Posted by: Brenda Kula | October 4, 2008

Solitary Saturday

I seem to  have a fascination with old abandoned barns and sheds. They are like lone soldiers that were at one point in time a viable shelter for whoever built them. Now they languish in the fields they were erected in, for some reason empty and seemingly forgotten.

They are mere spots in the distance from the road less traveled. Dotting the landscape through the frames of leafy trees.

“The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind. The answer is blowin’ in the wind.” Bob Dylan

Shadows dance across the rotting wood, a weathered canvas soaking up the rays of sunshine. The seasons change and time marches on.

“How does it feel, to be on your own? With no direction home. Like a complete unknown. Like a rolling stone?”

The leaves fall, in customary fashion, as the days grow shorter. Thin as paper, they drift in the breeze. And eventually scatter, blown hither and yon, leaving the fields almost barren of color. Waiting for spring to come round and once again bring life back to the landscape.

“You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.”


  1. Good Morning Brenda,

    I have enjoyed my visit here on your new blog. I love pines, and old run down buildings……and, most certainly, the way you write!

    🙂 Rosie

  2. Have you mentioned this blog anywhere, or are you going to wait for people to “find” you?
    Now is a great time for photos; fall pix are just spectacular.

  3. Beautiful photographs and words!

  4. Congratulations on your new blog home!
    I too love old barns. Whenever I see one I am seized with the urge to rescue it by turning into a lovely old fashioned home.
    Sigh. . .
    Unrealistic I know.

  5. I love your photos! There use to be an old barn not far from our house. I was in love with it! I made everyone go & pose in front of that old barn one summer day. I’m so glad I did, because it has been torn down for new construction. I knew it was coming, but O was I so sad to actually see it happen. xoxo, Joanna

  6. Kind of sad isn’t it? Rotting barns, rotting leaves, such a sad necessity.

  7. Very pretty pictures. It looks really rustic out there.

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