Posted by: Brenda Kula | August 17, 2008

Where Bloggers Create Badge & Mystery Vine

Sara from Sadie Olive Designs designed a badge for our tour. So if you are participating (per instructions on yesterday’s post,) feel free to display this badge throughout the month of August. Sara has come to my rescue (and always as quickly and professionally as possible too!) a number of times. She also designed my colorful blog sidebar. She is a talented photographer, artist, and designer. A woman of many incredible talents. She has a delightful blog, so go visit her. And she is the woman behind "Shades Of Inspiration." Thank you for helping me, Sara!                        


Isn’t it nice to have such talented ladies to rely on amongst us? I value all your creativity and expertise so much. And what astounds me is that there are so many of you out there in "The Land Of Blog!" (Can’t recall who coined that phrase that I picked up, but thank you just the same!)

Okay, a gardening dilemma…

I have a mystery plant. I planted it from seeds back in the spring, and now have forgotten what on earth it was I ordered from Renee’s Heirloom Seeds! (I ordered a lot of seeds at the same time, and didn’t have the forethought to write anything down.) I have a white vine on one side of my front gate arbor, and red on the other. I’ve been going around for a month now fretting because everyday I look at these vines on either side of my black arbor and they won’t bloom. I go out at all hours, due to these dogs. So last night I happened to go out about ten p.m. (about an hour later than usual). And in the darkness, I saw these flowers!


Now this must be happening after nine p.m. And I don’t know of a vine that has flowers like this that blooms only at night. Can anyone solve this mystery? (It is not the moon vine. Perhaps a relative? The blooms are scarcely over an inch round.)


Of course I was shooting in the dark and couldn’t make out what I was photographing. So I was just pointing in the general direction of the vines, and hoping once I got inside and got it on the screen that I had captured some flowers!


I wasn’t as lucky with the red. I didn’t get a very good close-up of them.


I sure wish someone can solve the mystery! But it’s sad that I can only enjoy these pretty blooming vines late at night, when usually I’m gone to bed.

Back to the Where Bloggers Create tour. I have promised to remind everyone throughout the week. The tour will begin a week from today (Sunday, August 24), but I don’t want you to think you have to do it on that day. So it will begin that day. And I think we should post and show others our "creative space" throughout August. That will give everyone time to get in on the fun. (I’ve already started looking things over to see where I can "freshen and declutter." And of course remove cat hair.) But this is your everyday space, so don’t think it has to be a page out of a decorator’s magazine or anything. It is your comfortable little spot. As Sara wrote on the badge, "Everyday Women In Everyday Spaces." (Good one, Sara!)

Someone asked me should it be your computer space, or where you create your crafting pretties, etc. I say bring them all on! I personally want to see all your beads and baubles and thread and fabric stash and colored pencils and whatever medium you typically use in your art (for those of you who are talented in a variety of areas.) My space just happens to be where I have my computer, my little tv, my couch, my saltwater tank, and some bookshelves. I wish it were bigger so I could have more! But alas, it is a simple garden room, a sort of "afterthought" room.

Bring on the pretties, ladies! Let us see your walls, your computer, your sitting area (if you have one), your art, your crafts. Whatever you wish to share, as little or as much as you so desire. Everything that symbolizes your wonderful personality. THAT is what I’m trying to capture!

Hope you all have a wonderful and creative Sunday!



  1. Brenda, I think I have that same flower. Mine blooms early in the morning and late at night also. It was part of a mixture of seeds in a little can that I bought from the Susan Branch store. I’d love to know if you find out the name.

  2. Hey, don’t vacuum up all the cat hair, it’ll make me look bad! I am leaving the dust and cat hair (hey, maybe those are the magic elements that invoke my creativity).
    I am starting tomorrow to photograph the whole room, warts and all!
    Will be in touch…..

  3. They are moon flowers,There like morning glory’s,but these only bloom at nite.When seed companies send free seeds out ,it is probably moon or morning,marigolds,such things as that.Hope that helps. Marie Antionette

  4. In the top picture I think I see the stem and leave of a hyacinth bean, which is a vine. The other flowers look like 4 o’clocks which usually bloom late, but they are not a vine, so I could be wrong.

  5. Good afternoon, Brenda. I hope you’re having a good weekend. I sent you an email about my poetry. Let me know if you still have questions.

    Much love,

  6. I don’t have a clue what those flowers are but they sure are pretty.

    I’m excited about “Where Bloggers Create” next week. Now all I have to do is clean up where I create. I know I don’t have to but I NEED to. Trust me on this.


  7. Yes, that’s it! Four O’Clocks! And the scent is DIVINE! They’ll sometimes bloom earlier or later depending on the shade they’re planted in.


  8. I think they’re Four O’clocks ‘Tea Time’. They are not vines but they have multiple branch.

    Have a great day!

  9. The tag is great, but what is men bloggers want to participate?

  10. What gorgeous flowers! It’s so funny, because I just read about a flower that only blooms at night — it was just the other day that I read it. But for the life of me, I can’t remember the name of the flower.

    That’s fascinating!


  11. Oh my…. where I create is some what of a mess…. who am I kidding it is a mix of danger and splendor…. all mixed together into a wreck…

  12. Would you believe I took a picture of the little red flower in Quebec at Montmorency Falls on top near the Manor, I wanted to look it up as I found it different and so cute, do you think it would attract hummingbirds??Wonder what they are called my sister in law would know I will send her the picture .
    Take care,

  13. Well, my goodness, those night flowers are a delight! And there is so much new on your site. I go away from the computer for a few days, and look at all I’ve missed. Ah, but the catching up is fun!

  14. Definitely Four 0’Clocks. I grew those when I was a little girl. The seeds look like dried capars. They will make tons of seeds that you can save and replant or pass along. Sign me up for the studio tour, sounds like fun! xo, suzy

  15. I need to get the dust cloth out and do a little cleaning before the tour, I think! 🙂 I’m afraid my space isn’t very exciting.

  16. Those flowers are beautiful! The only flower I personally knew about which bloomed at night was the moon flower, so this was really interesting! Patti

  17. It’s a Moonflower vine, Brenda. We had one at the Farm. I have a book around here, titled The Moonflower Vine. I should find it and read again, sometime. It’s setting is the Ozarks.

  18. I don’t know that I’ll particitpate, but I can’t wait to see everyone’s spaces!

  19. I love your badge. You caught me at a bad time… I am in the middle of giving my studio a face lift. But I will definitely play along. I’ll let you know when I post my blog. xoxo, Joanna

  20. Totally four o clocks. It’s strange though that they bloom so late at night. In my experience with them they bloom late afternoon. They are very nice!

  21. Sounds like fun. Hopefully I can figure out all the linking etc. (I’m terrible at that kind of thing!) 🙂
    I read the book that inspired this tour a few times before I put my garden room togeather. It’s very inspiring.

  22. I wish I could join in but I don’t have a place to create. It usually takes place on my kitchen counter or my dining room table. I think I would “create” more if I had a place just for that! Someday…

  23. Hi Brenda,
    I love your rusty things.

    The Bloggers Create Space sounds neat, I may have enough time – even with school just starting… I am thinking, thinking! I finally got a couple photos up and a rant.

    Off to think about the creating space, sounds like fun 😉

  24. Definitely four o’clocks! Not sure why they are blooming so late – maybe it is the location they are planted in? But if you google four o’clocks images of the EXACT type of flower you posted comes up.

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