Posted by: Brenda Kula | August 24, 2008

Where Bloggers Create Tour


This gorgeous studio is from Beth who blogs at Whimsies And Words. Can you just imagine sitting down in this space? All the creativity that would ooze from your every pore? I particularly love the cigar boxes. (She did a post about that awhile ago.) Not to mention that Beth makes the most adorable and whimsical pincushions! I have one right here next to my desk. It’s little fabric cupcakes decorated oh, so cute! And they came as a trio in a sweet little dish.

Here are some more studio photos from Elizabeth (Beth)…




This is where Rosa blogs in Canada at Diary Of A Middle-Aged Gardener. Rosa, I would love to sit down in that nice floral-inspired chair and take one of your books off the bookshelf and while away an afternoon. I bet there’s some gardening books in there. When does it start snowing? I want to get nice and comfy before the snow starts falling! (We don’t have your kind of weather here, you know.)


Below is where Racquel from the Perennial Garden Lover sits down to blog about her gardens. Racquel is a fantastic gardener! She lives and gardens in Virginia. And she says being knee-deep outside in the dirt beats cleaning it in the house! I’m with ya! A favorite quote of her’s is: "You can bury a lot of trouble digging in the dirt." (Author unknown) I soooo agree!


Lynn, from The Vintage Nest, sits here with her lovely view of the lake outside, and blogs. And creates… She also lives in Virginia, and has a wonderful boutique. (She makes the loveliest things!) She is an inveterate junk hunter and lives for the hunt. She’s got a big sweet smile too!


The studio photo below is from Karen Harvey Cox, who blogs at A Scrapbook Of Inspiration. Karen is an artist, as many of you bloggers are in one form or another. She paints! She likes to dabble in oil painting in her studio. Watercolor painting at her kitchen table. And she likes to assemble crafts at her dining room table. Then she also paints in the garden at her deck. Karen gets around with that paint brush, I’m telling you.


Here is Dana from The Stone Rabbit, with her cat. Dana blogs here, recounting her witty tales that sends us all into gales of laughter. Dana hasn’t met a flea market, yard sale or antique shop she didn’t take a liking to. She sews and creates and spruces up furniture. Did I mention she really can make you laugh? When I conjure up the very image of Dana, I think of pink sponge rollers (hidden joke if you don’t read her blog already) and laughter. Side-splitting, get-down-and-roll-on-the-floor, try-not-to-pee-in-your-pants laughter! Best medicine there is! (You can tell by looking that her cat is even funny!) Hey, I spy some pink sponge rollers on a monkey next to her computer screen…


Next is Suzy from Georgia Peachez. This is just s-o-m-e of her fabric stash. Suzy is quite the fabric artist. Look at her fabric form there, would you? Suzy, do you ever get lost in that room full of fabric? She also likes to garden and has a lovely yard. (And this girl can create the most beautiful blog banners!)


Here are a few of my own photos of my garden room… You know all about me. Far too much. So I need not say a word…







Below is a full list of today’s "Where Bloggers Create" participants. Click on over there and visit with them. They will show you their "special" spaces, where they blog and create. Have a wonderful time, all! I’m headed over there right now. Fetch yourself a hot cup of coffee or tea, which ever is your pleasure, and sit down for some fun!

Whimsies And Words – Beth

Perennial Garden Lover – Racquel

The Vintage Nest – Lynn

A Scrapbook Of Inspiration – Karen

The Stone Rabbit – Dana

Georgia Peachez – Suzy

Crafty Passions – Diane

Soliloquy – Nancy

Alamo North – Nola

My Home For The Holidays – Laurie

The Greenhouse Diaries – Tamara

Karla’s Cottage – Karla

Bird House Cottage – Gretchen

Garden Joy 4 Me – Joy

Diane’s Musings – Diane

Pressing On – Curtiss Ann

Linda’s Blue Gate – Linda

Diary Of A Middle-Aged Gardener – Rosa

Bailiwick Designs – Jill

Rue’s Peanut Butter And Jelly Life – Rue

Montrealaise en Californie – Nancy

Foxgloves, Fabric And Folly – Heidi

La Rea Rose – Celestina

Bling Queen – Karen

Stitching In Texas – Tina

Life With Lisa Ann – Lisa

Dreams And Decor – Patti

Living Beautifully – Connie

Cackleberry Cottage – Lorilee

A Mellow Life – Carla

Tickled Pink – Claudie

The Crafty Gardener

Garden Girl – Linda

Bloggedy Blog Blog – Sasha



  1. Brenda,
    This was such a fun post to put together, I was looking forward to today all week. I love your post and all the wonderful places that bloggers create. I can’t wait to begin the tour. Thank you. Karen

  2. Brenda, My link is:
    Thanks, Karen

  3. Thanks so much for putting together this tour! It’s so much fun & I’m so happy to be part of it! I am thoroughly enjoying all the wonderful creative spaces on your post and on each blog! Patti

  4. Brenda,

    Thanks so much for putting all this together and for including me.

    I’ve never seen all of your creative area and it now makes it easier for me to picture you there.

    Your friendship is the best thing I could have gotten from blogging.
    Thank you.


