Posted by: Brenda Kula | October 21, 2008

Finding Porgie

Today I went out for early voting and took some photos along the way.

And I have a somewhat funny story to tell. This morning my aquarium couple came to do their once-per-month heavy cleaning of my small 26 gallon saltwater fish tank. I had called them about three weeks ago to say one of my two clownfish was missing. Porgie. You see, I originally had Georgie, and they had brought me Porgie (rhyming their names is easier to remember) back last winter.

Jeff and Aundrea of Lonestar Aquariums know that I get very attached to my pets, which include the fish. So when I said I hadn’t seen Porgie for a few days, Jeff said, “Brenda, I think Porgie has passed.” I suppose he thought if he put it that way, it wouldn’t sound so harsh. Well of course I wanted to know where Porgie was then. He very gently explained that the other fish had likely eaten “the remains.” Oh dear. Distressing thought. That’s like shipmates resorting to cannibalism to me. But alas, the ways of nature and the ocean sometimes elude us.

But I managed to remain dignified (if that term could ever be used in relation to me) and go on with life. It was disturbing to watch Georgie appear to be so agitated, however. He would race across the front of the tank when I passed by, as though to tell me something was amiss. You see, at night when the lights go off, they sort of do this little dance at the back corner of the tank together. But they’re actually sleeping. Such a sweet couple those two were!

I commiserated with little Georgie. I asked Jeff and Aundrea to order another clownfish from the ocean because Georgie appeared to be lonesome. And so they did. This morning they came through the back door with Flo, who was shipped in from Florida. They eased her into my tank and off she swam to explore her new much smaller home.

Jeff was replacing the foam filter that goes in the back of the tank, when suddenly he said, “Porgie is in the overflow!”

What? Dead?

But no, she was alive in her little space she’d somehow managed to get herself into! I asked them how on earth she survived this long without food. They explained that some of the frozen fish I feed them had apparently gotten through to her. She seemed fine! I apologized profusely to her, though I have no idea how she managed to get herself into such a fine fix!

So THAT’S what little Georgie was trying to convey to me in his dashing to and fro across the front of the tank. His mate was “lost at sea” in the overflow at the back of the tank! And I thought he was being piggish and begging for food after a decent mourning period. Poor Georgie!

Jeff freed her from her prison. Little Porgie is fine. What a love story. I wanted to cry.

A heartwarming tale, isn’t it? I’m not a romantic sort, but this was so touching. And now, to see them together again, swimming happily in the tank. All is well.

But that meant Flo had to go. And she was just getting the “lay of the land!” Or “her feet wet” might be more accurate a statement! Three clownfish together in one small tank do not bode well. Apparently three is a crowd in fish tank vernacular.

And so they scooped her out and put her back into the plastic bag of water to take home. She unfortunately would not be joining our little family in the tank.

I haven’t watched the movie, but is this something like “Finding Nemo?” I don’t know that story. But now I have my own little saga.

Some of you asked to see more of the mysterious tree in my yard. If someone knows what it is, do tell me and solve the puzzle.



  1. Pretty neat tree and I should know what it is, but don’t. A magnolia maybe?

    Yup, sounds like Finding Nemo. A very heartwarming story. I wish it were the same with my two goldfish. I have had them for 2.5 years in my outside bathtub pond and now they are gone. I am so sad and can’t believe it! I have no idea what critter got them but it is probably the same that got the other five fish that were there last winter along with these two. I agree with you, two fish are better than three for some reason.

  2. Brenda you do tell a story!!!!!
    I am so glad Georgie and Porgie are together again!!
    Poor little thing getting stuck like that how awful.
    Right now we have a dilema ourselves,my son’s girlfriend found a little kitten at her window begging to get in but she has a big Finnish cat called Henry already in residence but she feed it for a few days hoping it would find its way home, no such luck,it dipp’s below zero here at night we had snow, no way a little kitten should be outside, now we had to find it a home.
    I asked my brother Peter who is a confirmed bachelor after his last divorce,he lives alone and I knew he would not mind babysitting a few days, well a week later the kitten is still there, we still need to find it a home.
    My son is looking at me with the big pleading eyes, LORD….. I am not ready for a pet I go out of town wayyy to often to look after one properly.And I have my own (( pets)) here at home , I can’t deal with another pooper in the house.
    So that’s where we are ….. trying to find this little tuxedo cute as a button playful kitten a home.

  3. Okay, I researched a bit. Maybe the tree is an arbutus tree? Commonly known as Strawberry tree? Check it out and see if that is what it is. Also, I forgot to say I LOVE the prickly pear. This stuff is great.

  4. Hi Brenda,
    What a cute little tale… I’m so pleased it had a happy ending (except for Flo, but she’ll find a new home and didn’t have time to get attached… hmm, but maybe got her hopes up a bit with Georgie… 😉

    I love all your photos and enjoying nature. That cow is precious, what beautiful eyes. I think I shall carrying my computer into the living room and show Zeke, think he’d like a companion like that to watch over.

