Posted by: Brenda Kula | September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday, Nola!

Nola, who blogs at Alamo North, is having a birthday today. This post is to celebrate this special day in her life.

I have learned much about Nola in the past few months. We found that we only live a few hours apart. We are within mere months of being the same age. We are both animal lovers. We share the love of gardening.

Nola is one of those genuinely good people who you respect for their giving nature and true generosity. For instance, she lives with and is a daily caregiver for her 91 year old father. She bought a house last year that he could easily navigate in his wheelchair. She takes him to all his doctor’s appointments. She cooks his meals. She is a devoted daughter and wife. And loving pet mom to five cats.

She considers her occupation as that of a “student of the world.” She loves to learn. Nola is wild about books, all kinds of books. She loves old music and classic movies.

Nola loves baseball. Dr. Pepper and dark chocolate. Candles, Mexican food, home-grown tomatoes. She loves dancing in the rain. Crossword puzzles, flip flops, and paper dolls. Things that are blue. Old-fashioned heirloom flower varieties.

She admires Susan B. Anthony and Maya Angelou.

She collects old clocks and lamps. Baseball memorabilia.

She is one sharp lady, with a wicked sense of humor! She does indeed make me laugh.

We talk on the phone almost daily now. We have become good friends.

She has taught me things I am truly thankful for. The older you get, the more you find that you never stop learning. She has taught me the healing power of forgiveness. The intelligence that comes with knowing when to pick and choose your battles. This is a woman with good basic common sense. And when she speaks, I have learned to listen closely. For I know she speaks from the heart.

The sound of her voice on the phone brings me a sense of calm.

It may be her birthday. But I am so thankful on this day, September 27, 2008. I have the gift of having her as my friend. It is one of those precious gifts that keeps on giving.

Happy Birthday, Nola!



  1. Great! I think I am the first one to thank you for letting me know about Nola’s birthday! I have already been into her blog to wish her. Living in South Africa has the advantage that I am about 7 hours ahead of you! I learnt a lot more about dear Nola from this blog post! You are fortunate that you can actually communicate on the phone. It is also a pleasure to visit your blog for the first time (it won’t be the last). Blessings Eleanor from Thatchwick

  2. What a fitting tribute to a wonderful person. I am fortunate enough to have been able to call her my friend for many years and she is truely a blessing.
    Happy birthday to Nola and cudos to you, Brenda for such a thoughtful post.

  3. How sweet of you to write such a lovely post. Happy Birthday to Nola!

    (Hope you have a good weekend!)

  4. That’s very kind and so sweet of you to say the nicest things to a friend and appreciates the bond that the two of you has created. You’re such a good friend to her, Brenda!

    Happy B-day, Nola.

  5. Brenda that was wonderful and touching, I know Nola will be surprised you did your whole post on her, she is so sweet she truly deserves her wonderful day!
    How lucky you are to be able to talk every day to a wonderful friend.When you talk to her today wish her a Happy Birthday from me too.!!

  6. That was very sweet! Amazing how it’s possible to meet someone with similar interests via such a strange medium as a computer!

  7. What a beautiful post about a beautiful person! Hope Nola has a wonderful birthday today. Hope you have a great day, too! Patti

  8. What a beautiful post about a beautiful person! Hope Nola has a wonderful birthday today. Hope you have a great day, too! Patti

  9. What a wonderful tribute to your friend on her bitrthday!

    Hapy Birthday, Nola!

  10. Honey, just a beautiful tribute! You are a wonderful, loving friend to think up the idea of this special ‘birthday party’. I love it!

  11. I enjoyed your blog today (like always) very much. Your friend Nola is a blessing indeed! I am glad you have had the opportunity to get to know each other. This bloggin thing is really great for meeting wonderful people. I loved all your photos today too. I hope your weekend is truly delightful.

  12. Brenda what a beautiful tribute! There is nothing greater gift than a true friend-on either end of the deal!!!! Thank you for sharing your love today:)

  13. Hi Brenda 🙂

    Happy Birthday to your sweet friend Nola!

    What a truly touching tribute to your friendship 🙂

    Oh and I’m almost better now, but it was very traumatic LOL


  14. Very sweet Brenda. I left her a birthday post as well, but not nearly as good as yours.

  15. Brenda,
    I also echo the wonderful comments made already. It was a sweet tribute to a dear friend made through this incredible medium of reaching out and touching anothers heart.
    I Hope Nola enjoys her special birthday surprise and knows she has found a true friend in you.
    You are a special person, Brenda and it shows through your posts.
    Today has been tender and I needed to see and feel the love you and others are offering to others:)

  16. Hi Brenda,
    Happy birthday to NOLA! I’m going to scoot over to her blog and tell her myself.

    Love all your garden pics. They are beautiful as always.

  17. Just shoot me! I had it all ready to go and walked out the door and forgot it. I finally got it on but it was late. My spirit was into it but my mind was in second gear. I hope she sees it anyway. She is one great person and I admire her so much as I do you.

  18. What a lovely post Brenda. I haven’t been visiting Nola long but she always makes me smile. Thank you for suggesting we all join in and wish her a special day.

  19. What a sweet post Brenda. Happy Birthday Nola!

  20. What a sweet post Brenda. Happy Birthday Nola!

  21. Brenda, Thank you so much! What a surprise! I am speechless (well, almost). I will be spending the whole day reading all the lovely wishes and greetings!
    How lovely, I’ve never had a surprise blogging birthday party! I love it!

  22. OMG! Brenda! I am speechless (well, almost). Thank you for such a wonderful surprise party! I will spend all day reading my birthday greetings!

  23. Hi Brenda,

    What a heart felt tribute to Nola.
    She is very fortunate as well to call you her friend.


  24. Well, it seems like I am always late, but I will geddy-up right on over to Nola’s and wish her a belated Happy BDay!

    What a terrific birthday post you just wrote for her—how lucky that you found each other and became such grand friends! Dana

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