  5. I had a great time on the tour. Thank you Brenda for hosting this! It was a great idea and lots of fun to see the creative spaces others have and gave me some decorating ideas of my own.

  6. Good morning official tour guide Brenda 🙂

    I can’t wait to get started on the tour after looking at a glimpse of what’s to come 🙂

    Your office is very much YOU. It has a slightly serious under tone, mixed with a touch of the feminine and the whimsical. I love those stamping blocks on those little shelves and the advertisement signs. The couch is so cute with the different pillows. What a great place to curl up and read one of your many books that I see scattered about 🙂

    Thank you for doing this. I think it shows who we really are, because the spaces are so personal. Much more so than the rest of our homes.


  7. Hi Brenda, What fun and I can’t wait to get started and I also need to catch up on Pink Saturday too. I know how much time and work went into your tour. Thank you for being such a wonderful hostess. xo Lynn

  8. What a great space! Love the quilt and all the beautiful storage boxes. I bring home boxes from work and decorate them to use for my crafting supplies-but it takes a while and I’d rather be actually making an item instead. Thanks for sharing with us and thanks for hosting this event.

  9. Hi Brenda, Thank you so much for your creative work in putting this all together. What fun it is to visit everyone and see their creative and blogging spaces. I am about to start the tour right now. Have a great day and Thank you again.
    Hugs, Celestina
    la rea rose

  10. Good Morning Brenda, What an incredible idea you had for today!!!…..I woke to so many wonderfully sweet comments, & now plan on visiting each & every lady on your list!!…And may I say I LOVE YOUR SPACE!!!…Everything in it’s place & OH! those glass desks/tables! LOVE THEM! Thank you for thinking up, & giving us all such an inspirational day!….Heidi XO

  11. Your a wonderful hostess!!
    The tour was grand I really did enjoy that very much,I love to see everyone’s creative space.
    Thanks for putting this together!!!

  12. Brenda, This is such a beautiful post. I am very excited to see where everyone creates. I did not participate as we are currently rearranging rooms in our house and, well, its all a big mess. I am off to check all of the participants linked. What a great idea! Susan

  13. Oh, Brenda, this was such a clever, inspiring idea you put together. I’ve already checked out two blogs and my little heart is flying, it is so happy to see such beauty and kindness. I am what is known as an HSP– highly sensitive person, which means that all this color and images sort of overwhelm and stimulate me. I’m going to have to ration myself. 🙂 Thank you, honey-pie, for doing this.

  14. I am loving looking at where other chicks spend their time. I’m sorry I didn’t follow or understand the rules but I did put up my “space” where I spend most of my time. This has been such fun to view. Thanks, sweet chickee blogger, for doing this. I wish I could come up with these ideas to blog!! Sheeeesh……
    Smoochies and love your wit also, honey,

  15. PS- I forgot to say I love your space! Such a lovely, warm, set-up. And if I ever stop by your house, check me before leaving. I might abscond with the fan. 🙂 You inspire me to think of my own garden room.

  16. Brenda, I just finished going through the tour. This was so inspirational and fun too. I came away with so many wonderful ideas. Thank you again. Karen

  17. Thanks for hosting our creative space tour. Very interesting to see where other bloggers find their inspiration.

  18. Oh! I am green with envy. I have a desk here and a desk there and rom at the kitchen table. But not ssaid “space”. I tried to take some pics of my desk but it was too dark so I’ll just have to go drool over everyone’s studios this morning. Your room looks like a place I could spend a lot of time! Very warm and cozy!

  19. Oh! I am green with envy. I have a desk here and a desk there and rom at the kitchen table. But not ssaid “space”. I tried to take some pics of my desk but it was too dark so I’ll just have to go drool over everyone’s studios this morning. Your room looks like a place I could spend a lot of time! Very warm and cozy!

  20. Oh! I am green with envy. I have a desk here and a desk there and rom at the kitchen table. But not ssaid “space”. I tried to take some pics of my desk but it was too dark so I’ll just have to go drool over everyone’s studios this morning. Your room looks like a place I could spend a lot of time! Very warm and cozy!

  21. I’m pea green with envy — what inspirational spaces! Mine is finally up. 🙂 This was a great idea, Brenda.

  22. Brenda, you’ve done a fantastic job with this tour. I am so enjoying visiting everyone’s personal spaces.

    You are always such an inspiration to me.

  23. Wow, what a great idea, I always wanted to see where all these great ladies sit, work and create. Great way to know them a little better and to feel closer.

    Of I go to check the rest of them, one by one.

    Wish you a great day. Suzy

  24. Good morning!
    You’ve done a great job with this tour Brenda, I’m so glad you organized it. It’s great fun.
    I, like Curtiss Ann will have to take my tour in bits so that I can savour everyone’s space without sensory overload.
    Thanks again!

