Posted by: Brenda Kula | October 18, 2008

Guest Bathroom Remodel

The above photos are the before shots. Gold everywhere: hardware, plumbing fixtures, etc. There was carpet on the floor up to the toilet area, then linoleum. When the house flooded, it all had to be taken up. Below is the remodel from the top, literally, as we had the popcorn ceiling removed, to the bottom. The house was built circa 1981.

The walls and ceiling were resurfaced and painted. A new vanity was built. The plumbing fixtures are Venetian Bronze, and the countertop is granite. A new sink, tub and toilet was installed. A new marble surround was made for the tub area. Travertine floors were laid.

I had a trash bin put in the first door next to the toilet. (By the way, if you have a new toilet put in, consider the higher ones. It is so much easier on your back!) Where there were originally two sinks, now there is one, and I gained more counter space. I had an electrical outlet placed against the right-hand wall so I could plug in a lamp. I had all the electrical outlets covered with travertine covers.

I had drawers put opposite the trash bin door, as I thought the original doors didn’t give me much usable space to store bathroom items. The trim was all repainted. The ceiling is painted a lighter color than the walls.

The light and mirror, which are identical to the ones we had put in the master bath, were all ordered online. Actually the colors are pretty much the same to the master bath. But I chose a different colored granite countertop. And the Venetian Bronze drawer pulls and knobs are a little more feminine-shaped with curves.

I bought the shower curtain from JC Penney. But since we ordered a Venetian Bronze permanent shower rod to be installed, the guy just measured to make sure you couldn’t see the plumbing fixtures to the tub. So it ended up being too short. All the shower curtains that I found that were longer were too long. So my neighbor Walli and I went to Hancock Fabrics. We found a fancy material that looks like cowhide for the bottom of the shower curtain I’d purchased, then bought trim to hide the seam. She did the sewing. (Thanks, Walli! I owe ya!)

Since I was so pleased with the new shower that replaced the tub in the master bathroom, I had them put the same setup in the guest bath, though it has a tub. I like having all those attachments, and I certainly use them in the master shower. (By the way, I love my new master bathroom. It is far and away the best bathroom I’ve ever had.)

I bought the clear glass containers that house soap, cotton balls and swabs at a consignment store for about $50 total.

This is a very small bathroom, so we were somewhat limited. There wasn’t much leeway on how things could be arranged. So I made sure the vanity would have all the elements I needed for storage. The only thing that remained original in this bathroom was the floor to ceiling cabinet which has shelves for towels and a place to put dirty laundry next to the bathroom door. The vanity attaches to it.

I will estimate that the final costs for everything in this bathroom remodel, including the $350 I paid to change the mat and frame the two Renoir paintings, was under $15,000. This includes demolition and total remodeling and decorating.



  1. Love the granite countertop.

  2. Brenda,
    Your bathroom is beautiful! I definitely agree with the advice on the taller toilets. We recently replace ours with taller models.

  3. Brenda,

    WOW! Next to your master bathroom, this is one of the most beautiful bathrooms I’ve seen. You really thought of everything and it just looks so relaxing and pretty fancy too.

    I love the shower curtain, the little lamp, apothocary jars, towels, everything. Most of all I’m glad for you that it’s finished and you can enjoy both bathrooms finally.

    We didn’t get the higher toilets when we redid our bathrooms and we’re sorry we didn’t. Good advice for anyone getting older.


  4. Brenda … when we finally win the lottery, will you come here and help me plan out the renovations to EVERYTHING ! LOL .. I love what you have chosen .. it is beautiful .. right down to the special switch/outlet casings ? now that is DETAIL work girl !

  5. Wow! I just love the vintage-look of the faucet and drawer pulls. Everything looks great, Brenda! The floor choice is a;so perfect. Great job! Enjoy your new guest bathroom!

  6. Thank you Brenda, for detailing how that was done. We are in the process of planning 3 bathroom renos in this house, and I am just starting to realize what a big job this will be. Those important little details were just what I needed to hear about. I will be reviewing what you did and how you did it. I may have to ask a few questions, and I will know just who to ask. Hope you are having a good weekend. Susan

  7. You are one lucky gal, Brenda. We just installed the same bronze faucet in our small bathroom at the cottage as well as a high toilet (love it ) in the master bathroom at the lake. I also have the Renoir party print on my sun porch here at home. Thanks for sharing … a job well done 😉

  8. Looks great! Bet you are glad to have it finished!

  9. It looks great! I think the shower curtain is even better with the brown at the bottom! Isn’t that amazing how things that seem like errors end up making you do something creative and then it ends up looking even better than you planned? I love that!

  10. Hi Brenda, I’m glad I tracked you down! I couldn’t find your blog for a while.

    Your new bathroom is beautiful. You must be so happy to have it done!

  11. Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

    This is one beautiful bathroom. I will be remodeling a bathroom very soon, but on a much more limited budget. I am going to be using travertine tile though. I just love travertine. Love all the finishes you chose. Stunning!!

  12. Its lovely!
    My bathroom is the next project at our house,the porcelain is turquoise, I am sure in its day it was the height of ((TA-DA)) but that day is long gone.And the toilet well I told hubby I am sure midgets lived in the house I think its for a kindergarden child its so low !!!
    I am serious… it feels like your squatting over a bucket….I hate that damn thing with a passion.Its gotta go!
    Seeing your all done makes me more determined!!!
    Its just lovely!!

  13. Great improvements! Your guess bathroom is much nicer now. I love seeing the before and after shots.

  14. It is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

  15. Wow, that gives me some hope! I have basically the same cabinets, so I see how great mine could look with a redo! I love your choice on only 1 sink; I’ve always thought two was such a waste of space!

  16. Yay! Looks great!

  17. Brenda, this looks wonderful! It’s very very nice. I loved seeing the little nest soaps you bought from us too.:)

    xo Lidy

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  19. Hi, Brenda: Thanks for visiting. I LOVE your new guest bathroom! I love the Venetian Bronze finishes, your granite countertop & how your shower curtain came out! I especially love your idea of only 1 sink instead of 2. I may do that when we remodel our master bath; it sure would give a person more counter space! And I just never thought about doing that! Our master bath is very similar to this one prior to your remodel. I would love to duplicate exactly what you did! It’s just gorgeous! Patti

  20. Love every detail of it!

  21. Great job on the remodel.
    We went with the bronze fixtures in our little half bath redo too. We quickly learned that bronze equals “add a hundred dollars”. Geez!

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