Posted by: Brenda Kula | October 5, 2008

My Neck Of The Woods

This is my neighborhood. I stood at the head of my street in front of my house, which is on the corner, and faced the circle to the east. I was the only person out and about. I enjoy the quiet mornings outside with my camera, alone with my thoughts.

“We first knew you a feeble plant which wanted a little earth whereon to grow. We gave it to you. And afterward, when we could have trod you under our feet, we watered and protected you. And now you have grown to be a mighty tree, whose top reaches the clouds. And whose branches overspread the whole land. Whilst we, who were the tall pine of the forest, have become a feeble plant and need your protection.”Β  Red Jacket (Sagoyewatha) 1758-1830


  1. Brenda,

    It’s going to take me a while to get you all switched around and I know I’ll be thinking “Now what’s the name of her new blog again”?

    I do think the title is great and of course I’ll be a faithful follower wherever you go.


  2. What a beautiful neighborhood. Looks so peaceful, neat and almost like a pine wood fairytale. I’m sure you’re very well aware of what an artist you are, both with words and imagery, and your admirable humanity. So whether it’s the Brenda blog or the View from the pines, I’m happy as long as you grace our blogging ventures with your usual ‘Brenda’s own odds and ends’ πŸ˜‰ Definitely love the new name, brings even more a dash of beauty that your Tyler must be. Compliments !

  3. Wow, your new site looks great!! thank you so much for your wonderful words of support and encouragement during the past trying weeks. It’s so wonderful to have you as a blog friend across the miles! I’ll update your blog info on my site …what a great bunch of pictures you’ve put up in your last posts!

    πŸ™‚ Robbyn

  4. Your new blog looks marvelous….so relaxing! I’m looking forward to all of your new posts and pictures. Thank you for being such a wonderful blog friend. πŸ™‚ You are appreciated more than you know!

  5. OMG! I just happened upon your blog. I love Blue Moon and The Shed restaurant. Hey neighbor! East Texas is God’s country.

  6. Hi,
    Glad you found a new home(-:

  7. Wow, it’s still pretty green over there! Save some of those pinecones for me, I’m sure there’s some neat crafty thing to do with them; they are beautiful!

  8. Good Morning, Brenda

    I’ve been thinking about doing this same thing. I had no idea how to notify my readers. I guess just do as you have and announce it at the Back Porch. Mine might remain the same format, but I’ve been wanting to sort of change the direction a tad, also. I’ll probably wait until things slow down a bit. But everytime I think that’s will happen, something else comes along!

    I’ve enjoyed my first visit, here and will change your address on my list.

  9. I will change your information posthaste. Boy do I feel like a dutz, I was just saying how I loved the name of your blog. Ha!

  10. Wow, love the new look!
    How wonderful for you to have had an inspiration, a change of focus, a clear direction, an insight into the world around you.
    I’m still searching for my path; I’m jealous my friend. But so very happy for you!
    May you have great joy and happiness here.

  11. Yay! You know I love the look of your new blog — kudos to you for a successful move. πŸ™‚ Your morning photos are breathtaking — I can almost smell that fresh air and hear the wind sighing through those pines.

  12. Your ‘neck of the woods’ is most lovely, Brenda. Did you happen to shoot those lovely early morning shots in your nightgown?)

  13. I love your new home Brenda. What a beautiful place you live. I’m off to explore some more now.

  14. I followed you! Thanks for the heads up! Once I lived in the shadow of pinetree sway. A friend told me the pines create a totally different sound in the wind, like the ocean. I miss it! Thank you for sharing-I can FEEL their beauty from here:)

  15. Brenda,
    Oh my gosh! It is stunning there. I had no idea Texas had such beauty in it! I have been in the wrong parts I am afraid. More flat, brown, not treed!! Lucky you! For a minute I thought you meant leaving your house which you havce got so cute and that garden of yours!

  16. I will have to change your info immediately. Love the new look!

  17. Brenda, no matter where your blogs may roam, your photos will always be beautiful!


  18. Hello, Brenda! “VIEW FROM THE PINES”…such a fitting name for your new place. Everythings looks great, as usual, and the photos are much larger! I think I’m liking wordpress!

    Have a great day, my friend!

  19. You made the jump beautifully, Brenda – and these photos are a perfect celebration of the new name.
    With live oaks and ashes and pecans we’re not exactly treeless here, but the trunks don’t grow straight like your pines…the vertical lines are striking!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  20. Just found your blog and am really enjoying my visit. My folks lived for several years, in Jasper, TX. Your place reminds me so much of theirs!!

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