  25. Hello Brenda: Thank you so much for organizing and hosting such a fun tour. I haven’t been able to visit everyone yet, but I will! I’ve already received a huge dose of inspiration from the ones I’ve seen so far—my little mind can only wrap itself around a few at a time. I am loving being able to take in all of the details these ladies have so kindly shared with us. Your tour idea is a great one! I love your creative space, too!!!–it looks so full of lots of interesting items. Love your book rack/stand (last photo) and what I believe is your storage area for scrapbook paper. I need to work on that for my own craft room–I can never find the paper I want when I need it! Hope you’re enjoying the fruits of your “hosting” labor! I am!
    Tah-tah!! dana

  26. I’d love to join in, I have been cleaning up my studio and have posted a few pictures of it the last few days. I’ll add your link to my latest post.


  27. Brenda … you ROCK girl ! This has been such a fun event to join in on .. usually I’m not the joiner kind .. and then of course when I looked at my post it was rushed and not what I had envisioned .. are you getting a bit of my OCD problem coming through ? LOL
    BUT .. I over came it and did the post and wow ! I am reading and seeing other creative endeavors and you have had the most perfect idea for this THANK YOU !!!
    Joy : )

  28. Thanks Brenda in letting me join in. I loved looking at everyones rooms.

    Thanks for your comments in mine. When it’s summer, I like to watch the birds fly by or splash in my water fountain. Makes me happy.

    Oh and I love how you have your spools of ribbon all nice and neatly atop of each other. 🙂

  29. What a great idea ! I have loved
    visiting all the sites .I love your site also and put it in my favorites . I have been trying to organize and also to make my space pretty as well as functional
    Multi media supplies take a lot of space, because there are so many different elements- Thanks for the inspiration — Kathy – GA

  30. OMG! Look at the post time on your comments; we were up all hours of the night, touring each others’ spaces. Brenda, this was the most fun I’ve had in ages! Thank you for such a good time! Love you bunches…

  31. WOW! Brenda you’ve posted some wonderful spaces. It might take me a day or so to see everyone. I’m looking forward to visiting!

    Thanks so much for doing this!

  32. What a great list!!! Thanks for all the effort to organize and share!! As I was reading it I kept wanting to check each one out!! I’m glad I waited until the end. 🙂

  33. This was such a fun idea Brenda. Thanks for hosting it!

  34. Thanks Brenda for letting my join in …. I am showing warts and all…. geeze what glorious places…. the ladies are so amazing… thanks for letting us be the fly on the wall

  35. Thanks Brenda for letting my join in …. I am showing warts and all…. geeze what glorious places…. the ladies are so amazing… thanks for letting us be the fly on the wall

  36. Thanks Brenda for letting my join in …. I am showing warts and all…. geeze what glorious places…. the ladies are so amazing… thanks for letting us be the fly on the wall

  37. What a fun fun tour of creation places !! I am so glad that I found this on Linda’s blog ~
    I love it !

  38. Brenda, I am enjoying everyone’s creative spaces! What a great event! I missed it, but my space is not that exciting anyway! LOL!


  39. This is so wonderful! I wish I would have had my studio/office done in time for this great tour….mine will be done early this week though…Thanks for doing this!

  40. Howdy Brenda,
    I loved touring the Creative Spaces! Great idea! Thank you so much for playing hostess!

  41. Hey Brenda!! Love all the great creative spaces! I need to try to view them all! I do most of my blogging in Mr. Precious’ “War Room” as he calls it. He’s a history buff and I’m surrounded by war stuff!!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  42. Brenda, thank you so much for the tour. I posted your site on my blog so more ladies would come and take a look. Wow what a great idea. It’s nice to see where everyone creates!

  43. Brenda, thanks for hostessing the studio tour! It’s been lots of fun rambling between locations and no sore feet! 😉 It was so kind of you to even think of this!

    Have a great day in your studio today!

  44. I finally got my post up this morning Brenda. We had thunder storms yesterday and then the hydro was off for over 5 hours. Hope you can still add me to your list.
    This was a great idea and now I’ll have time to look through all the other places that bloggers create.

  45. Brenda, this is such a neat idea! I hope to get to everyone to check out their creative spaces. It confirms how resourceful we women can be, even in small quarters, carving out a little spot to call our own where we can follow our muses and be creative. I’m sure I’ll come away with some new ideas for my own space while visiting all these fantastic personal havens.

  46. I love all of the COLOR! such creative gals!

  47. hi brenda, i’m sorry i missed this to take part in myself, my study needs a huge makeover and more importantly tidy up before I post it haha, at the mo I’m in bed with my laptop which is always a good place to blog i believe!!!

    i’ll be back tomorrow to click through a few of those linkies to get some inspiration


  48. I also added a post more craft related on The Crafty Side.

  49. Oh, this sounds lovely! I will have to join in the fun. I will email you as soon as I get my post up. (I have to go home and take pics of my area – am at work now) 😦 Though I do blog from here too.

  50. Fantastic post and idea! If it’s not too late I will post on Wednesday or maybe earlier! So many terrific folks to visit, most new for me! Thank you, Gail

  51. What a fun tour! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing where all these creative bloggers blog! -Julia 🙂

  52. Wow, that was wonderful. Makes me want to go clean my crafting room!! laurie

  53. Hi Brenda, I emailed you but please add me, I am putting up my post now. Love the tour, this is sooooo much fun! It’s like looking at a magazine of just creative spots!
    Thanks, Debbie

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