Posted by: Brenda Kula | October 13, 2008

A Little Fall Decorating



  1. Your fall vignettes are just simply beautiful! Enjoy this lovely season, Brenda.

    Thinking of you!

  2. Love the sparkle Spooky sign! I happen to have a spooky sign myself.

  3. Love the fall spooky decorations!
    Love the blue glass jars I once had some just like that,and I just loved them,I am not sure where they are now, they kind of went to the side after we moved here 7 years ago.
    Its really cute Brenda makes me smile to see it!!

  4. That tray is really pretty with the roses. Did you paint it yourself? If so, great job!

  5. Love the decorations. The Boo pumpkins are cool!!!

  6. Adorable BOO pumpkins, did you paint them? It all looks so festive! I am sooooo ready for Halloween.

  7. wooohoooo I found you….. thought you could hide…..
    I love that tile or is it brick…..and that blue tea pot looks like ME…. Mary Englebrite..

  8. Brenda, It looks like we both collect cobalt glass. Isn’t it awesome.

  9. Hi Brenda,
    The BOO pumpkins are so cute! I also like the black tray! I have barely begun my decorating. The weeks are so busy, and then the weekends fly by!

  10. Absolutely LOVELY.

  11. Looks wonderful, Brenda!

  12. I love your fall decorating. It just blends in to your home perfectly. Your tray is just beautiful.


  13. Fun “boo” pumpkins!

  14. love it all! Think I’m going to make those black BOO pumpkins! Thanks for sharing:)

  15. Everything looks fall festive. I love the boo pumpkins.


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