Sage green is one of my favorite colors.

  16. Brenda,

    I think Robert’s got the color perfect now. I’m thinking Granny Smith Apple but not quite that bright. These rooms are going to be so perfect and I can’t wait to see the french doors.

    It’s been too cold here during the day for me to be out in the yard much. I need to get top soil, much and start moving stone and transplanting my border grass.

    Is the itching getting better?

    I’d do the hug thing but just in case you are not fully recovered, I’m not taking any chances.


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