Posted by: Brenda Kula | October 2, 2008

First Thankful Thursday In October

Another Thankful Thursday is here. Go over to see Rhondi’s list at Rose Colored Glasses for other participants.

Being thankful for the little gifts we’re given in the garden lifts the spirits. I’m always thankful for a new bloom that brightens my day.

A cool hint of fall in the air. Easier to breathe!

Pretty blossoms to greet me in the garden. A sun-dappled yard that looks so inviting every time I go down the path.

Bright berries on a new plant from Blue Moon Gardens.

Vines that twine up the arbor.



  1. I love your photos today esp the first one the Foxglove? The color is outstanding.
    I am greatful that your taking the photos!

  2. The berries are amazing. I can’t believe the colors.


  3. Beautiful photos. I am becoming such a garden lover. I cannot wait until I can get my yard transformed into a garden where I can enjoy nature’s beauty up close. The berries have such amazing color.


  4. What a beautiful garden! The berries- they look like silver as do their leaves.

  5. What a beautiful garden! The berries- they look like silver as do their leaves.

  6. Brenda, Those berries are gorgeous and do not even look real! Lovely!

  7. Good evening, Brenda. I really love coming to your blog and seeing the most beautiful garden pictures. I envy you! šŸ˜‰
    love ya!

  8. That little pond is awful sweet. Any fish in it?

  9. Brenda, the hyacinth bean pods are so pretty.

  10. Your enchanting garden is definitely something to be grateful about. The berries from Blue Moon Gardens look like has silver foliage….very insteresting!

    Have a great weekend, Brenda! Today is very sunny in RI but a little chilly…just around the 60’s!

  11. I have to work all day today and monday for my boss. I hate being gone all day. I have a ton of things I want to do here. I am on a mission to get things organized and thinned out(-: I had two bike planters and I am getting rid of one and I had two table planters and I am getting rid of one. So that makes me happy to have less to worry about(-: Yay!!! TGIF!!!

  12. OOOOO, I love that pink bench!!!!

    what a fantastic place you got here!!!

    enjoy your weekend!

  13. I feel like I am sitting right in your garden every time I visit your blog — it is always such a breath of fresh air. Being grateful each day makes all the difference in the world, doesn’t it?


  14. Those are wonderful things to be thankful for. I especially love the picture of the berries. They look golden and the Foxglove is so pretty.
    I am just thankful to be in my right mind. LOL

  15. It seems like you have an endless garden, the way you take your photos! I just love it.

  16. I’d be thankful too, just to see that sun-dappled garden. Beautiful!

  17. I don’t believe I have noticed your bench before. Is it pink? It is perfect! The new berry plant from Blue Moon is amazing. Just unreal.

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