Posted by: Brenda Kula | October 19, 2008

There Is Magic

I had my coffee this morning and headed outside. As is most always the case, I think I’ll just go out with the dogs for a few minutes, and hours somehow pass in the gardens. I moved around some seating arrangements to better enjoy the views. Busied myself cleaning up the yard.

I heard my next door neighbor’s garage door go up, and yelled a greeting to her. She was headed to get a newspaper to peruse the classified ads. She is close to eighty, and hasn’t been able to get anyone to come weed her front yard gardens. She complains that the lawn services she occasionally hires don’t bother to get the weeds up by the root, and they quickly sprout back up. I normally take on the task here and there, but have been busy over here and hadn’t noticed how tall the weeds were in front of her house.

Look at my violets below. They were withered and sickly, but I cut them back to the soil and here they are just a few weeks later.

Feeling a bit guilty, I grabbed my tools and headed over there while she was gone. I don’t go out front much except to go to the mailbox at the curb. She wanted to pay me when she figured out I was out there, but of course I’m not going to let her do that. Knowing she likes Braum’s hamburgers just down the road, I told her she could go fetch us a burger come noon.

I put the dogs inside for awhile. But Abi keeps yelping and bemoaning the fact that she can’t see me, and I was afraid she’d have an asthma attack. So I let them out and left them inside my yard. I hummed to them so they’d know I was still there and settle down till I finished. After that task was accomplished, I came back home to eat and then go back to work on my own yard. My, there’s always something to be done in the gardens, isn’t there?

But it’s so rewarding. I just can’t understand people who don’t like the outdoors. Now I’m not a camping sort, so I don’t mean that kind of outdoors. But just being one with nature, enjoying the seasons.

I’m saving some of the Hyacinth Bean vine pods for next year. I was really pleased with the lush plants that came up in no time and has lasted so long. It covered my front gate arbor and one in back and put out gorgeous lavender-colored flowers. But is starting to peter out now.

There is magic out here.

Birds flit from tree to tree, calling out in their secret language to one another. The pine trees stand tall and majestic all around me, as though kindly protecting the yards they inhabit. The pine cones and the needles cover the yards all over the neighborhood. But still I love these trees that shoot straight up toward the blue skies like soldiers in formation.



  1. I’m with you, Brenda, but I do wish I lived in an area conducive to enjoying the outdoors all year long. When it’s running between 95-105 here in the summer, I do NOT want to be outside.

    That was sweet of you to tend to your neighbor. I’m blessed to live in a neighborhood where we watch out for each other.

  2. I love the Hyacinth Bean vine, that color is wonderful.Our yard work is all done , all we have left now is to rake the dry leaves, we have gathered so many bags now I have lost count.Nothing else will grow its way too cold here now.
    Aren’t you sweet to do that lady’s weeds.But its like therapy isin’t it,when I am involved in a little project I forget everything and relax, other times I just think things out.
    Sweet pictures Brenda

  3. I can’t believe there are those who don’t like outdoors either. I live outside, even in the summer. I am the camping lady too though–fishing, hiking–I just love the outdoors!
    Your pictures of the trees are amazing!

  4. How interesting it was for me to learn about Hyacinth Bean vine pods. I didn’t know that about Hyacinth trees/bushes. And that last picture of yours is literally breathtaking. Makes the viewer really want to be there in that very moment.

  5. Wanna come weed my flowerbeds? They are in desperate shape and it is going to be at least 3 weeks before I can get to them! 🙂

  6. The mauve-colored bean pods are amazing! I’ve never seen anything like these. So nice you helped out your neighbour Brenda, I’m sure she appreciated your thoughtfulness.

    Have a great week, G

  7. Beautiful majical photos! Hope today has been good for you.

  8. Sounds like you had a good day in the garden and really enjoyed the joy of nature. Your photos were quite magical today. 🙂

  9. It’s a wondeful slice of life you have shared with us. I love those Hyacinth Bean Vine pods too! I’ve never seen them before.

  10. I love this post, your photographs are simply stunning! Love your new blog name too. I tried to email my congratulations but can’t get my email to go through.

    Anyway, congratulations!! Our little girl had her first visit to grandma’s house today, and it was wonderful.
    xo Lidy

  11. Lots of magic and it never fails to amaze and delight me. Camping is good when you can lay in the sleeping bag and hear the night sounds but I don’t particularly like roughing it too much either.

  12. Great photos this am; of course, I love those hyacinth vines! This time of year is just perfect, isn’t it? I could spend the whole month of October outside…all I need is a laptop with wireless capability, haha! Talk to you later!

  13. Your photos are beautiful!

  14. You are such an amazing lady, Brenda! I’m sure your neighbor appreciated your kindness!

    The photos of your garden are still on their prime. It’s getting cooler here in RI. In a day or 2, I’ll start bringing my potted annuals inside.

    Have a wonderful day, brenda!

  15. A view from the pines is spectacular Brenda ! .. I would love to have more space and nature dividing me from the neighbors .. I think I may have “hermit’s syndrome” .. I like SPACE ? LOL
    Beautiful pictures .. and yes .. you are sweet to your neighbor : )

  16. It was so kind of you to help your neighbor with her garden Brenda.

    Your photos are gorgeous. Love those hyacinth vine seed pods – such a pretty color!

  17. LOVED the hyacinth bean vines. GORGEOUS plants. I may have to see if they can survive through snow?

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