Posted by: Brenda Kula | August 1, 2008

Summer In The Neighborhood


This is a tall pine in the cul-de-sac where I live. It is a quiet street, with mostly retired folks living here.


One of the busiest streets in town is just one block away, but our little one block long street is like an island unto itself. I live on the corner below.



Today’s queen of the neighborhood is Miss Kelsie, Walli and Ken’s granddaughter, who turns seven years old today. She has been playing at my house. And I sent her home with all sorts of craft loot to make cards and stuff with. Happy Birthday, Kelsie!


She looks quite a bit older than she did when I posted her on here a few months ago. Definitely a little more mature. Don’t you think?

My front gate…




This is Liane, who I caught working in her front yard. Liane retired from teaching a year ago. She was an art teacher.


This is the front of Liane’s house. She is having the front yard redone soon. And is having a big fountain placed along her back brick wall that borders on the alley. You never really retire from your yard, do you?


The end of the cul-de-sac…


Liane’s side yard…



Living in East Texas means tall pines and palms are part of the landscape most everywhere you go. Lots of big pine cones for holiday decorating.



Blue skies of summer, seen through my front arbor…


And you see a lot of wild ferns…


Okay, that was quite a tour. Let’s sit down in my back yard and think about fall.


And watch the yellow water lily open up for the day.


It’s like a whole miniature world inside this one flower, the sun’s rays gently pulling the bloom open to its full magnificence.





  1. Looks like a little piece of heaven Brenda, it really does.

  2. That lush green lawn looks so cool; I would be tempted to drop down and just roll in it! The ferns are beautiful, too, soo lacy and delicate looking. Such a relaxing site. It’s amazing how the camera deceives us, isn’t it, because I know it must be about 100 degrees or more!

  3. Hi Brenda, what a lovely stroll in the cul de sac! Everyones lawn is SO green. We are doing much better this year here in Virginia. Rain is coming at least once a week, unlike last year. We had such a horrible drought. I’m heading out to the patio now to bath in the humidity and sip on my G&T :-> xo, suzy

  4. Thanks for a lovely tour. Everything is so lush! I long to live where it’s quiet. My house is off a very busy street. Yikes! I’m grateful though I have a home.

    Have a great weekend, Brenda!

  5. What a lovely neighborhood with well groomed yards and your neighbors seem to like gardening as well. I love all the tall pine trees.

  6. It is clean and lovely and quiet looking.

    I think I would miss my noisy neighbors though. I have a high tolerance for noise. I married a musician..LOL

  7. What a lovely neighborhood! Thanks for the ‘stroll’.

  8. Hi Brenda,
    That’s a very pretty neighborhood. It looks like everyone takes lots of pride in their homes!

  9. WOW! What a wonderful tour! Everything so cool and green-just what ETX is known for! Beeeuuuutifffuuullll!

  10. What a lovely neighborhood Brenda, filled with lovely neighbors. We live on one of those block-long streets too. I only know our neighbors on one side – don’t know anyone else in the neighborhood. Kinda sad the way suburbia is often like this. I’m not really used to it, as past neighborhoods I’ve lived in seemed much more friendly.

    Kelsie is a such a pretty little girl. Happy Birthday Kelsie!

    Tomorrow we’ll be hosting a birthday party for my grandson who turned 5 this week. It will be the first time I’ve seen him since his mamma and he returned from several months living on the east coast. I’m beside myself with excitement looking forward to seeing my little buddy, and of course his mom too!

  11. Hi brenda, that water lily is a beauty.

  12. What a lovely neighborhood! It must be nice to have neighbors that care for their homes and yards as you do!
    Thanks for letting me sit on the bench- all that walking was wearing me out! LOL!!!
    I never get tired of looking through your beautiful garden! I can only imagine how overwhelming the beauty must be in person!! A true labor of love- and well worth it!
    Cinderella 🙂

  13. I envy your quiet street.

  14. Thanks for the tour! What a lovely neighborhood. Must be lots of sprinkler systems there to have such beautiful grass. Our yard is all brown!

  15. Funny how everyone else’s neighborhood always looks better than their own. I live in a small townhouse village. It’s quite and a nice place to live.
    I would however rather live in a smaller town and in an area, were it seem more like a neighborhood I grew up in.


  16. Hi Brenda,

    What a green and shady neighborhood.
    Thank you for the fine tour.

    Have a great weekend.

  17. Your neighborhood is so pretty and green! I love those tall pines! Tell your cute little friend Happy Birthday!
    Thanks for stopping by today. I always love it when you visit!

  18. Your neighborhood is so pretty and green! I love those tall pines! Tell your cute little friend Happy Birthday!
    Thanks for stopping by today. I always love it when you visit!

  19. Your neighborhood is so pretty and green! I love those tall pines! Tell your cute little friend Happy Birthday!
    Thanks for stopping by today. I always love it when you visit!

  20. just droppin’ by to say hi! 🙂

  21. Hi Brenda! I just love your neighborhood – it’s so lush and green. Cute little neighbor folks too! How’s your remodeling coming along? Sure, Ross stuff counts. I’ve just been picking my pink plates in antique and junk shops for years. I love pink!
    Be a sweetie and thanks for stopping by. I think Blogland is fixed now!
    Shelia 🙂

  22. Oh Thank you for the wonderful tour of your neighborhood. I really enjoyed it! All of your pictures are so beautiful.
    p.s. I ordered a pair of the Ethel gloves and used your name for my discount! Thanks!! I can’t wait to get them.

  23. Thank you for that beautiful tour.It is gorgeous there.The little girl is darling.You seem to live in a happ place. Hugs Marie Antionette

  24. What a great tour of yours and your neighbors yards! Can’t wait to see your friends house with a new fountain.

    Kelsie looks like she’s having a lot of fun at your house and having a great birthday. All kids love craft projects so I bet she had a ball.

    I always feel so relaxed after your tours. Especially your water garden.


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