    Take care sweetie. See you in the pines soon!

  5. Aw, what a sweet little tale that was. I like a good fish story, especially when it has a happy ending. 😉

  6. I am so happy she is o.k. I bet Georgie was freaking out trying to tell you to help her(-: If only they could talk.
    Glad they were happily reunited!
    I have a question about the hay rolls. How tall are they?
    I have always wondered when I see pictures of them. We don’t have rolls here we have bales. So It is very interesting to me to see the rolls. They looks so cool.

  7. How that little fish survived is beyond me. You do tell a great story Brenda. The pictures were fantastic too, thanks for sharing. It looks like a Magnolia to me too.

  8. Good evening, Brenda. I just loved your story of Georgie, Porgie and Flo. I’ve never known a fish to get caught in the back flow…and survive!!! Wow! She must really loved Georgie!! 😉 Thank you for sharing. I wish your fishies well! I hope the rest of your Tuesday went well. **hugs**

    PS I removed the word verification and just elected to review and approve posts before they appear on my site. That’s much easier to delete.

  9. Brenda,
    I gave your tree another good look I use to have a plant like that, sure did look similar ,rang a bell you might say, I think its a Laurel called a Money Tree
    Look it up see what you think

  10. Brenda,

    I don’t know what that tree is. We have such different ones here in SC.

    Finding Nemo is just about like your little story, which I loved. Poor little fish. At least he wasn’t sushi.

    Loved your photos. Especially the cow ones.


  11. Great entertainment today!! I love these kinds of stories and can relate to it…we have a huge water trough for our goats and there are fish in it…sometimes one is just gone!!

  12. Call me sentimental, I loved that little story! So glad to hear the end of a new beginning :).

  13. What an adorable fish tale. I am so glad that Porgie was saved.

    As for the tree, it looks like a loquat. Try looking here – . It looks like your tree.

    Always Growing

  14. Hi Brenda, you fish tale is funnier than any of my monkey stories. At least I didn’t have to replace one of them because it played hide and seek so well;) I think your tree might be a loquat. Are you coming to scarecrow fest in Kaufman? We are selling bulbs.

  15. I loved this story. I’m so glad Porgie was found and that Georgie was such a faith little lover to try to get your attention. WOW! Fish are amazing!!


  16. Jan beat me to the ID, Brenda – sure is a loquat! I’ve got two of them in my garden.

    Getting fruit is hit-or-miss depending on weather, but the tree looks good, is evergreen and good for privacy and wait until those blossoms open! When they bloom and you’re out for a walk you can tell who has a blooming loquat in their backyard because the fragrance floats on the air.

    You’re fish story was sweet but the names Georgie & Porgie made me wonder whether kids ever hear old nursery rhymes anymore. Would they get the joke?

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  17. oh I loved reading that tale, especially after a grotty day that I’ve had! thank goodness it turned out well

    love the photos, some really nice pics that made me oooh and ahhh


  18. Awww how totally sweet. Porgie lives to see another day and Porgie and Georgie get to ride off together on a ripple into the aquariumlightset (vs. sunset) for yet another season. It’s good to hear happy endings from time to time. 🙂

  19. Great photos and fabulous fish story, Brenda!

  20. What a super story! That would make a great sequel to Finding Nemo 🙂

  21. I love the Georgie & Porgie story. I’m so glad the couple have been reunited!

    Your pictures are so pretty. We love Texas!!

  22. That’s funny. I know my dogs always try to tell me stuff. Sometimes we humans just don’t get it, do we. I love a happy ending to a story.

  23. What a sweet ending to a fish story!

  24. Hi Brenda 🙂

    I was finally able to get your blog to load. I kept coming over here, but … nada! Then I tried turning off my firewall and wallah!! It worked 🙂

    I’m so happy to hear that Georgie and Porgie were reunited 🙂

    Your bathroom looks beautiful!!


  25. Glad to hear the good news about Porgie, I love happy endings.
    That calf sure didn’t look at all afraid, I’m surprised the mama cow let it get so close to you! It is adorable. I HOPE you are saving those photos! haha
    Talk to you later

  26. Such beautiful photos! Really stunning!

  27. I am glad you found her. That did happen to one of my fish owning friends before, so I thought of it. What pretty trees you have!

  28. Brenda, I love the fish story.
    Your pictures are beautiful. I also live in East Texas… Aren’t we blessed to live in such a beautiful place? Thanks for sharing with us.

  29. Great story, and what a lovely walk you must have had. Your pines are so wonderful. I particularly liked the shot of the goldenrod, taken through the fence. Beautiful!

  30. Your story is very good, the pictures are wonderful and the tree is a loquat…will have yummy fruit on it next summer!

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