Posted by: Brenda Kula | October 1, 2008

A Look At Fairy Gardens

Yesterday I wrote about my drive out to Blue Moon Gardens in Edom. I showed you their fantastic outdoor Halloween decorations. Today I’m showing you some of their famous fairy gardens.

A close up of the elements they’ve used below. They sell these miniature items inside the shop on the grounds.

There are all kinds of containers you can use to make your very own fairy garden. Wouldn’t this be lovely on your porch or patio?



  1. these are just delightful!

  2. My mom and I adored these! You really captured the spirit of these! So simple, so cute!

  3. They are so cute!!!
    I would love one in my garden!
    Your so lucky to live in warmer weather I am green with envy!

  4. Oh! It’s so pretty there!

  5. Brenda, fairy houses are fun. I love the wild ones kids build in the woods in Maine. There’s a whole colony of them at Monhegan Island.

    You should enable access to your google profile so that readers can find your blog when you comment on mine and other google blogs. I tracked you down by googling your blog title.

  6. What cute little miniatures & the containers are just perfect for a fairy garden.

  7. I read about these in..I think in Neil Sperry’s magazine. I have wanted to make the drive and visit this nursery–sounds like it would be worth it!

  8. My daughter gave me one for Mother’s Day a couple of years ago! I love it! The plants need to be replaced now though
    Thanks for sharing these pics.

  9. Love it!


  10. Wow, they are to sweet. What a neat idea too! My husband loves model trains and would like to have a garden railroad!

  11. Look, what I’ve missed? I’m just catching up with my blog readings. Wowie, what a great idea this fairy garden is! I want to give this a spin next spring. I should have plenty of time to collect the accessories I need or just simply recycle stuff that I already have. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a lovely evening, Brenda!

  12. Those are great little fairy gardens! I love the stonework in them. Wonder how they made the stone walls so nicely. I sure would like to do that too.

  13. Brenda I have never heard of these before! They are really fun. It would be fun planning and putting one togehter I think.

  14. Hi Brenda, thanks for posting this. I’ve never seen anything like that before. I love them. They are the sweetest things.

  15. What a beautiful, lively place you have to visit! I’m glad you felt like getting out, and sharing it all with those of us less fortunate. 🙂 Seeing the ‘fairy gardens’ planted in watering troughs gives me the idea to make sure I take mine with me when I move. 🙂

  16. Crap, you’ve got all the neatest places to go! I am jealous!

  17. wow those sure are some fairy gardens!

    i love the one on the painted chair


  18. Aren’t those the best! I love how they put them in the big aluminum tubs, that is a great idea. xo, suzy

  19. Brenda I LOVE these gardens!! Great inspiration!! I have the containers all planted up now I must add the tiny characters and furnisings!
    Thank you for the inspiration!
    Back now from my month long travels and getting around to visit blogging friends!Wonderful post! hugs

  20. I love those little gardens! My daughter and I made a fairy garden once with twigs and leaves and bits of garden fluff, and she went out every morning to see if anything had been moved around!

  21. Oh my goodness, those are fantastic! I’ve been wanting to make some with my niece for a “crafty day” project, but I think it’s going to have to wait until next spring now.

  22. Fantastic fairy gardens! I just love the one with the little wooden adirondack chairs. I wonder where the fairies were hiding out when you took those pictures…hmm. Susan

  23. Fantastic fairy gardens! I just love the one with the little wooden adirondack chairs. I wonder where the fairies were hiding out when you took those pictures…hmm. Susan

  24. Hi Brenda 🙂

    Those are adorable! I think I might have to try my hand at that. I’ve always been a fan of dollhouses, so this is like a garden version 😉

    Did you find it odd that we both mentioned something about the sky falling on two of our other posts?? LOL


  25. Awesome! I’m getting ideas for some of the so-called junk stored out in my garage. 😉

  26. How sweet this little gardens are!
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  27. I LOVE Fairy GArdens…..should sell one to Costco, don’t you think?

  28. That pretty cool. Makes me wish I had a green thumb. I think I am going to try to plant some stuff come spring. 🙂 I was thinking to myself… wow! Brenda’s been getting out a lot lately. Turns out it’s the same place. LOL You tricked me. he-he xoxo, Joanna

  29. Brenda,

    I love how they put all those garden tools on that little red shed. And those little gardens in what I’d call a horse trough are just so cute.

    I’m about done puttering in the house for a while. I need to get outside.

    Thanks for taking those pictures and getting my priorities back in order.


  30. I would love a fairy garden in a container like those(-; I love mushrooms too and I collect them. I see so many cool things to spend money on(-:

  31. Oh now I want a fairy garden! I love those!

  32. Oh, I just love these little garden containers for the fairy gardens. Your photography is stunning, Karen

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