Posted by: Brenda Kula | October 12, 2008

Taking Time

Today I spent cleaning up the gardens. Raking leaves. Oh, how many times do we have to rake up the leaves and bag them? I suppose I already know the answer to that one. Until all the leaves have fallen. So many leaves, carpeting the ground nearly as fast as I can scoop them up and dispense of them. Digging them out of the pond.

I trimmed bushes. Yesterday I took out three ugly ones that I just could not tolerate any longer. I’m sure my trash men are asking themselves when I will finally be done putting large bins of limbs and such at the curb of late. Surely, they probably ask one another as they pull up to my corner, she can’t have too many left to hack at. Can she be losing it altogether, this mysterious gardening woman inside the fence?

Enjoying a mild autumn day. Taking time to gaze at the last blooms before fall nips them in the bud. As all gardeners do, I’m mentally planning for what will need to be done come February or so. When the weather starts to warm the ground and little shoots will begin to come up from the various bulbs. Visualizing my garden in the springtime. Planning, pondering, wondering what I should do to improve upon what I already have.

Contemplating the textures I so love. I can lose all worrisome thoughts in the depths of the textures in these succulents.

The loveliness of the ferns. Many grow wild around these parts. Did you spend time in the garden today?



  1. I did spend some time in the garden today.. I trimmed the ground ivy, pulled yellow leaves from pond plants, and watered containers and bluebonnet rosettes. I also bought my bulbs and put them right into the frig. Nice day in the yard. (I love the bunny picture!)

  2. Hi Brenda. I spent time in the garden today too. I planted some spring bulbs, cleaned out all the birdbaths & filled with fresh water, filled the bird feeders and watered a few plants that looked thirsty. Your pictures look great, lots of great blooms still going strong in your garden.

  3. Hi Brenda…we don’t have the problem with leaves…yet. We planted about 7 or 8 trees this year, so I’m sure in the next couple of years, we’ll have to start raking. Until then…I’ll enjoy NOT having to rake. hee hee 😉

    And your flowers are VERY beautiful. I especially like the very first one.

    I hope you have a good week!


  4. Your pictures are so nice Brenda, my hubby did 12 bags of leaves while I was gone and I am talking about those giant bags too, we live on a corner lot at the bottom of the street and we get everyone’s leaves plus our own from our huge Elm tree I can’t tell you how high it is ,its certainly higher than the house and just as old as the house. The leaves had turned a wonderful shade of yellow just before I left for Ottawa.
    Tomorrow I will gussy up the front porch I did manage to bring back lots of Halloween decorations plus gourds and pumpkins etc …my boys are going in the bush for several days((( YIPEEE)) now if I could only send my MIL with them I would think I died and went to heaven.!!

  5. LOL! I always hide when my garbage men come by. I’m sure my countless bags of prunings, weeds and what have you must drive them crazy!

  6. The annual raking of the leaves has begun in earnest here too. It is a chore I love to do but seems neverending doesn’t it? Are you known as the mysterious gardening woman inside the fence? 🙂 That is a good way to garden-out of sight. I want my neighbors to think the garden just looks nice naturally with no help. Sigh, if only.

  7. I did not get to work in the garden at all this weekend except to water a few things. I am getting behind. This week I have a lot to catch up on. The leaves sure are falling!!! I wish I had a shredder(-: I could really use one. I hope you have a great day(-:

  8. My leaves haven’t begun to fall. I have one big live oak that doesn’t loose it’s leaves, but time acorns the size of a thimble litter the sidewalk. The two bradford pears (don’t EVER plant those!) will shed just after the first frost/freeze. I’ve got to get out there this week and do a little maintenance in the garden!

  9. At this point, I’m lucky to get the potted plants on the deck watered!
    All of yours look beautiful.

  10. Oh, your garden looks so nice and peaceful. It must have been a lovely day for you to be outside.

    Always Growing

  11. I spent last 10 days in the garden, mostly lazing, and vacuuming leaves and raking about in a sudden fit of a meticulous gardener that is all too strange to me. I also wonder how many times will I have to do this tiresome job, and before I turn my back on my pretty lawn, it’s stuffed again. But then I find a little gleam of magic in each and every single leaf that adorns my garden. There’s something in the air of gossamer days that just keeps me sat there for hours enjoying the last warm days and the fall’s stunning color show.

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