Posted by: Brenda Kula | October 30, 2008

Pansy Happy

My very soul needed some new blooms. So while at Lowes yesterday, I picked up a few. The pansies are so cheerful with their cute little etched faces.

I have been awake pretty much since 3 a.m., tossing, itching. Now my skin is raw and burning from so many ointments and such, I suppose. I shall be very careful around vines from now on, I assure you.

New blooms always make my heart skip a beat or two.

There’s a cat in them there plants. Can you see his black and white face? He thinks he is a lion in the jungle, watching for prey. Sweet Clyde.

The dogs went to Susan the groomer this morning. They hate having kerchiefs around their neck. But Susan just insists they go home with one on around holidays. And so the Halloween theme it was. I snapped a few quick photos once home, for I knew they wouldn’t stay on for long.

Abigail is slightly embarrassed. She has been cooped up too long and badly needs to relieve herself. But, once still, I must take the shot…

I don’t know why it is my dogs hate anything on them. No collar or kerchief. I could never put clothing on them. They act like it is sheer torture.

Miniature roses are still blooming in this area.

Sedum Autumn Joy…

One of my two goldfish in the outdoor pond…

Shadows reflected on a cobalt blue pot…

It is a beautiful sunshiny day. And I enjoy sitting outside looking around me, taking in the silence. Feeling content when I’m not too itchy.

The kerchiefs are off. Almost forgotten.

The sun feels good, and there’s a soft breeze. Enjoy the day.



  1. That’s funny, she looks really pissed at you. Damn sharf!

  2. Brenda,

    I’m so glad I found you too. I must have missed a post because you are itching. Did you get into poison ivy. Say it ain’t so! You know I had a run in with it too this year. I hope you get better soon. I bought some pansies too.

    Mine are blue.~~Dee

  3. I’m sorry your itchy. New blooms make me feel better too! Thanks for sharing your bounty of beauty (and not pictures of your itchy irritated skin:)

  4. Pansy’s are my all time most favorite flower in the world!
    Such a simple humble little flower but makes me smile and makes me happy to see them even if they are living in Texas.
    Wish I could pick some up too… ha….. I could pick up a snowflake or two maybe but not a pansy.Its getting wayyyy too cold for a little flower up here.
    Just the thought of winter again makes me sad it means , many days indoors, dry skin, no sun, big bulky clothing and either your freezing or your too hot no middle ground in winter.I must be getting too old for this I use to love it.
    Love your little guy’s , they look so cute with the Halloween scarf on .
    The kitten stray is doing ok at his new home,I feel better about that,I miss the little guy.Looks a little like your Clyde
    Sweet pics Brenda and again I do hope you get well soon.

  5. Hi Brenda, I hope your itching is easing up with the meds. It is funny the dogs don’t like the kerchiefs, but they do look well groomed! I love pansies too and am so glad that we live where we can buy them anytime during the cooler months. They burn up in the heat of summer but are easy to replace and are so sweet. Hope their faces gave you cheer. We had an incredibly beautiful day here after a couple of frosty nights. I even saw some butterflies!

  6. I do hope your rash goes away soon. Can’t imagine it! Your dogs look content. My big dog is always embarrassed coming from the groomer. He smells too pretty for a boy I suspect and that hurts his manly manner.

  7. PINK PANSIES!!! PINK PANSIES; my lord, Brenda, I LOVE pink! I’ve never seen a pink pansy; guess I’ll be stopping by Lowe’s and searching out pink pansies.
    Shame on you for violating Abi’s right to privacy! You know all too well that when she’s got to go, SHE’S GOT TO GO!!!

  8. There is nothing more soul refreshing than the look and scent of pansies .. I love them too !
    Hey .. I don’t blame the “kids” for not wanting the scarf thing .. or anything else .. they want to be naked and free !! haha
    Hope the itching is calming down .. and the cleaning .. and the watching the clock thing .. and the paranoid thing .. wow …. what is left ??? LOL

  9. Well the frost got my flowers last night so tomorrow the planters get emptied and replaced with pansies for the winter and early Spring. Brenda I thought about you today when I was at the pharmacy buying some first aid gel and I ran across the calamine lotion. Hope you saw some relief today. ~ Lynn

  10. Poison ivy is enough to drive a person crazy. Sorry to read you are going through a bad patch (no pun intended). It will pass….

    On a positive note, Charlie is adorable, your yard is lovely and the pansy are so pretty. Looks very warm there.

    Hugs and take care, G

  11. Brenda,
    Poor Abigail, no privacy! My doggies seem to realize how pretty they are afte a visit to the groomers! I am so sorry your poison ivy is still making you so miserable!

  12. Beautiful pansy photos! I also love the one of the goldfish!


  13. Your pansies look so pretty I need to go get some this weekend. I love the kitty hiding inside the blooms.

    I was hoping your itching would be getting better. The hardest thing is to keep it off your mind.

    We haven’t had a hard frost yet but I know it’s coming and I need to dig out my annuals and get those pansies going.

    Even with the scratching your gardening worlds ahead of me.


  14. What cute puppies. I must say they looked happier once the scarves came off!!

  15. was just about to ask you how the itching was going, phew it seems to have lasted a long time

    do you have ‘sticky weed’ there, this is a new thing to me, lots of people here warned us about it and it grows like mad if you let it, seems it is not good if you let it touch you either


  16. Pansies are one of my favorites! And I can’t believe you’re still itching!!
    I’ve been praying that you feel better soon.

  17. Your poor doggie looks pretty upset about the photo taking & the kerchief! 🙂 The pansies are cheerful little blooms at this time of the year. I hope your itching subsides soon Brenda!

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