Posted by: Brenda Kula | October 22, 2008

Pet Updates

Porgie seems perfectly healthy, more than 24 hours now since her release from the overflow tank. Which has us all rather perplexed, as I have a very contained aquarium. We can’t figure out how she got over there in the first place. But she is knocking every other fish aside when I feed them. I guess she didn’t get as much food in captivity as she’d have liked.

All of you were very nice to leave comments about Georgie and Porgie’s love story. So I wanted to at least show you a photo of them.

Below is Georgie. He is a much deeper shade of orange than any other clownfish I’ve seen.

One of the three dartfish below.

This is Benny the lawnmower Blenny. I know he’s so ugly he’s cute. He would garner the award for most personality of any fish in the saltwater tank at my house. Just look at those eyelashes!

What is it with cats? Yesterday I found both of my cats in confined spaces. Here’s Clyde in a red box I happened to have cleaned out the other day and hadn’t put anything back into yet. He does look a bit sheepish about it. But completely content.

And then I found Bonnie in the master bathroom. Someone had left the door to the vanity open. She had crawled into one of the drawers and refused to get out. Seems there’s always pet shenanigans of some variety going on at my house.

But then with two cats, two dogs, the seven occupants of the saltwater tank, and the two goldfish that live in the pond, there’s bound to always be something.


  1. Clyde looks beautiful in the red box; he must know how great his b/w fur looks against the red. He is one fashionable guy!

  2. Love your cats! One time I had a cat that used to jump up in that space above the kitchen cabinets and just sleep! She was in heaven.

  3. I would be so content to stare into that tank all day.They are such pretty colors!
    Bonnie and Clyde look adorable too!
    Your one lucky lady to have so much company around to keep you occupied and show you so much furry love!!

  4. Hi, girlfriend! I found you! Wow, lookin’ good! I have internet at son’s house now. Maybe I’ll get around a little more.


  5. I can’t imagine a household without pets! 😉

  6. Brenda,

    Your fish tank is so much fun to see. Those fish do look exactly like Nemo. For me it’s kind of like watching a fire. I just become entranced by them.

    You have the funniest cats. It seems like they are always looking for little spaces to curl up in.


  7. What sweet kitties. They make me miss my Harley! I also find it mesmerizing to watch fish!

  8. My son would be in his glory with those fish!!

    My son also loves cats, but he’s allergic.

    I’ve got the dogs and they can always find a bit of trouble. LOL

    BTW…I’m having a little give away – pop by my blog if you’re interested.

  9. Always a sucker for a good love story, thanks for keeping us updated on the soap opera, Brenda. I wouldln’t worry about Porgie … he looks well fed!

  10. love the fishy photos! Very relaxing!


  11. me again — exile was supposed to be xo — I use a speech dictation program and sometimes it gets things incorrect.


  12. That is Nemo reincarnated. Benny is beautiful.

  13. Some serious pet shenanigans going on over there! xo, suzy

  14. Just popped by to say Hi! Love your pics-my kitties do the same thing with boxes, drawers and hidey holes in general. Glad to hear that Porgie and Georgie are back together. Take care. Sue

  15. Your critters are surely cute. 🙂 The clown fish are so pretty.

  16. I just love that you named your cats Bonnie and Clyde. Have you ever not noticed one of them and shut the drawer or closet door? I have. Poor Pixie took a nap in my dresser, and it wasn’t till several hours later that I heard those pathetic Mews coming from the dresser drawer. Now I always remember to look before I shut. Susan

  17. awesome!!… who knew fish had such personality… and kitties… love em… i heard this strange noise in my closet went to see what it was little kitty playing in a paper bag… hilarious… so i set out an empty paper bag underneath a table and she now sleeps there… came by to say thank you for such a nice coment you left… i use to live in east texas, wolfe city, near commerce, just east of greenville… beautiful photos and website!!… one more believer

  18. How did you ever guess how much I wanted to see those two little fish?!

  19. Totally loved reading every bit of this post. It’s good to see them all so happy with you. What a treat!

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